September 26, 2010

~ A New Mr. & Mrs. and a New Best Friend ~

Abe’s (Dan’s brother) wedding was this weekend!  and what a weekend it was!  Dan a Groomsmen, Caden a ring-bearer. We ventured over to the Seattle side Friday afternoon after C was done with school.  I had hoped/assumed he would take a nap on the way over.  Way wrong ~ he was too excited we were going to the “Bellbue Ho-towel, with the Builbings” (Bellevue hotel with the big buildings). 

Our first stop was the Tux-Shop (I’ve always hated that place – I hated them during high school dances, hated them for our wedding …. but they kind of are a monopoly, not many other choices!)  We got Dan’s tux and Caden’s pants. When we had went in several weeks ago for the fitting, the guy (now known as idiot) assured me they could tailor pants for Caden.  Before I even got the pants out of the plastic wrap Friday night I knew we were in trouble!  As I’m holding them up to Caden the lady is saying, the smallest size they come in is a 4T.  The idiot never said it would be a 4T that they would be altering the length on.  I tried them on Caden and he looked worse then M.C. Hammer!  I had less then 24 hours to find pants for Caden with no time to wash or hem them :0(

Next stop was the rehearsal.  Remember the part about NO nap for Caden. Up since 5:45 am, earlier then usual, and a full morning at school?! Totally un-cooperative at the rehearsal!  Next stop rehearsal dinner …. on the drive there he falls asleep in the truck.  Rehearsal dinner starts, I stay in the truck with C.  C wakes up some 30 minutes later. Pissed, tired, hot, uncomfortable in his car seat. I take the crying child into the restaurant. Say, sorry Dan, I have to take him back to the hotel :0(  Chris is cool with driving Dan back to the hotel afterwards.

Loving! the Big Bath tub in the hotel Saturday morning ….IMG_8837blog Yummy! Top Pot! Doughnuts for breakfast.  A Husky doughnut (for you Pa-Pa) and a free Husky football IMG_8840blog

After breakfast Dan had to go on with his “wedding duties” and Caden and I were on the hunt for pants for a wedding!  Thank heavens Bell Square was right across the street :0)

I am not one for stuffed animals.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought Caden a stuffed animal.  He doesn’t play with them and the ones he does have hang out in his toy bin 24/7.  Caden has never had a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  But when he spotted this new friend on our mad dash for pants I knew I was in trouble! The look on his face was priceless, I couldn’t say no …IMG_8841blog

… and for the remainder of the day. Mickey was in tow.

IMG_8845blog IMG_8846blog IMG_8851blog I found pants at Janie & Jack for $49.00. Yes, the only place in the whole mall I could find a size 18 month black slack.  I went across the street to Bartells bought some masking tape and fake hemmed them.

After our pants hunt it was time for Caden to take a nap … in hopes he would be well rested for the wedding.  I wish I could have captured the look on Caden’s face when we turned on Mickey Mouse Club House.  He had sat Mickey next to him in the chair, and when Mickey came on the TV and said his “well Hello” Caden looked out of the corner of his eye at Mickey and then back at the screen, and then got the biggest grin on his face. Like as if he was thinking, “wow, it really is him, sitting next to me” :0)IMG_8853blog IMG_8860blog I ended up having to wake Caden up from his nap (which is a big no-no with this kid – you will pay for it if you wake him) because we had to be there for pictures at 3.  Shortly after I woke him I got him dressed.  As soon as he realized his pants were lined, he started screaming, I got the entire ensemble on him only to have him continue to scream and yell.  I can count on one hand the number of times Caden has had to dress “nice”.  He HATES it.  I was trying everything to bribe him, even the stupid $100.00 lego airplane he wants. Nothing! Pulling at his shirt, taking off his shoes, screaming “take this dress off”.  As he was laying on the floor, coughing, then gagging himself, resulting in puke … I decided okay, you’ve won this battle.  I kept hearing in my head, “pick your battles” …. I think this is one of my biggest parenting failures yet.

Because, this my friends is how Caden attended his Uncle’s wedding at the Country Club.  A ring bearer drop out, t-shirt, plaid shorts and converse, with new Mickey in tow!   :0(  IMG_8867blog I hadn’t even thought about packing a polo shirt for him and nice shorts or shoes … because he was going to be wearing his wedding outfit :0(  It’s a good thing he’s cute!  and I do have to say, he was a good boy during the ceremony. He sat there quietly and only whispered to me a few times.

The wedding was lovely, and I tried to put behind me my disappointment that Mr. C wasn’t up there with his Daddy.IMG_8882blog

Sweet Miss Olivia, who was supposed to have Caden by her side … IMG_8884blog

.. and Blake & Cousin Lilly.  Note Blake’s outfit, I had the same one for another 3 year old in the backpack under my chair.IMG_8885blog IMG_8888blog IMG_8889blog IMG_8893blog

… Introducing the newest Mrs. Wise! CONGRATULATIONS you two :0)


Yes, Mickey remained in tow for the majority of the reception!IMG_8913blog IMG_8914blog IMG_8917blog IMG_8977blog

I switched purses for the wedding and forgot to put the ear plugs in my purse :0(  Little buddy didn’t much like the music or the dance floor.IMG_9009blog

Hugs from Uncle Abe!IMG_9012blog

Finally around 9:30 I had had enough!  Caden had been ultra clingy all night.  He wouldn’t let anyone else entertain him … only wanted “Mommy”. So C and I headed back to the hotel and Uncle Chris brought Dan back later.  Next time I’m having someone come pick up my spoiled child so I can party it up too!

