July 25, 2011


I guess that's a fancy word for when you do things around home and don't go anywhere?  The disaster in our kitchen has kind of put a damper on any out of town adventures. RGH! I've managed to find a few adventures to keep the four year old content.  Dan has worked everyday since we returned from Anaheim ... for the most part it's been me and my buddy :0)

This B-25 airplane visited Wenatchee last week.  Since our return from Anaheim all Caden has wanted to do is "play airport" so the timing was perfect!
Caden was able to sit in the cock-pit. He loved all of the buttons!  I didn't get a picture from the outside looking in at him since he wouldn't stay in there alone.
 ... of course they had the souvenir airplanes for purchase. Caden scored another airplane for his collection.
We went Camping .... Camping in our backyard :0) Caden was THRILLED to put up the tent.We took him camping when he was five months old and haven't been since :0( The neat thing about this campground is it comes complete with wi-fi. Ha! Ha!  I've been wanting to take Caden camping but Dan hasn't been up for it.  There's no way Caden and I are adventuring out to the campgrounds ourselves so we "roughed it" in our backyard .... complete with a bath for the little Mr. in the house before we hit the tent ... and microwave popcorn once we hit the tent. Because ... doesn't every campground have a microwave ;0)  I bought him a Bernstein Bears DVD to watch in the tent (again, yes, I know roughing it!)  I find it funny he likes the Bernstein Bears because I had the same books growing up.
After our movie, Caden decided he was hungry ... again!  I didn't want to go back in the house so we called Dan on the cell phone, who was inside the house to bring Caden a banana ... yes, I know, roughing it with our personal servant :0)  ... and Caden and I were giggling the whole time. It was fun having Dad wait on us.
I'd have to say he loved sleeping in the tent! Considering he wanted to sleep in there again the next night :0)

We headed out to the Anjou Bakery .... Caden calls it the "angry bakery". So silly.  Seriously cheap entertainment.  Buy the kid a cookie, give him a plastic cup, and the irrigation fountain and he is a happy camper, all the while Mommy soaks up some rays. ~ and I am again reminded how we live in a small town. One two hour adventure and we see five different people (all in different groups) that we know. Good thing I looked presentable :0)
How I wish I was better at imaginative play.  I am told daily I don't play right. What ever four year old. Sorry I don't make the correct airplane noise :0) I did manage to create a spiffy little runway on the coffee table for the monster.
Nothing like summer evening fun horsing around in the front yard:
Creating strawberry smoothies ... Dan took out this counter last night ... so now I am down to ONE kitchen counter. I might loose my marbles!
I think this is the highlight of Caden's summer. Helping Dad fix the kitchen.  ... and to think, we spent how much going to Anaheim?  :0)  I also dig the crocs with his jammies.  The floor is so disgusting he cant be in there without shoes.
Yesterday was gorgeous! 90 plus degrees. We played in the water in the little pool ~ and I enjoyed the sun and our yard.
... and this morning we woke to a pretty impressive thunderstorm. In which Caden wanted all of the windows and blinds shut!  Once the thunder moved on and it was just rain he couldn't wait to get out and play.
Enjoy your week!

July 18, 2011

You know the best thing about Summer?

You can stay outside till the sun goes down ...
... in your jammie top, with no shoes ...
... and mow the grass in your big boy underwear
I know a certain little boy who hearts summer!

The Mess we came Home to ~

While we were in Anaheim Abe called to tell Dan that their was a puddle of water on the floor near the dishwasher.  We have a separate valve for each water source in our garage, so Dan told Abe to turn off the valve for the dishwasher.
Two days later Abe called back to say the water was back. So Dan had Abe turn off the water to the whole house ..... but it was too late.
Dan's parents stopped by on Friday ... four or so days after Abe first noticed the water ....  Dan's Dad started exploring and found the leak was coming from the valve that runs the hose to the refrigerator for the water.  I guess it was puddling up in front of the dishwasher since that is a low point in the floor.
It's AMAZING the damage a $9.00 pipe that failed can do :0( .... That brass valve has a pin sized hole in it. The frustrating thing is our house is only 9 years old.  I wouldn't expect the plumbing to fail already. Guess I'm clueless!
What are the chances? We've never had a major problem with our house. We leave for 10 days and this happens.   I am thankful Abe was here though. I can only imagine where the water would have run or how high it would have gotten had it not been turned off.

