December 28, 2010

A Family Holiday ~

Christmas 2010 has finally come to a close.  To sum it up, we have one well LOVED & SPOILED little boy!   Over 200 pictures were taken this weekend, sounds like a lot, but when you have one active three year old who is annoyed with the camera, it results in only a few good ones.

As my previous post stated we had our Christmas (Dan, C and I) Thursday morning.  Friday morning we headed to the west side of the state. 

Our next Christmas gathering was with my Mom’s extended side of the family at my Great Aunt & Uncles (Thanks, Tony & Jill!).  I had tried to explain to Caden who we were going to see, however, being that my Mom’s side of the family is 40 + people it was easier for me to sum it by saying we were going to see our family.IMG_0240blogAs the evening went on Caden put his arms out wide and said, “I have a BIG family”. Yep, buddy, you got that right :0)IMG_0247blog IMG_0249blog

Hooray! Alphie!IMG_0255blog

Next, we headed South to my parents to stay the night.  Caden fell asleep for about 15 minutes on the way down there, which meant he was up past midnight ~ A first. 

All the new toys, and he defaults to the cars he loves playing with at Grammy & Pa-Pa’s … go figure?!IMG_0260blogSanta came, again, at my parents house on Christmas morning.  I was ready with a story as to why Santa came twice, but he didn’t ask ~ so, no explanation was needed.  That Santa rocks because he brought me an iPad :0)IMG_0266blog IMG_0269blog IMG_0273blogGrammy gave Caden a set of “power tools” once he opened these, the rest of his presents were opened with his “drill”.IMG_0281blogChristmas afternoon we headed back up North to Dan’s parents, to celebrate with Dan’s family. Caden was spoiled with more gifts, as was I. Uncle Chris built me a new computer :0) (Thank You!)IMG_0296blog Christmas night we stayed at Willows.  This is where we were married …. and I still love it just as much as I did then!  I could live there and apparently Caden could too.  When we pulled in to the hotel parking lot Caden said, “oh, yeah, I remember this place.  I love it here”.  Love my Kid!IMG_0308blogIMG_0319blogHow Does It Work?! Do you watch Umi-Zoomi? If you do, you get it. Everything lately is, “how does it work”.IMG_0330blog Our hotel room was like a giant playground for Caden.  Fire on, Fire off.  Lights on, Lights off. Bath on, Bath off ….IMG_0344blog IMG_0346blogTime to say goodbye :0(  I wish we had millions to stay there monthly!IMG_0349blogAfter checking out we headed to my Grandparents for a visit since they only got to see Caden for a few hours on Christmas Eve.  Caden was happy to see their train that goes around the tree. He remembered it from a year ago (his memory amazes me!)IMG_0353blog Sunday night we headed further south to my brothers house for Christmas with my Dad’s extended side of the family.IMG_0363blog IMG_0372blog Really?! Why is the box the funnest gift?  We all could have saved lots of money.  Sooner or later I will learn.IMG_0376blog IMG_0381blog Monday morning we stopped by my brothers work to pick up Caden’s coat that I left at his house.  Since we were so close to my Dad’s work we stopped by for a visit.  Caden loved riding on the forklift with Pa-Pa and seeing all of the machines.  Then we headed North to Bellevue Square for a few returns and a quick after Christmas Sale shopping trip, ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants then hit the freeway.

As we unloaded all of the gifts from the truck Caden became more and more excited (see below picture).  I think he was so overwhelmed with all of his gifts he hadn’t really realized what he had received.IMG_0384blog IMG_0394blog … and. yes. I think Legoland exploded in my family room!IMG_0396blogIMG_0400blogThat’s five Christmas Celebrations in four days and more toys then Toys R’ Us. 

