February 24, 2011


So my last post ... wasn't much more then a week ago ... and somehow we've gone from
... Sun & Fun...
sick & ....
... & a little fun ....
... & yes, snow ... again!
I give up ~ hoping our sun & fun returns soon!

February 16, 2011

Parks & Valentines

"You know what this means" ... is one of Caden's new favorite sayings, and now he has learned the crocuses popping up means "spring is near". We were spoiled with a gorgeous weekend. Sunday night Caden asked, "Mom, does this mean it's summer?" Not quite buddy ... but hopefully spring will be here SOON!
What an ordeal to fill out valentines this weekend. I sometimes find it amazing that Caden's teacher's say he does great in class, and he pays attention. I really think it took three hours to get him to focus and fill out his valentines.
Notice his "badge" on his left arm. He was playing under the bathroom sink (he has figured out how to open the safety latches - smartie!) while I was getting ready. Yes. His "badge" is kotex pads. I give up ... pick my battles :0)
We were busy baking Valentine goodies this weekend. Heart Rice Krispie treats for daycare, doggie cookies for school and chocolate cake for Caden & Daddy.
Nice sunny weather also meant we went to three parks in one day! Caden had a blast on his bike ... and I had fun taking LOTS of pictures :0) I am still amazed how quickly he has learned to pedal. It seems like just yesterday we were trying to get him to walk.
While we were at the park a lady with two kids arrived. The kids were probably 3 & 5. Caden was climbing up the slide. The lady said to her two kids, "be careful for the baby on the slide". Caden stops, looks around and says, "where's the baby?". I love him, I hope he will always be so carefree ...
... I'm not sure why, but Caden has developed a fascination with pine cones. He insists on picking them up when they are laying on the ground. We are getting quite the collection in the garage.
Dan recruited Caden for a "top secret mission" on Sunday. Caden would run out in the kitchen and say Mom, "I'm making you a secret card" and then run back down the hall. I caught this picture of him on one of his fly by's.
Time to wind down for bed ... Capturing these moments of Caden "resting" is rare.
When we got home from work on Monday you would have thought it was Caden's birthday. He had a mailbox full of cards and gifts. Thank You Family :0)
When he was done, in his little mischievous voice he says, "is there more?". NO spoiled boy, no more. For peets sake it's only Valentines Day, or as Dan calls it, "Hallmark Day".
I attempted to get a picture of Caden with the adorable card he and Dan made me ... but it was an impossible task.

I think every ounce of orneriness is oozing out of Caden in the below picture!
Our Valentines Day fun finally ended yesterday with Caden's Valentine Party at school. I wasn't able to attend class the whole day, but made it for the last 15 minutes. So cute!
... and Caden was "Circle Helper" at school yesterday. I love their assigned tasks they are given at school.
Enjoy the rest of your week :0)

February 11, 2011

Soccer, Bike & Football Snacks

I'm a little behind .. Here is soccer from two weeks ago. They got to kick the ball into cute little goals after jumping through the hoops. Watching Caden do headers is the funniest thing. He closes his eyes and waits for coach to throw the ball. Sadly I don't have any pictures from soccer last week :0( We aren't quite sure why, but Caden didn't want to participate. My parents even made a special trip over to watch him. There are numerous reasons maybe why he didn't want to participate. We went to dinner after soccer. He inhaled his bread & pasta. So maybe he was hungry? He also made the comment during practice that everyone is fast. So maybe he is starting to understand he's a little "different" then the other kids :0( He was out of his regular routine and he had a late nap - he's easily set off when you mess with his routine. Whatever the reason, we are still practicing soccer at home ... and we hope his confidence is ready to try again in a couple weeks (no practice this coming week). Caden woke up VERY excited Sunday morning. Why? Because it was Football Snack Day and as I mentioned above, Grammy & Pa-Pa were coming to visit for a few days. Everyone enjoyed the YUMMY football snacks ... Caden thinks it is so fun to have all of that food just at his level, including his box of Pop-Tarts (don't ask). I am so proud of my Buddy! He has mastered pedaling his bike :0) I am amazed at how quickly he picked it up. He continues to amaze me ~ he has even figured out how to "skid".
A quick little snip-it of Mr. Caden's pedaling ...
Grammy & Pa-Pa took Caden to school Tuesday morning. They had yet to see Caden's classroom and Caden was as happy as a clam to show them the way *All by himself*. During circle time they were talking about community members who wear hats. The teacher said, "who wears a hat who helps you feel better". I was told that Caden loudly spoke up and said, "doctors", then threw his hands up in the air and said, "I have a lot of doctors". (I can just picture him). Too cute!
Have a Great Weekend!