April 24, 2011

Easter Fun!

It was a weekend full of fun and family for Caden. Dans parent's spent the weekend with us, we all went to dinner in Leavenworth Friday night, we BBQ'ed last night and I made the traditonal Easter dinner tonight (ham, scalloped potates & asparagus).

Yesterday morning we dyed Easter Eggs. Caden thought it was quite fun to "plop" the egg in the dye and my heart skipped a beat each time he "plopped" one in. I was just waiting for the dye to spill all over the floor. Thankfully, no accidents. Really?! Who invented those silly wire egg holders? They don't hold the egg, but Caden still thought it was fun to mix the dye with.
I think Caden consumed more sugar this weekend then ever before. Grammy sent him a chocolate bunny in the mail. He is so funny at this age ... claiming the bunny as his, and hiding it so no one else eats it.
I LOVE this look of concern when we told Caden that "someone was in our house last night while we were sleeping, maybe it was the Easter Bunny?.". He replied with, "well I didn't hear him hopping" :0)
His reaction when seeing his basket was, "Hey, how did that get there? Who put that there?" That Easter Bunny is pretty sneaky.After he was done with his basket festivities I told him I think I saw an egg in the backyard. So out we went to hunt.
Here he is spotting an egg or two and the cones. That silly bunny left cones in the backyard too. Caden said, "Hey, that Bunny left cones. Maybe he was playing soccer".
A few of the eggs were WAY out of Caden's reach. I think the Easter Bunny and his helper (aka Abe & Dan) might have had toooo much "juice" when they went out to hide the eggs last night.
... that silly rabbit left 35 eggs. That's alot of eggs for one spoiled four year old!
The Easter Bunny left more goodies for Caden at Uncle Abe's and Aunt Marie's ... Here is Caden showing me what the Easter Bunny looks like. Caden's hands are the "Bunny's Ears" Time to wind down for bed ..... he was one tired buddy!

Have a Great Week!

April 19, 2011

Reason #253 .....

Reason #253 Why I Love Spring! Sun. Warmth. & Oustide Fun!

April 16, 2011

Touch a Truck

I think today might have been one of Caden’s best days yet! We went to Touch a Truck.  What is Touch a Truck? It’s simple …. a parking lot FULL of motorized vehicles.  Pay $7.00 to go towards a local charity and your child is in heaven!  It’s too bad this is only a once a year event.IMG_2471blog Literally running from the forklift to the tractor. I think he was a little overwhelmed at first. Couldn’t decide which vehicle to get to next.IMG_2476blogIMG_2481blogI didn’t realize they make “training wheels” for motorcycles.  I think I might have a problem, now Caden knows there is a motorcycle that will “fit” him.  I can hear his Christmas list now ….IMG_2478blogIMG_2487blog When we first got there, there wasn’t a fire truck anywhere in sight, Caden scanned the parking lot a few times.  I had told him there would be a fire truck, and I’m thinking o’sh**!  I’m going to have a very disappointed boy.  Thankfully the fire truck showed up after a while.  It had gotten called out (turns out, to the accident right outside our neighborhood).  When Caden spotted it pulling in he couldn’t get to it fast enough.IMG_2488blog YES, he was first in line.  They were still parking the truck and he was standing there waiting patiently :0)IMG_2494blog IMG_2497blog IMG_2499blog IMG_2514blog IMG_2524blog IMG_2534blog IMG_2552blog IMG_2563blog IMG_2567blog Yeppers, even a garbage truck. And yep, he sat it in. You know I wanted to vomit, I’m such a germ freak. He had fun watching the garbage men raise and lower the bucket into the truck.  The garbage men said they love this event because they felt like hero’s today :0)IMG_2569blog IMG_2571blog IMG_2572blog IMG_2574blog IMG_2576blog Sitting in the funny car.  Caden couldn’t get enough of the race car.  (I think Pa-Pa might know more then I know.)

IMG_2577blog IMG_2582blog IMG_2588blog After three and half hours! at the Touch a Truck we headed home. Today was gorgeous. 65 degrees ~ we were outside all day!

IMG_2591blog IMG_2604blog IMG_2614blog We took Lightning McQueen for a walk to the park. 

IMG_2620blog IMG_2628blog IMG_2641blog  Today … this weather … spring time is why I love living here!  I can’t get enough of it!IMG_2651blog

We went to the neighbors for dinner and Caden finished the night off by mowing the sprinklers ~ yes, while they were on :0)IMG_2678blogThat is one four year old. Awake for 13 hours – no nap ~ and outside going strong for 8 hours.  Hoping he sleeps in tomorrow!!!!

Have a Great Week!