May 25, 2011

• Ready for Summer •

Have I mentioned I am ready for Summer?! It's been a spring of coats and rain boots one day & then the next day flip flops and tank tops ... I give up!
Two weekends ago it poured all weekend! By Sunday night I was loosing my marbles. I begged Dan to PLEASE go fertilize the grass ~ so I could have a break. Assistant was right there to "help". Then Dan was ready to loose his marbles ....
Five days latter ... and here we are ~ back to beautiful warm sunshine and t-shirts. Someone couldn't be more excited to mow the grass. Do you like how he now wears his headphones while mowing the grass?
This past Saturday we headed up towards Lake Wenatchee to see Dan's Dad & Uncle Scot who were camping up there. Caden brought Lightening McQueen and thought it was fun to eat cookies, cook outside and play in the pouring down rain!
... after a few hours I had had enough. I didn't think it would be raining up there (should have known better after the spring we have been having) so I didn't bring rain coats, etc. So we headed back home.
Yesterday was Dan's Birthday. Caden was VERY excited and wanted to have lots of decorations. Below he is anxiously waiting for Dad to get home from work. In the top middle of the picture is the "Happy Birthday Dad" sign we made. Caden was adamant that we needed a sign on the garage door to "surprise Dad". The funny thing was the whole neighborhood quickly knew it was Dan's birthday. Dan couldn't figure out why when he first pulled in the neighborhood the neighbor around the corner said "Happy Birthday". ... until he pulled in the driveway, then he got it :0)
I made my first Tiramisu cheesecake for Dan's Birthday. Dan was hoping for a replica of Cheesecake Factory's Tiramisu cheesecake. It didn't taste the same ... but it was still really yummy!

"Happy Birthday Dad!"
... I will end this post with one last picture of the ham! While trying to get Caden to bed last night I realized I was given this child for two reasons .... to make me crazy and to make me laugh! He is such a jokester! Just when I'm about to loose it he has me cracking up over something!

May 19, 2011

It's Been a Long Three Days ...

Why?! Because I haven't had my Starbucks!  It's a bad habit I have.  I spend close to a $100.00 a month on my fix.  Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I live for the Red Cup to come out each year .... yes, I know pathetic. But it's one of those simple things in life that makes me happy!

Because of the adorable little boy I have .... I'm boycotting Starbucks. Sad! Way worse things have happened in my life, I know.  But Starbucks has pushed me over the edge: Starbucks Sued over firing of Dwarf. Really?! Are you serious!

So - because of my adorable little boy, I boycott. Protest until we get answers and I get a letter in return from Starbucks.  Thank you to the EEOC for their actions on this case.

If you would like to voice your opinion I encourage you to write.   Like I had time to write a letter, but again ... it's for this adorable little guy! 

Stupid Starbucks! Write to:

Starbucks Customer Relations
PO Box 3717
Seattle, WA 98124-3717

or click here

May 8, 2011

One Silly Boy!

Catching up on a couple weeks ….

Caden is nothing but Silly! these days!  The below blurry picture was my quick attempt to grab the camera as he was bringing me in my favorite flower (not) a dandelion. It is pretty cute …IMG_3198blog  We scored this cool balance bike for him at Costco.  It required NO modifications to fit his size :0)IMG_3207blog … back to the silly.  Silly, putting his jammies on over his clothes?!IMG_3229blog A week ago Wednesday I picked Caden up from the sitter’s with a 102 fever :0(  It was only a cold and we battled through it, even with his asthma kicking in.  I always get SO excited when we beat his asthma fits and don’t have to be admitted to the hospital.  I really hope his days of that are over! If I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t know he had a 102 fever in the next picture.  I could tell in his eyes he felt like crap, but he still tries to keep going.IMG_3249blog It’s Apple Blossom time in Wenatchee.  Grammy & Pa-Pa came over last weekend to watch the kiddie parade with us.  I couldn’t deal another minute listening to, “are they here yet?”.  I wrote the time Grammy & Pa-Pa would be here on a piece of paper and Caden stood next to the clock attempting to match the numbers :0)IMG_3258blogI spent the BEST $15.00! If you’ve been hanging around here long you know that Caden has very sensitive ears!  I found these cool headphones on  Awesome!!!  Caden didn’t flinch once at the kiddie parade :0)IMG_3281blog IMG_3282blog IMG_3283blogIMG_3312blog
See it .. see it Mom … see it …IMG_3291blog That parade watching is tough stuff …IMG_3317blog
We’ve been spending lots of time outside.  It’s been much cooler here then usual … I wish it would warm up!  However that doesn’t stop Caden ~IMG_3397blogIMG_3403blog IMG_3408blogRemember what I was saying above about Silly. Really.  He tries to make everything into a joke!  “Caden, please look at the camera” … and this is the smarty smile I get in return. umph!IMG_3417blogIMG_3422blog IMG_3424blog Caden wakes up Thursday morning wanting to stay home, laying on the floor, etc. I finally get him into the car. As I’m strapping him into his car seat I get a glimpse of his ear. UGH!  Ear infection.  I think he was healthy for three days (maybe).  So back to the pediatrician we went … loving these co-pays! RGH!

We made a quick! 24 hour trip to Bellevue Thursday/Night Friday. Dan was working in Seattle last week (Did I mention I was home alone and had an LPA newsletter to get out, a kid who wasn’t sleeping through the night, plus business bills & taxes to do, oh yeah and my regular day job ~ yeah, It’s been insanely busy!!! ~ k, sidetracked!) so we met up with him at Uncle Scot’s Thursday night.  Caden and I met my Mom at Bell Square on Friday for a Mother’s Day lunch and then headed back home.

Yesterday was the Apple Blossom Grand Parade …. I’m such a dork and love a parade :0) … and I think Caden loved the parade because he scored a bag of chips. IMG_3438blog IMG_3449blog … however our parade was cut short by a torrential down pour :0(  It doesn’t rain here very much.  We don’t usually have the drizzly days like Seattle. So when it rains, it RAINS! … and then usually within a half an hour it dries up. IMG_3452blog … and on to today. Mother’s Day :0)  We went down to the park for the Arts n Crafts fair and had a yummy lunch.  I had Dan snap a few pictures of Caden and I …. remember again about the Silly~IMG_3457blog IMG_3461blog IMG_3462blog IMG_3466blog IMG_3469blog IMG_3476blog… we went to the nursery to get flowers for the yard  … then played outside a little bit.  I think I know why we have so many dandelions this year. Someone has learned to blow the fuzzy’s off of them :0) IMG_3496blog  … and since Mr. Car hasn’t made the blog recently, here are a few. Yes, he’s still around.  Lightening McQueen just put him in 2nd place for a while.IMG_3512blog IMG_3514blog … then we went to ride the little train …IMG_3522blog … in which someone was really excited to get his ticket …IMG_3527blog IMG_3529blog … and he decided he was even old enough to sit all by himself :0)IMG_3532blog…. we went grocery shopping. and I was ready to be done for the day!  But of course Silly had another agenda.  “Caden, please stand by the flowers” … whatever, he wouldn’t hold still.IMG_3538blogIMG_3539blogI hope each and every one of you who are Mommies' had a great day!  An extra special Happy Mother’s Day wish to My Mom, Grandma and Mother in Law! Happy Mother’s Day ~

~ Have a  Great Week!~