August 29, 2010

Saturday Fun!

I have been wanting to get out and ride our bikes for a few weeks now …. Yesterday we finally made it happen. We took a day trip to Suncadia, a cute resort village that has been in the works for several years. Dan and I went up there five or so years ago, and there wasn’t much to see. There was a lot more to see yesterday …. and I LOVE it! If I had an extra million I would buy me a vacation home up there ~ but clearly that isn’t happening. So for now, we will day trip it, and I’m sure sooner or later we will stay a weekend at the hotel lodge, because you all know …. Caden would love the hotel :0)

My little explorer … ready for his adventure.IMG_8375blog”C’mon Dad, I’m ready” IMG_8378blog IMG_8384blog

Caden insisted on bringing his bike. So we let him ride around the little park for a bit before we got on our bikes.IMG_8391blog

The cutest park!IMG_8396blogSomething really funny is about to happen … IMG_8404blogWhat?! Dad came out of the slide :0)IMG_8409blog

I’m hoping we will be able to make one more trip up before winter hits!

Silly Little Buddy!

Since I’m back at work now …. I haven’t been taking out the camera as much :0( … I know amazing . Here is a small peek at what Caden has been up to.

I think this is proof Caden has been to the doctor one too many times. He found this tape measure in my desk drawer and decided he needed to measure his head. Silly Boy!IMG_8338blog2I’m not so sure I like the fact that Caden likes to help pick out his clothes while shopping. He spotted these crazy jammies on on of our last Seattle trips and insisted on having them. What is even more silly is he is wearing them now … I think they are better suited for January. Fleece in August?! IMG_8347blog2 IMG_8350blog2 It’s always a mystery what he will be playing with when I get out of the shower each morning. This day it was lotion and a q-tip.IMG_8422blog2 IMG_8424blog2Caden has been all about airplanes since Nashville. His collection is getting quite large. Each time he gets a new little airplane he says, “this airplane goes to Nashville”. IMG_8431blog2IMG_8440blog2 IMG_8435blog2 IMG_8436blog2

Have a Great Week!

August 21, 2010

The Riverfront Railway

Finally! Our weather cooled down to the mid 70’s, low 80’s today! It’s amazing how productive I was :0)  But at the same time I am NO where near ready for fall!!!

My “helper” and I pulled weeds, pruned plants, and mowed the grass this morning.  Then he took his nap (thank goodness ~ break for me!) After nap we went to the train, to rice & beans for dinner (Mexican), and grocery shopping! 

Below are a few pictures of our train adventure.  This train only runs a handful of times during the summer.  I wish it was every weekend, but I think our town is too small to support it every weekend :0(  This is the first time this spring/summer we have been in town when it runs.

Playing on the old caboose they have at the park.  (no picture of him looking at the camera. he refuses!)IMG_8308blog The fun train …IMG_8309blog

Checking it out. He was a bit apprehensive at first.  It took 15 minutes to sell him on it. He clung to me the first lap, but wouldn’t you know, when it was over he wanted to go again … so we did :0)IMG_8310blog

“ooh, you see it Mom?!”IMG_8316blogOur squished up cheeseburger – self portrait

IMG_8322blog As we are on the train Caden is jabbering up a storm. Like as if he’s the tour guide. “Mom, see the river, Mom, see the tree, see the mountain, see the train sign, see the switch, see the bridge…

… “See the Garbage Can” (really?!) … Good thing he covered it all :0)


All done!IMG_8332blog IMG_8331blog

Wishing you a good week! 

August 16, 2010

A day trip to Chelan ~

Dan’s parents came for a visit this weekend … we took a trip to Chelan for the day for a little “juice” (wine) tasting. It was a gorgeous day!

IMG_8295blogCaden thought this winery was great fun, there was a man driving a forklift around the garage …

and he found a tractor!



... and a fountain. In which he was taking the money out and throwing it back in ~ Thanks Kristina & Brandon :0)


Have a Great Week!

August 14, 2010

~ One Last Summer Adventure ~

As if our summer hasn’t been crazy enough … I had to plan one last summer adventure. It was my birthday weekend, so I got to pick :0)

Friday we headed towards Bellevue, with a stop at the outlet malls … Caden needed school clothes (good excuse!)

