March 27, 2011

Picture Dump & a Sleep Study

Somehow we are to the end of March …. I feel like I haven’t had much “time” lately.  It’s really been that way for four years … but with the weather warming up, staying lighter outside later and Caden getting older, it’s harder to get him to bed and asleep by 8:00, which means less “alone” time for me. I’m behind in blog land …. posting and reading.  Hopefully I will get caught up with everyone soon!

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to ….IMG_1305desktopblog3-27 IMG_1335blog3-27 IMG_1348blog3-27 I’m really not sure what the tongue thing is all about …. I guess a new form of concentration?!IMG_1358blog3-27 IMG_1445blog3-27 Caden LOVES cantaloupe!  If I let him, I think he could eat a whole cantaloupe in one sitting.  IMG_1583blog3-27

He insisted on putting his golf clubs in his car (so we tied them on). Guess he’s been observing Dad a little too much.IMG_1621blog3-27The Lightening McQueen car …. oh the Lightening McQueen car. How I cannot WAIT for the fascination of this thing to wear off. He loves it! Loves it to the point it’s a fight to get him to go anywhere after work/childcare.  He can’t get home fast enough to drive his car.IMG_1878blog IMG_1882blog IMG_1894blog IMG_1954blog YES … driving with no hands on the steering wheel. He thinks it is hilarious. Ian our neighbor boy, who is one day older then Caden, has a tractor (same concept as the car). The boys have been having lots of fun racing around Ian’s cul-de-sac. They’ve had some close calls …. but no crashes into one another yet.IMG_1962blog IMG_1968blog

IMG_2000blog Thank goodness he still has a little interest left in his bikes!

IMG_2019blogIMG_2048blog We went to Bellevue this weekend. Friday night we stayed at the Westin …. ate at our favorite restaurants and got in some retail therapy! ….. We had to get in some fun, since Saturday night we had a sleep study (uck!).IMG_2089blogIMG_2074blogIMG_2097blog Yep, a sleep study!  This was Caden’s fourth sleep study in three years …. and he rocked it!  We wont have the results for a few days. But as far as tolerating the wires etc, he was a superstar!IMG_2101blog After we checked in to the “wire doctor” he had fun exploring the room, but once the newness of the room wore off he was ready to “lets get out of here Mom and go to Uncle Scot’s” (Dan stayed at Uncle Scot’s).

I let the tech know that Caden was starting to have some anxiety about the whole “wire” thing.  If we could get the process rolling that would be great. So the tech got started, he was good with Caden, answered Caden’s 500 questions about what each wire or piece of tape, gauze, paste etc was for.  and listened to Caden tell the story about “now I am four ….”IMG_2112blog I really do not know how kids sleep with all of that crap on.  But somehow, they do. Caden slept through the night … and the tech didn’t have to come in once to adjust anything (that rarely happens!)  I on the other hand … ya, very little sleep. That pull out chair for the parents is junk!  IMG_2116blog

Hoping for good results from the study!

Have a great week!

March 20, 2011

~ Birthday Fun ~

Caden told me weeks in advance, with much enthusiasm, he wanted a “RED Birthday”! I knew I could deal with that, because (a) I love Red and (b) it wasn’t an animated, themed, commercialized character. A Fire Truck recently came to Caden's Pre-School, he has referenced the fun several times ~ so a Red Fire Truck Birthday it was …

The night before his birthday we made cupcakes to take to pre-school. Here he is showing me he is "four". I love how he uses his other hand to hold down his thumb.
These jammies were a score for my real life leprechaun baby ... and yes, that is my coat he has on below .... silly boy!
I took his actual birthday off of work. So I could play "stay at home Mom" and bring cupcakes to his class. Really, there was no stay at home involved in the day. I took Caden to daycare in the afternoon, and ran errands most of the day in preparation for his party. It was nice to have the day off ...
Mr. Caden didn't want any part of the class singing Happy Birthday to him. They whispered the song to him because he said it was too loud ... but even with a whisper he hid behind me the whole time. Little stink.
I had fun decorating while he was at the sitters. When we walked in the door he said, "Hey, what happened, what happened here (point, point), hey look at these balloons". He was excited, and it was quite cute.
Time to open presents that came in the mail and presents from Mommy & Daddy. For those of you not on Facebook ... my PSA for the week is "don't order from". What a joke! I feared my child wasn't going to get his gifts in time. They arrived at 2:40 the day of his birthday, that's cutting it close!
Caden was very excited to get his "own" wii Mario Cart with the steering wheel. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless.
We went to Red Robin for Dinner ~ and avoided the costumed bird. Then came home for a B&R Clown Cone.
Saturday ... time for Birthday Fun. I had lots of fun preparing for his party :0)
I didn't organize many games because ... really, how do you get four year olds under control and to listen? Dan drew this fire truck for me and the kids who wanted to, played "pin the ladder on the fire truck".
The fun party favors. I had wanted to include Matchbox sized fire trucks as well. But between my Mom and I we were only able to find two in the stores. I guess the fire trucks are the first ones to go out of the cases.
I kept the lunch menu simple and to Caden's favorites: PB & J fire hydrant shaped sandwiches, fruit kabobs and BBQ potato chips. I threw in Turkey Sandwiches as well. to please Dan.
Uncle Mark got Caden his first official t-ball set and bat. Yes, a real bat. Not a plastic bat. Enter our house at your own risk :0)
Loving his lunch .... looks like a chipmunk. I'm a "mean" Mommy and don't usually let Caden have potato chips. He was digging his birthday lunch.
Caden had fun with his buddies from school and child-care. I was sitting on the living room floor at one point when he walked in the room. He looked all around at the people in the room, sighed, and then smiled the most peaceful smile. It was precious ... I knew he was having fun and it made all of my hard work worth it!
One of Caden's "best" gifts in his world was a sleeve of "Pop-Tarts". Sophia (5 yrs) picked out Caden's gift herself. It included Skittles, a Twinkie, a Fruit Roll, a Pop-Tart and one dollar. Caden's reaction when he pulled the Pop-Tart out was so funny! He remarked, "hey" and then started laughing :0)
Can you see the head resting on the other side of the blue bowl? YES, that is my child, and yes we were all outside on the deck. Yes, he was the only one inside. We were outside singing Happy Birthday and he was inside hiding. Go figure ...
... but of course once we were done singing he was outside in a flash to fetch his own personal cake.
... in which Abe started to fear, "is he going to eat that whole thing?" No worries ... he stopped.As the Birthday Party winded down it was time for Caden to get his present from Grammy & Pa-Pa.
Pure Excitement. He was Giddy ...."You got that for me ... you got that off the high shelf at Meyer ... you climbed up and bought it". Caden has been eyeing this contraption for quite a while ...
Yeppers, at age 4, his very own motorized Lightning McQueen car .... he couldn't have been more excited. I on the other hand .... mhh, hopefully the excitement will soon wear off. Did I mention he was up at 5:30 this morning (the day after his party) to drive it.
Watch out ... he only has one speed. "Floored". My Dad & Dan taped a Styrofoam block on the gas pedal so he could reach ... yes, his very own pedal extenders :0) ... apparently the car needs to be worked on too.
The majority of our party guests were gone ... and Caden still had presents to open. Yes, he is very lucky to have SO many people who Love him (Thank You)!
The end of a very busy & fun day .... a bath and a Mickey movie on the couch, with juice in hand.
If you see Caden around town, he will proudly tell you he is FOUR! As in today at Old Navy. The sales clerk asked him what his name was. He proudly answered, “Caden and I’m Four”.