Okay ... the positives out of it. We will get new flooring through out the whole house except for the bedrooms. The kitchen floor is clearly shot as well as part of the family room floor.  Our family room, dining room, kitchen and living room kind of flow together. There is no real place where the carpet stops.  That was a surprise when insurance said they would cover the carpet through the other rooms as well. .... and we also get new kitchen cupboards (on the bottom) and counter tops. Waiting to see if they will replace the upper kitchen cabinets as well. If not it might be kind of tricky to find the exact same cabinets to match the top.  I wasn't planning on a home remodel this summer.

... and the other positive. Caden keeps me humored. As I was talking to my Mom on the phone the other morning Caden was in the process of disassembling his kitchen.  Literally taking the screws out to get the door off.
I was told, "Mom, my kitchen is broke. This is a big mess, its going to be a couple of weeks before its fixed".
... and as he was climbing on the chair to high heavens in his LP way and I told him, "Caden, I'm not sure that's safe" he replied with, "It's okay Mom, you just keep an eye on me". Whatever ... He's Four :0)
I was looking forward to a summer with no Drama!  I wanted to be spoiled and just enjoy my 8 weeks off of work.  ... nonetheless we are still finding time for summer fun.  I guess I have to learn it wouldn't be a summer if there wasn't some "drama".

... and I'm off to Home Depot again. Caden thinks this is great! A house in shambles, eating out lots and numerous trips to the home improvement store. Me, not so much!

July 14, 2011

Convention Wrap Up & Disney Days Two through Five

Thursday was our last morning at the convention ... Caden played around for a bit and then we headed over to check into the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland.
Caden's shirt for the day fit him to a T "I'm a crabby little guy".  Notice, 80+ degrees and he is wearing sweat pants. It was a battle almost every day to get him to wear something other then sweat pants and his red crocs. I'm quite perplexed ... I thought these clothing wars only occurred with girls?!  Thursday was by far the WORST day for Caden.  I think he had a total of four melt downs and all of us were ready to loose our marbles.  The best gift was him going to bed Thursday night!

The convention was fun!  Was it the funnest of the three we have been to? No! I missed my East Coast LP family. But it was still fun.  We had fun with our friends that were able to make it.  How lucky are we to have such and extended "family"?! 

It is fun to see things "starting to click" with Caden.  For instance yesterday he asked me regarding Dan's friend that is coming over "is he little like me"?  Again, one of the main reasons we attend these conventions.  So Caden knows he isn't alone.

The doctor visits were reassuring, new friends were made, and time was well spent with friends. Caden had fun.  He has never had so many bruises, scratches, and small cuts. Nor do I think I have ever seen him sweat so much from running around. THANK YOU to my family for helping get us there!  

~Dallas will be here before we know it!  Time to start saving again ~

Onto Disneyland!
Our hotel wasn't quite ready when we arrived so we headed over to Bugs Land ....
I'm wondering if Caden thinks that the two goomba's standing off to the right are part of the ride? :)

