January 30, 2011

Over The Mountains …

and back in 27 hours!

Caden had a sleep study in Seattle scheduled for Friday night.  BUT … he still has an everlasting cough.  Now, just in the morning … but it’s still there. I talked to the nurse midweek and we decided that we should reschedule the study since it wouldn’t be an accurate one. So our trip over the mountains was cancelled …

Until Dan decided he needed out of our Valley.  Wenatchee is a great place to live, except for January & February.  We get this crazy “inversion” here and you feel like you are stuck in a jar with a lid.  Low clouds and high fog … and its junk!

Dan agreed to help me finish up the chores Saturday morning and then we hit the road in the afternoon.  We went to Alderwood Mall, Uncle Chris met up with us as well as a brief visit with the Mock’s. The mall was CRAZY busy for some reason, you would have thought it was the weekend before Christmas.  So our time there was short lived, little shopping was accomplished, but we did have a good late lunch at Claim Jumper and the spoiled kid scored a new toy at the Disney Store.

After the mall we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa Wise as well as the rest of the family … Then we headed to Uncle Scot’s to stay the night.   I finally beat Dan & Scot in a game of Shang -‘hai (sp).  This rarely happens … maybe it was because I was the only one sober of the three …  a win is a win :0)IMG_0677blogThis morning Caden and I went to Top-Pot and then we attended the baby & toddler LPA event at Paint the Town in U-Village. (This was another reason Dan was able to persuade me to go to Seattle anyway.) What fun … a “messy” fun … but fun nonetheless.IMG_0687blog IMG_0688blogI believe Caden painted his tile at least three times.  He painted it, washed it off, painted, etc.  Below is my attempt to get a picture of him with the finished products, but the little sh*#! kept running at me.IMG_0690blog … ‘tis the year of M*I*C*K*E*Y!  (less then 6 months) so we made a chip bowl, Mickey themed :0)IMG_0691blog After we were done with our LPA friends we hit the playground at U-Village, and YES Caden found “his” Cozy Coupe.  You would think maybe he would play on the slide since he has his own car at home. Nope. He waits “patiently” for the other kids to get out of the car so he can have his turn.IMG_0692blogIMG_0694blog We headed back to Uncle Scot’s to pick up Daddy.  Dan & Scot were up until some crazy hour of 4AM last night so Dad failed to come with us this morning. Then per Caden’s request we went to “the restaurant by Bellevue with the soup and it’s red”. That would be the Chinese restaurant.

It was a fun quick trip and nice to get out of our inversion :0)

Have a great week! … and did I mention my dryer broke Saturday morning?! I sure hope it gets fixed soon!

January 26, 2011

Caden *Fix* for the Week

A quick recap of our week .... for those of you patiently waiting for your Caden "fix" :0)

We were lucky enough to have another Gorgeous Weekend. Which led to lots of time outside!
A new "year" at the playground ~ means new abilities! Superstar doesn't need my hand any more on the slide or the stairs. Which means I can snap more pictures :0) New abilities also means more falls. We came home from our adventure with two new boo-boo's on our forehead and nose :0(
Third week of Soccer. We only made it 50 of the 60 minutes this week. Caden was tired and ready to go home. We stayed till the end, but he sat out the last 10 minutes :0( Once we got home he ate a huge plate of mac n cheese and veggies. I think he was hungry!
This week they learned "headers" ... too funny! Caden made no attempt to move for the ball and let it hit him each time ... funny stuff!
An artist in the making ... and Mom trying to **deal** with paint everywhere and the easel monopolizing the kitchen floor while trying to make dinner.

It appears "art" is serious stuff and lots of fun too!Yummy! Ice Cream :0)
'til next week :0)

January 18, 2011

Rain, Slush, Sun, Car & Soccer!

It was a nice three day weekend. I actually watched two movies and we put together a jigsaw puzzle. I can't remember the last time I had "time" to watch two movies in one weekend!

It warmed up dramatically this weekend(50's) ... they call it the "Pineapple Express" ... I don't really care what it is called, I just like the fact it means we can go outside!

Since we had 6 - 8 inches of snow before the warm up it resulted in a slushy mess. But I was okay with the slushy mess ~ it meant I could wear my new rain boots :0)
We were able to go for a walk ... It was sunny when we left the house ... 1/2 way through it started pouring down rain and I was dripping wet by the time we got back home.

It warmed up so quickly, and rained so much ... the overflow canal behind our house had water running through it.
Caden opted for "fried eggs" for lunch on Saturday. Guess that's what I get when I give him the choice what he wants for lunch.
It takes a lot of concentration to dip the "toast in the yellow circle". He thinks it is fun :0)
If you've been reading for a while ... you know about "Car". Caden's love for his car has not lessened. You see, now he "parks" Car. Car goes in the house and outside the house. He has even wanted to take Car to the store, but we say no to that one! He knows if Dan or I move Car and he will say, "who moved my car". We try and tell him it was the valet guy .... but he doesn't buy it ;0)
Looking for his parking spot. He drives around saying, "I need a place to park, where is the best spot?" Mhh? Wonder who he hears that from? :0)
Notice, he even knows to put his hand on the frame and turn his head backwards to look over his shoulder when he is "backing up".
... and his sense of style. I dig it. Sunglasses, hat, gloves, soccer jersey ... it all goes :0)
Time to come inside and take a rest. We need to save that energy for soccer.
... yep, Soccer week two. I still can't deal with the cuteness. Caden did much better this week and wasn't nearly as clingy to me. Stretching ... It's a little tricky figuring out those "rights" and "lefts".
Listening to Coach. Dan and I are amazed at how well he pays attention and follows directions at soccer. If only he would do the same at home!
Ready to "hop". Watching Caden "hop" is one of the cutest/funniest things. It's a little tricky when 75% of your body weight is your upper half :0)
... Enjoy your week. Snow is again in our forecast :0(

January 10, 2011


Caden started FireTots tonight.  The Wenatchee Fire is our soccer league here in town.  The Fire-Tots is for kiddo’s age 3 & 4. The class focuses on motor skill development, as well as listening and following instruction.  They don’t play competitive games.  Their focus is on learning basic skills while using a variety of fun games and props. Seriously … cuteness overload!  I was a little concerned that Caden would freak out when he saw the big field, and not want to venture in the building. He proved me wrong, he didn’t freak out. He was excited to see the big scoreboard with the lights. 


Waiting on the wall with Sophia … good job following Coach’s directions.  Sophia is our Child Care providers (Chrissy) Granddaughter.  Sophia did a great job helping Caden … and Caden kept a close eye on her. If she got out of sight he would ask, “Where’s Fia?”IMG_0464blog

SO cute when they raise their handsIMG_0465blog IMG_0468blogMom – this is serious stuff. You have to pay close attention.

Oliver, to the left of Caden is Chrissy’s Grandson.


Serious Stink Eye! MOM stay by me!  He made sure I was within an arms reach at all times.  Hopefully as the weeks go on he will become less attached.IMG_0471blog

In the “mit”. Yes, he kept calling the goal a “mit”. Same concept … catch the ball, but I think we need to learn how to differentiate between our sports :0)IMG_0473blog IMG_0476blogIMG_0478blog IMG_0480blog

Great Job!  “Go Fire!” ….. ooops, where’d Caden go? He’s hiding in the middle IMG_0481blog

So much fun and So cute!  Until Next Monday~