December 23, 2010

Milk & Cookies …

Rumor had it that Santa has a full route this year, and might have to stop at our house a little early.  Just incase the rumor was true we put out milk, cookies and carrots before bed last night.  I tried all my tricks to get a “cute” picture of Mr. C by the goodies, but this was the best he would give me:IMG_0115blog2 IMG_0126blog2As we were attempting to wind down for bed, Uncle Abe stopped by.  Lost cause, as if the talk of Santa wasn’t exciting enough, add Abe to the mix and bedtime ended up being two hours later then usual.IMG_0133blog2When Caden woke up this morning, we went into the living room to find the fireplace on, the lights on the tree on, the Santa treats gone, and this surprise!IMG_0142blog2 Caden looked at Dan and I, shrugged his shoulders, and gave us his big ‘ol cheesy grin.  I said, “Caden what is all this?” and he replied, “That’s silly, that’s nuts, that’s not nice”.  (Wasn’t sure what wasn’t nice about it – maybe Santa coming in when we were sleeping?!) Silly Kid!IMG_0148blog2It was so cute to watch him hold on to his bike while looking at everything else.  I think here he was saying, ‘Santa brought me, whoap, look Mom”.  The whoap he was referring to was the Lego Fire Station.IMG_0151blog2 He told us, “I have to go put my bike in the garage, it’s my new bike” :0)IMG_0152blog2 … and as he took each item out of his stocking he would say, “look guys” … drop the item on the floor, and repeat with the next item.IMG_0157blog2 Santa is pretty cool …. Caden is able to reach the pedals on his bike …. hooray!  He still needs to learn how to pedal. I’m realizing that’s a hard one to teach.IMG_0180blog2 IMG_0181blog2We bought him his “own” blanket. He loves to take Dan and I’s blankets that we have on the couch.  The funny thing is, I think Dan and I will now be stealing his blanket because it’s super duper soft!IMG_0187blog2 IMG_0190blog2 IMG_0198blog2IMG_0202blog2 It’s so fun having Caden in Pre-School.  Here is the masterpiece that he made for us :0)IMG_0203blog2

The SPOILED kids gifts.  IMG_0205blog2It appears the bike has a new parking spot ~ next to the car. Neat, my poor house! IMG_0208blog2 IMG_0216blog2 IMG_0222blog2

We had a fun Christmas at home with our buddy today …. and why does he look so big in this picture?  He’s well on his way to four!IMG_0234blog2

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas!

“A Long Winters Nap ….”

I was dumb founded a couple of days ago when I heard on the TV “today is the first day of winter” … Really? Our Winter arrived way too Early!!!  I am hoping for an early spring because I’m running out of ideas to get us through this long winter’s nap!

We spent a lot of time at home this week.  I’m on Winter Break and Caden doesn’t have Pre-School.  The weather has been less then desirable and we’ve been battling colds.  I have Caden’s medications “up’ed” in hopes to keep this nasty stuff out of his lungs.  I can’t do another Christmas in the hospital!IMG_0024blog It amazes me how quickly one three year old can destroy one bedroom!  He was so funny on his phone, I could hear him talking to people on it from across the hall :0)IMG_0028blog We made a house/garage out of cardboard boxes.  Half the time his car is in it and the other half he has his chair and little DVD player in it.  Here he is following along with Dora:IMG_0036blogIMG_0039blog IMG_0040blog … and yes, he eats breakfast in his house too.IMG_0042blog I love receiving all the fun Christmas Cards in the mail from our Friends, Family & POLP Family! Thank You!IMG_0044blog … on this day we received an extra special colored picture in a card from Caty.  (Thank You Caty!), Caden thought it was pretty neat!IMG_0046blog … and really, I’m not sure why he is wearing gloves in the house. I guess it helps you understand why some nights I go to bed exhausted.  This 3 year old is silly, crazy, goofy, and doesn’t stop!

Next on our agenda was to make Graham Cracker houses.  As you may know, I don’t deal well with messes.  Frosting, sugary candy, crumbs, sticky fingers.  I tried to deal the best I could :0)IMG_0047blogIMG_0049blog Dan joined in on the fun.  Of course his house was much more elaborate then mine.  I guess as soon as he sat down I should have known he was going to create an elaborate house.  I still remember the first time we carved pumpkins and dyed Easter eggs many years ago.IMG_0051blog IMG_0055blog IMG_0060blogIMG_0067blog Above: Dan’s. Below: Mine & Caden’s.  Amazingly three days later they are both still standing. Caden keeps asking to eat them … and we keep saying no.IMG_0068blog IMG_0074blog My “helper” and I made five different kinds of cookies this week.  Amazingly, they all turned out!IMG_0081blog IMG_0087blog I left to run errands one night and while I was gone Dan added a “keypad” to Caden’s garage.  Caden thinks it is quite fun.IMG_0091blog IMG_0094blogSpotting the presents under the tree for the first time and “reading” who the presents are to. I was amazed Caden only asked once to open the presents.  We told him no, and he didn’t ask again … so out of character for him.  He loves to “challenge'” me. IMG_0095blog Dad had to go to work, so Caden felt he had to get to work on his computer as well …IMG_0099blog … and finally, I think these two pictures explain our cabin fever the best!  Sunglasses, underwear, socks and a remote control car!IMG_0110blogIMG_0113blog I hope you are surviving your winter …. and if you are someplace south, I’m jealous!