July 31, 2010

A Summer Storm!

Wednesday night we had a crazy summer storm roll through our town. When the thunder started and the torrential down pour, I told Caden, "c'mon buddy lets go out in the garage and watch". His reply was, "I need my snow hat". Silly Kid, 95 degrees, pouring rain, thunder and lightning and my kid has on a snow hat?!
Crazy Rain!
The irrigation overflow behind our house. Usually it is dry all year, not this time, it turned into a river.
It made for a gorgeous sunset!
Marie caught this awesome picture of the lightning!
The rain poured down one of the canyons above us ... flooded out several of our neighbors yards and turned our street into a muddy dirt street, instead of cement. Caden thought it was so COOL Thursday morning to watch the big tractors scooping up all the mud and the big water truck washing our road.
Thursday afternoon, I was craving South, so my buddy and I went on a little adventure to Leavenworth. I love that I can carry on conversations with Caden now. The things he says crack me up, his latest phrase, "that would be ideal" ... Where does he come up with it?!
Enjoy Your Weekend!

July 28, 2010

Dentist, TS3, Fish & Cookies

Caden had his first dentist visit last week. I wasn't sure how he would do, but he proved me wrong and did surprisingly well! He met thirsty straw (vacuum), silly toothbrush (polisher), willy water (water) and awesome air (air). I thought it was so cute that the hygienist named each piece of equipment and let Caden play with each one. They didn't spend too much time actually cleaning his teeth. It was more an introduction to the dentist. The hygienist said they don't like to scare or intimidate them on their first visit, they want them to think the dentist is fun. The dentist doesn't see any concerns so far :0)
A few blurry cell phone pictures ...
picking out a new toothbrush ...
... checking out his bag of goodies.
Since what seems like forever (maybe a year or two) I have been so excited for Toy Story 3 to come out in the theaters! I knew it would be the first movie I would take Caden to. The movie came out the middle of June, but we have been so busy that we hadn't had a free moment to go ... finally, Saturday was the day!

Of course I needed a few cute pictures of my date ... and of course, my date wasn't willing to co-operate.
"Please Caden, just one cute picture of you and Buzz" ... "No, Mommy!"
His thought process ..."Maybe, if I just ignore her, she will go away"
Guess this was the best I was going to get ... Little stink!
I was blown away that it cost $21.50 for a three year old and I to see a matinee movie - part of the reason for the high price was the movie is in 3D. Ridiculous! Our theatre is a pile of junk. Thank goodness plans are underway for a new "modern theatre" ... another $10.00 later we had our popcorn and juice.
We made it through an hour and a half of the movie ... Caden wasn't understanding quiet voice and started repeating to me in his normal tone, "Mommy, all done, lets go home". I kept saying "shhh, buddy other people are watching the movie" .... but he wasn't getting it. So we left before the end. I'm left wondering if Woody ever made it to college with Andy?! :0( Guess we will grab it on video when it comes out.

After we got in the car, Caden said, "that movie theatre was fun" (I'm thinking to myself, if it was fun, then why did you want to leave?!)... then later he told Dan it was "loud". To sum it up ~ I'm not sure if he loved it ... I think we will wait 6 months or so before we try the movies again.

Sunday we went to Rocky Reach Dam to view the fish. There are large numbers of fish going through the ladder right now, so it was prime viewing. Caden thought it was fun to watch the "BIG" fish.
It has been hot this last week, highs right around 100-102. Apparently that is too hot for Mr. Caden, because as soon as we get outside he will say, "I can't walk". It's amazing to me how early they learn to manipulate us!
The grounds at the dam are beautiful ... I love how they create this flag, using only flowers.
Since it has been SO hot and I still am not feeling well, we've been hanging out inside. I almost feel like we are doing winter activities in the middle of summer ~ go figure!
My assistant chef and I made cookies on Monday: ... and we brought the tent inside to play ~ ... and someone has DESTROYED his room!
When I told him the other night that his room was a mess and maybe he should clean it, he replied with, "Yes, I have a lot of toys, Maybe you should clean it Mommy"! Ahem ... spoiled little SH*#!!!
All this crap is the reason I NEED to have a garage sale, I just need more days in the month!
Notice the Fisher Price record player ~ That was mine when I was a kid. He found it at my parents one of the last times we were there and thought he should bring it home ~ really, did he need to add more toys to the mix?!

He even managed to stuff toys in his frog boot?! ~ I give up!
I hope you are beating the heat where ever you are! Enjoy the rest of your week!

July 22, 2010

A Whole Lot of ...

I think I've been a little too busy since school got out .... lucky me has a nice, good 'ol, crappy case of pneumonia! I've had to slow WAY down, and that isn't easy for me. I don't do "nothing" well!

But I do have this medicine ... he's the best kind:
... and each morning this week he has asked me, "Mommy, you still got sick?"
... and I say, "yes", and he says, "Daddy & K-K don't have sick".
... hoping I'm back to 100% soon! We have a summer to get on with!

July 17, 2010

Pa-Pa's Biggest Party!!!!

One year ago today I called my Dad to see how his doctor appointment went, and his response was, "well, Trish, I have Cancer" ... Gulp ... my reply, "so what's next" ... he wasn't sure right then, still a little stunned. The next day his response was, "I'm gonna beat this" ... and that he DID! "my what's next" and my Dad's "I'm gonna beat this", clearly shows I get my attitude from my Dad ... no time to sit around, we got business to take care of :0)

During the past year my Dad endured Chemotherapy, Radiation and a major life threatening surgery. I know it wasn't easy for him ... but he made it look easy!!!

... and today, one year after his diagnosis ... we CELEBRATED!
Caden spent quite a while watching everyone set up for the party this morning .... then he went in Grammy & Pa-Pa's garage and brought his lil chairs out for the party .... priceless!
My Mom hired well known Jazz Artist, Michael Powers to perform ...
'Lil turkey squirting everyone in the Conga Line :0)
Caden and I ran to Target this morning ... in the dollar section he found this "squirp (squirt) bottle". Seriously! the best dollar spent :0) Mr. Independent pulled his chair over to the dessert table so he could get his own ... little devil, scored a few more then one!Mr. Bossy directing traffic ...
Ending the night, with a little fireside chat!
In a couple of weeks my family and I will be walking in the Relay for Life. If you haven't yet made a donation to cancer research you can click on over to our site ... many thanks!

Thank you again, Blog Family, for cheering us on during Jack's Journey! Many Hugs!