I was quite disappointed in Disney's lack of Cars2 excitement.  The Cars ride isn't yet finished.  You were able to get your picture taken with Lightening and Matter, but that was about it.   ... and Caden is against posing for pictures these days, so he took a quick look at the cars and was out.
We attempted to see the Aladdin performance, but Caden freaked and wasn't having it.  So my Mom, Dad and Dan stuck around for the show while Caden and I went to check into our room. ... Caden LOVED the bunk beds in the room. ...and I quickly put crabby down for a nap.
RideMakerz (Downtown Disney) ... or Money Makers as I will refer to it ... the equivalent to Build A Bear, but for boys.  Dan and Caden gathered parts, and before I knew it we were walking out with an $80.00 remote control car for a four year old. Ridiculous!
Yes, this is Disneyland and yes, this is my child playing with his new truck off to the side.  During this time he also told me, "Mom, you see that grass? I think they mowed it today". 
Really people ~ Disneyland with Caden was an adventure.  
     *He could care less about the characters.  ~ He actually seemed kind of annoyed with them more then 
     *If we had told him he couldn't go on any rides he would have been ok with it.
     *The rides or attractions I thought he would like, he didn't.  The rides that I thought, "no way will he 
     want to go on that", he did want to go on.
     *He would have been perfectly content hanging out in the Disney Hotel room on his bunk beds the   
     entire four days.
     *Disneyland was right up his alley as far as cleanliness. He loved that he could find a trash can within
     three feet of him.  It fit his OCD personality to a T.
Dan and Caden had fun on Tom Sawyers Island ~ which is now known as Pirate's Lair.  Dan loved Tom Sawyers Island as a kid. So it was cute that Caden liked it just as much.
Caden liked going in and out of the caves. Again surprising me, because he hates tunnels, so I thought no way will he go in the caves.
We stumbled upon the "Soundsational Parade" just as it was starting. I was so excited because I knew that if I had told Caden we were going to go to a parade he wouldn't have wanted to go. However some little buddy ended up digging this parade :0)
These two pictures are my favorites from our Disney adventure.  Chip n Dale took Goofy's drum stick and Caden was cracking up.  True belly laughing going on here :0)
Everyone knows I love a parade.  I was a bit let down in Disney's parade's this time around. They only had the one parade to choose from.  Usually they have a different one at California Adventure, but not this time.  The parade was also very limited on the number of characters.  It just didn't seem like a traditional Disney Parade.

Caden's favorite attraction was Autopia.  Dan and I had fun following Caden and my Mom this time around on the ride.  Caden thought it was hilarious when Dan bumped him.
Here we are waiting for our reservation at The Blue Bayou.  Caden was wound up! Climbing on my parents and making everything a joke. Then we finally get brought to our table. He freaks out because it is too dark .... so we end up leaving.  Again, an adventure with Caden!  My parents ended up going to a nice dinner alone and Dan and I take the "brat" back to the room to regroup.
YES, we went on the huge Mickey wheel.  This was one of those rides where I didn't even ask Caden if he wanted to go because I thought NO way.  But he asked ... and he liked it.
My parents headed back home Saturday afternoon .... and Saturday evening we met up with Dan's cousin Jeremy, and his wife Brenda as well as their son Cole (they left their youngest, Samantha, with a sitter).  Dan and Jeremy grew up together ~ it is always fun when they have a chance reconnect.  ... and I love that Cole and Caden are close to the same age.
The parade was once again starting as we entered Disneyland ... and Caden wanted to wait and watch it (maybe he will end up loving a parade as much as me :0))  I love his excitement/anticipation:
Have I mentioned yet how crowded Disneyland was?! YES Friends .... see the below picture. That is a July Saturday Night at Disneyland.  My advice = Never go to Disneyland in July!  Honestly, if the convention hadn't been two miles from Disneyland we wouldn't have went to Disney. I knew it was going to be crowded ... I had mentally tried to prepare myself. It was shoulder to shoulder people!  NO wonder Caden wanted to play off to the side with his truck.  The lines for the rides were so long ... the fast passes ran out ... It feels like we didn't see that many attractions because so much time was spent weaving through people and waiting in line.
Anyway, back to the cousins .... Dan and Brenda chowing down on their Turkey Legs ~ ick. However they loved them.
I'm not so sure if I'm loving four.  Its definitely and adventure.  I asked for a smile, this is the reaction I got.
Loving the Disneyland Pool ~
.... somewhere under the towels is a kid. This is how he chose to dry off.
YES! Smiling pictures.  Only because I told him he couldn't have the Reese's Candy unless he gave me a big smile. Bribery ~ works :0)
I was bummed that Caden wouldn't see the Disney Live on Stage with me. We waited in line, got inside and he freaked (same reaction as Aladdin) But yet he will go on the huge Mickey wheel?!
Our last night at Disney ... 7:30 and both boys are asleep. I grabbed my camera and purse ... went in and out of each store on Main Street ... bought some souvenir garbage .... had a Pina Colada ... oh how nice it was to be alone :0) 
Dan says we will try Disneyland again when Caden is 8.  I say when he is 6 ... but whenever it is, it will be in October or February. Their least crowded months. Never again in July ....

Up next ... the mess we came home to ... ugh :0(