June 30, 2011

More Summer Fun ~

 I think someone could get real used to this no school ~ no daycare business

June 27, 2011

Simple Summer Weekend Fun ~

I love a simple weekend ... a weekend with "no where to be" .... except home .... playing in the sand box, eating our lunch on the deck, with our tools ... and head phones on because Dad had the power tools running ....
... taking, maybe a 15 second break in the shade ...or playing outside in our jammies while tormenting Dad who was thinning the peach tree ...
... or trying to remind Dad he is only four, he won't be going pro anytime soon :0)
... and driving our Lightening McQueen car on the splash pad!
Simple. Stay at Home. Weekend Fun.

June 25, 2011

Seven ~

That's one pretend Diego and Seven Little Achon Fingers :0)

June 24, 2011

Off in High Gear ...

My summer break started last Friday ... and it wouldn't be a summer if we didn't kick it off in high gear with "busyness" and chaos .... We set out for a five day adventure to the west side of the state. Dan joined us for two of the five days. We visited lots of family and friends: 6 houses, 6 dogs (some of you may know my "love" (not) for dogs) and Caden managed to step in two piles of dog shi*. Simply marvelous! 
Hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's.  YES, with his headphones on.  ... and yes it's June and he has a coat on. It POURED rain all day Saturday.  I needed a reminder why we don't live over there anymore. Blech!
Showing Pa-Pa and Uncle Mark his engine. Yes we brought Lightening Mc Queen ~ actually we brought Toys R Us with us. My son packs like no-other!
Auntie Lori bought Caden his very own Airplane back pack for our upcoming adventure .... very cute!
Caden spent most of Monday waiting for Pa-Pa to get home from work to help him mow the grass
Caden also learned how to play fetch with cousin Breeze and to tell her to "leave it".  It is SO funny watching Caden attempt to be authoritative.
Playing in his "Caden's Coins" fountain at Grammy & Pa's.  Thank you to all the friends and family that have left coins in the fountain at Grammy & Pa's.  Over $200 was collected from it for our upcoming LPA convention. Thank You!
We spent Tuesday at Julie's house.  Julie has a son, Hunter, who is 14 and is also a LP.  Hunter was too "cool" to play with us, but we had lots of fun with Julie ....  April and AJ also came over. April is a Mom I met on the Yahoo POLP board.  April and AJ just recently moved up to the Seattle area from California.  AJ is five, and it so happens that AJ's grandparents live in Wenatchee.  (yes, this world is small! ~ crazy).  We met April and AJ at McDonald's a couple months ago when they visited Wenatchee.  So much fun ... anyway .... so April and AJ came to Julie's on Tuesday as well. Can I just say how EXCITED I am to have them in Washington :0)
It is SO fun to watch Caden play with a buddy his "size" ... they are so funny together. 
These boys are going to tear it up at future LPA conventions. They are tooooo cute together!
On our way home, out of nowhere Caden says, "Mom, I like AJ".  I said, "I know buddy, AJ is fun and it's fun he is small like you" and he replies with, "No, Mom, AJ is a little different because his hair goes up" ... ha. ha. I told him, "well I can make your hair go up" and he said, "nah" and shook his head with a smile. Fun! Fun!

When we got home from our adventure Dan was working on re-staining our deck and Caden eagerly jumped in to help.
Have a Great Weekend!  Ours will be low key in anticipation of next weekend :0)

June 19, 2011

~ Last Day of Preschool ~

Somehow .... Someway .... Caden has completed his first full year of preschool.  He loved it!  A few occasional tears, but for the most part he thought school was fun. 
I had fun creating his teacher gifts.  I wasn't loving the flower selection at Home Depot so I opted for lavender plants.
After Caden's last day of preschool his class had a picnic at the park.  Dan rocked and got Caden to and from school and to and from the picnic.  I was able to attend an hour of Caden's picnic.  There are pros and cons to working for the school district.  The con is, when Caden is having his "festivities" at school it is also the busy time at my school, so it makes it hard to get away. Rgh!  But the pro is I get to spend the summer with my Buddy.
It was so fun to watch Caden play with the other kids.  He really is a different kid with his friends then he is at home.  He is so caring and affectionate around his friends. It's pretty cute ....
According to Dan it was cute watching Caden hug his teachers goodbye at the end of the picnic
... and of course Dan didn't think to snap any pictures.

Some days I know my child all too well.  On the way home from Chrissy's he told me, "it's summer vacation, now it's time to get on the airplane to Anaheim". I was ready for that statement ~ waiting for him at home was his new suitcase with a paper chain attached.  We are counting down the days till we are Anaheim bound ...
 I would like to wish my Dad, Dan, Grandpa & Father in Law an Extra Special Fathers Day!
I don't know why I try to get a decent picture of these clowns ~ Like Father Like Son!

June 13, 2011

~ Crazy ~

"Life" has been crazy busy .... more "buckets" going on then the usual.  Here's a bit of cuteness to hold you over until I can get back above water ~

Clowning around towards the end of our Garage Sale ~ $600 was made towards Anaheim ~ Whoo-hoo!

Have a Great Week!

June 5, 2011

To Be Four ....

.... simple pleasures .... content staying home all weekend ... having fun in the sun ....
.... and so much to say!  Dan and I cleaned out the garage today in preparation for our garage sale next weekend.  What an adventure with the four year olds help! .... Caden found a toy in a box I was planning to sale.  With such determination and seriousness he said, "you aren't selling this!", grabbed it out of the box and marched in the house with it. Serious face and tight grip .... All Dan and I could do was laugh :0)

Have a Great Week!

June 3, 2011

Counting Down the Days!

Getting caught up with last weekend as we roll into another!  We had a gorgeous Friday ... I couldn't help take a few pictures of the BLUE sky!  Our weather has been all over the board, as it has for most of the country.  We had some pretty impressive thunder storms this week as well!
Our Memorial Day weekend was pretty low key! The National Convention in Anaheim is less then a month away so we are in FULL Money Saving Mode!  We opted to save our pennies and stay in town. We hung out outside when the weather permitted and hung out inside the other times.  Caden was also battling a cold so it was one more reason to keep things low key.
Caden brought home this "fun" project from school. An ocean in a bag. All we had to do was add water and two drops of food coloring.  I envisioned the mess of when the zip lock bag pops! So instead we dumped the "ocean" in a jar and followed the "directions" from there.
Since it was a holiday weekend the mini train was running.  Caden was once again excited to hop aboard the train .... with ticket in hand.
Dan is working on redoing the fences around our garden.  Our current fencing around the garden was flimsy crappy chicken wire. He is in the process of putting up a more sturdy type of fence.  Caden had TONS of fun helping Dan with the saw, tape measure, drill, etc ...
We enjoyed our Memorial Day with a traditional BBQ and yummy cupcakes for desert!
Our high temps are forecasted for the upper 80's this weekend! Finally! Hoping you absorb a little vitamin D as well this weekend ~ where ever you are!