Happy to be back at the hotel … and of course with his silly new friend in tow!IMG_9016blog

We ended our weekend this morning with a little “fun” shopping and then headed back home.IMG_9025blog I think Caden took every ounce of my patience this weekend!  It’s a good thing he’s CUTE :0)

Have a Great Week!

September 25, 2010

School ~

I took a personal day at work yesterday ... and got to "play" stay at home Mommy for the morning. I wish I could get Caden ready for school every morning ... or I guess I should say, watch him get himself ready :0) ... applying his lotion:

He L*O*V*E*S* his new bed! Chrissy said it was all he talked about at daycare on Thursday :0) "Reading" a few books:
Leaving for school. Someone has become VERY independent lately. Which is good, but at the same time, I have to put on my "patience pants" because things take a little longer. Locking the door:
Totally! Annoyed I'm taking pictures. He was yelling at me, "c'mon Mommy, walk me into school, lets go"
AND ... the cutest part of it all. He took off his backpack all by himself and hung it on his little hook all by himself! He gave me a kiss and walked right into class. Such a BIG BOY :0)
Have a good weekend!

September 22, 2010

Finally … a Big Boy …

.. Bed! Yes, this is one of those parenting moments that I’m slightly ashamed & embarrassed of {hopefully you have a few of those too}! My son is 3 and a half and he finally got his big boy bed. I ordered his bed …. way …. back in February. It was supposed to arrive in a couple of weeks. Seven months {clearly more then a couple weeks} later he finally has his bed. I should have cancelled the order but never thought it would get drawn out this long. He wasn’t asking for a bed, so other then it being a “societal” issue, he was fine in his crib. He didn’t try and climb out and he still fit :0)

Caden was so excited today when his bed arrived. I think he could have literally “bounced off the walls” if we let him. He was talking so fast, he couldn’t get the words out :0)

“helping” Dad assemble it …IMG_8765blog IMG_8770blogSO excited! IMG_8771blog All done ….IMG_8773blogExhausted from all of his bouncing! IMG_8779blog IMG_8780blog“no, Dad, don’t get me”IMG_8782blogGoodnight Sweet Boy!IMG_8784blog

September 19, 2010


This weekend was one of those weekends where I knew before it even arrived, I wasn’t going to get everything done that I needed to.  It’s 11:15 Sunday night, and yep, the to do list isn’t near completed :0(  … but we still managed to fit in some fun!

My Lil Buddy, “helping” me make breakfast.  As he was sitting on the counter he said, “Mom, sit like this in school”.  I realized they have taught him to sit “criss, cross, applesauce” :0)  I love hearing the things he brings home from school. So cute!IMG_8670blog On our way home from the Regional last weekend we stopped to check out  Cabela’s.  I was quite surprised we left there spending less then $50.00.  When we entered the store I was thinking oh crap, this adventure is going to cost me at least $200.00 … but amazingly Dan proved me wrong.   Caden scored his first “real” fishing pole.  Yesterday after nap we headed up to the river so he could try it out …IMG_8634blog IMG_8635blog … “practicing” in the driveway, waiting for Daddy.  The pole doesn’t have a real hook on it yet. We have kept the dummy rubber tire on it.  I think we are all safer that way.IMG_8636blog IMG_8639blog IMG_8648blog Finally, at the river.  And Yes, He brought his bike.  Fishing lasted about ten minutes. The bike riding lasted about thirty minutes.  I guess once we actually give him a hook on his pole and he has a chance of catching a fish … he might like it a little more.IMG_8655blog IMG_8667blog
We ended our fishing adventure with dinner at South in Leavenworth. If you are local, and haven’t tried it yet … you are missing out. So Yummy!

Have a great week!

September 12, 2010

Fall Regional

Our LPA District Fall Regional was in Olympia this Weekend.  We debated on whether to go or not.  It was a long drive for only one full day of fun (I couldn’t take Friday off of work).  But we felt it was good for Caden to be there ~ and I’m glad we made the decision to go.

Of Course! Caden was thrilled to stay in the hotel.  … and thought the bed I made him on the floor was pretty neat.IMG_8557blog

The WSP Bomb Squad truck came for the kiddos to check out …IMG_8565blog IMG_8568blog

They got to go inside the back of the truck and Caden got to see the “bomb robot” who he proceeded to call Wall-E IMG_8576blog Caden was happy to see Julie.  He remembered Julie bought him M&M’s from the vending machine at the spring regional …. and the little Turkey scored again this weekend.  Julie has earned herself a friend :0)  Caden doesn’t willingly go to many people, but he let Julie take off with him a couple of times.   A nice break for Mom& Dad (thanks Jules!)IMG_8582blog Julie let Caden and his new friend, Parker, play photo booth on her computer.  Caden thought it was very silly :0)IMG_8584blog IMG_8585blog When I told Caden it was time to dance he took off his shoes … guess he meant business!IMG_8603blog … but then when we got to the dance room, it was dark, with strobe lights, and this was the look I got.IMG_8607blog

… he opted for the quieter activity an apple in front of the fire.  Go figure!IMG_8608blog

Again, we are so thankful for the LPA and what they have to offer.  Some may think that Caden is too young to attend these events.  However Dan and I want him to be around LP’s.  When Caden does finally “get” that he is a dwarf we want to be able to say, “You know, like your friends we see at the conferences. They are just like you too”.  Hopefully he won’t feel so alone!  So for that we feel LPA is the best gift we can give Caden!!!

… and incase you needed a reminder ...  The National this July is in ANAHEIM?!  :0)