November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grammy & Pa-Pa came to spend Thanksgiving with us! A certain little three year old sat by the window this morning patiently waiting. He even ate his breakfast in the entry way …IMG_9763blog

I cooked this year … and everyone approved. Whew! But I have decided alot of work goes into a Turkey Day dinner.  However my Pumpkin Cheesecake, mhhh! Made the cooking worth while!IMG_9778blog

Pa-Pa showed Caden a fun trick :0)IMG_9787blogIMG_9788blog ... and I’m sure my parents have this same picture of me somewhere, at about the same age :0)IMG_9789blog

I think Caden approves of Thanksgiving. Home all day, and in his jammies all day.  One of his favorite kind of days!IMG_9795blog IMG_9792blog I hope your Thanksgiving Day was warm and enjoyable!  I am truly Thankful for all of my family, POLP family and friends near and far!

…. did I mention a month until Christmas. Oh my!

Winter Wonderland ~

I really can’t get enough of Caden with his pack on for school …

IMG_9760 IMG_9758 IMG_9759

… can you?!

November 22, 2010

An Evening with Caden …

in the SNOW!  Since August Caden has been wanting to get out the “snow shobel (shovel)”.  Mr. Winter has paid us an early visit and Caden couldn’t be more excited to help me “shobel” the driveway and sidewalk.

IMG_9693blog IMG_9697blog IMG_9704blog Do they make chains for this bike?IMG_9711blog IMG_9723blogTime to head inside to warm up. ~ waiting in anticipation for the fireplace to turn on…IMG_9727blog… hooray! IMG_9731blog IMG_9735blog IMG_9739blog.. helping Mom make dinner IMG_9741blogSomeone is supposed to be getting his jammies on … and someone is the king of stalling time!IMG_9743blogFinally! Time to wind down for bed. IMG_9757blog

… hence why I don’t get much done in the evenings!

Enjoy the rest of your week & if you are in the NW stay warm!  They are calling for a low of –3 degrees here tomorrow night! CRAZY COLD!


Oh Buddy ... I think Fall has come and gone :0(

Wii ....

Caden has figured out how to play the Wii ...

Yes, the Video is "smooshed" I had the video camera on the cell phone turned the wrong direction (duh?!) so when I changed the orientation everything looks flattend :0(

Could he have more fun?

November 15, 2010

ENT & Fun ...

Caden had an ENT appointment at Seattle Children's on Thursday, and since I had a four day weekend we decided to wrap some fun around it.

The ENT appointment went just as I had anticipated. Caden's left tube is out. We have an appointment scheduled in a couple of weeks to go back so they can put in new ear tubes.

We stayed at Uncle Scot's house and Caden thought it was almost as much fun as the hotel. Uncle Scot has a pool table, and lots of space to run around. What more could a three year old want?!IMG_9615blog IMG_9616blogOf course, I couldn't do a Seattle trip without a little shopping. This time we went to Alderwood Mall. Having a three year old gets you an early start on the day, so early that we had to wait for the Disney store to open. Such anticipation ...IMG_9619blog IMG_9623blog IMG_9627blogWe had dinner with Dan's family Thursday night, hung out with Cousin Lily on Friday night and hit up the Seattle Auto Show. In which I prompted Caden to tell Daddy, "Mommy wants an XC90" ~ Love that kid!

Saturday we went to a local Baby & Toddler event for the Seattle Chapter of the LPA. An adorable kids music group was performing at the University Book Store. But of course my son wanted NOTHING to do with the loud music (even with ear plugs) so we visited outside for a while and then were on our way.

BUT ~ we couldn't leave Seattle without one final stop at Bellevue Square (which Caden can say clearly, again love that kid!). You may remember in August Caden spotted the $100.00 Lego Airplane that he thought he HAD to have. Since then I made a chart for him on the bathroom door and each time he went potty in the potty he would get a star. Well, someone earned his 30 stars!!! IMG_9628blog ... and really, I don't think he could have more excited. When we got home it was the first task on his list :0)IMG_9631blog IMG_9638blog IMG_9640blog ... even Uncle Abe had to get in on the fun. Lots of pieces, and Caden waited so patiently. I'm tempted to glue the thing together! IMG_9641blog IMG_9644blogIMG_9648blogIMG_9614blog.. he isn't fully potty trained yet. But hopefully soon!

Have a Great Week!

November 8, 2010

Caution …. Work Zone!

Indoor “sillyness” … or as Caden likes to call it … FUN!IMG_9533blogIMG_9511blogIMG_9514blogIMG_9515blogIMG_9521blogIt just might be a long winter trapped in this house …. I can already see the goofiness oozing out of  Mr. C.  And don’t ask why he has his umbrella up in the house, because really I don’t get it :0)IMG_9540blogYesterday, out of the blue Caden told me, “Mom, I’m going to amahim (Anaheim)”. Yep Buddy, July can’t get here fast enough!!!

Have a great week!