Then we headed towards the hotel …. Where I talked Dan into staying two nights :0) Of course Mr. Caden was excited to be at the hotel and to see all of the “BIG Builbings” (buildings). Checking out the view from our room:

IMG_7976blogHaving fun in the fridge … with his awesome farmers tan!IMG_7985blogSaturday morning we went to Top Pot for yummy doughnuts …IMG_7990blog

After Yummy doughnuts Dan wanted to work out, so C and I headed across the street to the Mall! Yeah for retail therapy! Although, I am finding now that someone is well on his way to 4 years old he dislikes shopping :0( But he does LOVE throwing money in the fountain:IMG_7996blog IMG_7998blog & print

Spoiled boy got a new Lego toy. What better then a bus, since in a few short weeks he will start taking the bus to Pre-School (not sure how that’s going to go?!) IMG_8000blog After the mall and Dan working out, we had planned to go to the Zoo. Caden still hasn’t been to the zoo :0( But the STUPID Seattle weather made us decide that maybe we shouldn’t do the zoo. It was pouring rain :0( So instead we went into Redmond to reserve Dan’s tux for Abe’s upcoming wedding and ate at Claim Jumper. And Dan managed to find a golf store (thought this was my birthday weekend?!)

After our Redmond Adventure, Caden needed a serious nap! So the boys took a nap and I b-lined right back across the mall for some alone time shopping … 2.5 hours solo – HEAVEN!!! .. and I got me new school clothes!

After nap, we all went back across the street. Mr. C was determined to show Daddy the $100.00 Lego Airplane for ages 6-12 that he thinks he “needs”. This resulted in leaving the store with big ‘ol tears, when he was told no. We told him he could have it when he decides to go potty in the toilet all by himself. It doesn’t seem to be working :0(IMG_8004blogDaddy and Caden went into Hallmark to get me a “gift”. What Caden picked out was quite funny: A Get Well Card with french fries on it, a Mickey Mouse Christmas tree ornament, a bag of Jelly Beans, and …IMG_8006bloga Slinky Dog Pez dispenser in which he said, “Mommy, this is your present, your present that’s mine” … Stinker!IMG_8007blogSunday morning we went to breakfast and then checked out of our hotel :0( Love the Westin, wish I could live there!IMG_8012blog

Next up on the list were the Blue Angels! I love that the Blue Angels come to Seattle every year just for my birthday :0) My parents and brother and sister in law came to join in on the fun!IMG_8025blog

IMG_8026blogIMG_8029blogIMG_8033blogIMG_8034blogIMG_8040blogIMG_8054blogIMG_8115blogIMG_8122blogAfter the Blue Angels we went into the Museum of Flight (thanks for the tickets Lori & Dave). Caden LOVED the Museum and thought all of the airplanes were spectacular. Ever since Nashville he has been highly obsessed with all things airplanes!

IMG_8136blogIMG_8143blogIMG_8144blogAfter our airplane fun, Dan headed back home to Wenatchee and my family and I joined my grandparents at the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We then headed to Grammy’s house. Grammy made cupcakes and let Caden put multiple candles in them (spoiled!)IMG_8150blog

My parents spoiled me with a new lens for my camera. A few shots with the fun new toy:IMG_8154blogIMG_8155blogIMG_8159blog

This is the weather we awoke to Monday morning. Really Mother Nature, It is August 9th?!? Again, why we moved to the dry side of the state!IMG_8161blogIMG_8164blogCaden had fun “helping” Pa-Pa clean out the fountain. And with Bailey’s help too, I was beginning to wonder how much “help” Pa-Pa could handle :0)IMG_8165blogIMG_8167blogTuesday morning we had an appointment at Seattle Children’s with the urologist. Caden’s hydronephrosis has totally resolved on the right side (which we had learned last visit) and his left side has stayed the same. The doctor said I am good at managing Caden’s care, and he has confidence that if Caden develops an infection I will contact him, and since the hydronephrosis is not worsening we are DISMISSED from his care! Three years later! YEAH! One doctor down :0)

After the doctor Caden “helped” Pa-Pa mow the grass:

IMG_8170blogWednesday morning we had another appointment at Children’s with the pulmonologist. I shared with her what Dr. Pauli had to say in Nashville. No concerns with Caden at that appointment. Continue his asthma medications and another sleep study scheduled for February (Barf!!! – POLP’s how often do your kids have sleep studies?)

After the appointment it was time to head home, but not without a stop at Top-Pot and another trip to Bell Square (yes, I think I have a problem :0) )IMG_8183blog

HOME! From our six day adventure! Reading his Museum of Flight pamphlet, with his Nordstrom Balloon, Love it!IMG_8188blog

… and now onto another weekend! Enjoy the rest of yours!