October 31, 2010

Trick O’ Treat!

Oh what fun it was trick o’ treating with Caden this year.  Dan’s sister Jenny, her husband Vern & daughter Lilly as well as Dan’s other brother Chris, came over from Seattle.  Caden was very excited to have a houseful of guests!IMG_9428blog IMG_9426blogWe started our evening at the miniature train.  Caden loves that thing, and I think if we let him he would ride it for hours!  He’s very dramatic, and each time it stops to change tracks he panics and says, “oh, no’. Quite funny!IMG_9451blog IMG_9448blog IMG_9450blog Half way through trick o’ treating Dan and I realized we should have had the video camera.  Except it was dark so it probably wouldn’t have done much good anyway.  The first couple houses we went to Caden would whisper “trick o’ treat” and “thank you” but by the the third or fourth house he had it down and by the end of the night he was yelling “trick o’ treat” and “thank you”.  He was so cute, he couldn’t get in and out of the wagon fast enough, and would say, “hurry, lets go to the next house”.  His costume was a “dragon” part of the night and then somewhere it switched to a “dinosaur” – silly kid! He loved having cousin Lilly with him and was dragging her in an out of the wagon as fast as he could.  He totally understood the more houses you go to the more candy you get.  He would also tell people, “thank you, shut your door and lock it”. Too silly! We were waiting for him to invite himself into several of the houses, he definitely was not shy.IMG_9479blogIMG_9480blog IMG_9487blogIMG_9488blog IMG_9489blogIMG_9492blog

He was very excited the few houses that didn’t have steps on their front porch, it meant he could get up to the door that much quicker, and not need an extra hand from one of the adults :0)  If there were several kids at the door he would tell Lilly, “Lilly, we need to wait our turn”.

He was also excited to be out in the dark with the street lights on. The rule is, street lights on, time to go inside. He thought it was very neat to be outside in the dark, and to see the stars.IMG_9496blog IMG_9500blogIMG_9504blog IMG_9501blogAt bedtime tonight, 3 hours later then usual, he told me, “Mom, lets do Halloween again, that’s fun to say, “trick o’treat, and thank you” …. 364 more days buddy!

October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Someone is VERY excited to be a “Dragon” this year :0) IMG_9348blog IMG_9333blogIMG_9332blog

(I’m really not sure if it is a dragon or a dinosaur, however Caden has declared it a dragon! IMG_9338blog

… and an adorable look back!

2009 IMG_3204blog2008100_3470blog 2007100_0736

Holiday Weekend Fun!

Yes, I know, When Caden is 12 he will be so embarrassed I “shared” this picture with the world.  But it is too cute not to.  We are working on potty training, as much as Caden allows.  He isn’t really excited about it, and could really care less. Ugh!IMG_9364blog2 IMG_9376blog2 This morning we made homemade applesauce, pumpkin cupcakes and sugar cookies.  Our house smelt so yummy :0) … I had a “great” “helper”!IMG_9377blog2 IMG_9385blog2 IMG_9390blog2 Mickey getting hugs!  :0)  I love how Caden talks to Mickey. He’s like part of the family.  I can’t wait for him to meet the “real” Mickey in July!IMG_9392blog2 IMG_9396blog2 IMG_9397blog2 IMG_9401blog2

I think Caden is going to consume more sugar this weekend then ever before! He is pretty excited to go trick o' treating!  Now to find a hiding spot for the candy :0)IMG_9418blog2

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

October 29, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin ...

I had all intentions of going to the pumpkin patch near my parents house last weekend and picking out pumpkins. However the weather in Seattle was AWFUL! So Caden and I ended up at Fred Meyer to get a pumpkin. SAD I know ... but I don't think this will scar him for life.
I wish I had this on video. He was quite disgusted when I let him pull the top off. All I heard was "ewwww" .... his face says the rest:
Really. You would think this was the grossest thing he has ever seen. Lucky me got to pull all of the guts out. He wasn't about to touch it.
Easily Distracted. Some how the fire truck got in on the pumpkin carving fun.
Decorating his own little pumpkin with shapes we cut out. It was a little safer then giving the three year old a knife ;)
... and placing the finished product on the porch.Happy Trick 'o Treating!

October 22, 2010

"I Gotta Fix it" ...

Have I told you how much I am loving Caden and his roll playing?! His most recent adventure, "fixing" Daddy's bike! He "learned" how to fix bikes on our recent Suncadia trip with my parents ~ pa-pa had a flat tire on his bike.

I thought it was quite cute the other day when he got out his own tools and fixed Daddy's bike :0) ** Warning ... picture overload ...
Have a Great Weekend!