June 30, 2010

"Green Gakuuu"

Since October Caden has wanted the "Green Gakuuu" at Pottery Barn Kids. Each time we make a trip to Seattle and end up in that store he finds the "Gakuu". I didn't buy it for him for Christmas because it was $60.00 (it doesn't really vacuum) and he already has his red vacuum.

Last week when we went to Seattle Children's we went shopping the night before ... and of course he found the "Green Gakuu" again. It was a fight to get him out of the store, but we managed. The next morning when he woke up he asked to go back to the store to see the "Green Gakuu". I told him we could go after his appointments if he was a good boy.

He was a superstar during his x-rays, so he earned a trip back to PBK to see the "Gakuu". While there, I asked him, "do you want to take the vacuum home" of course he replied, "yes". I figured he has liked this toy for-ev-er, he must really want it. Unfortunately they were out of them ... Which is STUPID, why would you have something on the sales floor if you don't have one to buy, especially in a kids store. The clerk told me he could mail us one soon, they were expecting a delivery. So I explained to Caden that they didn't have any to buy and they would send us one in the mail. He fussed a little, but understood ~ so I thought!

Parenting Lesson # 874 ... we get home some five hours later and Caden wants to check the mail. We open the mailbox and he replies with, "where is Green Gakuu"? Oh sh*#! I failed to mention to him in the store that the mail would take a few days. I started to explain it would take a few days to get to our house. Big ol tears, "wait on corner for mailman" ... a little more explaining ....

Finally today ... the box arrived on our porch! When I picked him up from the sitters I said, "K-K, I think the mailman might of brought your Green Vacuum today". He replied with, "wow, take red one back to store" I said, "no buddy, you get two vacuums now" and his reply was "wow, that would be cool, two gakuu's"
It's like Christmas in June :0)
I failed to get a picture of the expression on his face when I opened the box and he said, "oh, no - what happened, broken". It had to be assembled.
Pushing it along, telling me, "like that, that's how it works"
"Two Gakuuu's"!

... and yes, the "Green Gakuu" even came with us to his haircut tonight. I'm surprised it isn't in bed with him.

Now to file this post so I can remind him when he is 13, that YES, once he thought it was cool to "Gakuu"!

June 29, 2010

Our Adventure in Bend ~

This past Friday we headed South to Bend, Oregon ... Six hours in the car with a three year old?! But it was worth it. Dan and I really enjoy Bend, the weather, scenery, shopping ...

Here are the boys at our first rest stop. Of course, navigator Caden is telling Daddy where to go next. Caden is VERY bossy these days ... We've had a lot of discussions lately about who the boss is, and that he can't make up all the rules ~ ugh!
We stayed with Dan's Aunt Karen and Uncle Erv in Bend. They have a perfect little apartment attached to their garage that is perfect for us to stay in.

Caden was pretty excited about his bed ... even though he didn't sleep too well the three nights we were there :0(
Karen and Erv have a very long driveway ... and Caden thought it was just perfect to ride his bike up and down, up and down.
We brought our bikes, there are alot of fun trails to ride on at Sunriver. I got a new bike last week, my one from college needed to be retired :0( and we bought Caden a fun seat to sit on Daddy's bike. Dan's parents also met us in Bend. So Grandpa Wise went on bike rides with us too. Caden thought it was lots of fun :0)
A stop for a "snack" ...
We met up with Dan's Cousin and her adorable kids on Saturday. Caden thought they were lots of fun ... especially Eden. I think he has a crush ;0)
Uncle Erv and the boys fishing ...
lots of fun playing, tickling and wrestling ...
Yesterday morning we agreed we were going to go back to the village at Sunriver, have coffee and go on an "easy ride". Ugh - I should have known better with Dan, we ended up going on a huge loop. I didn't wear the correct shoes or pants ... but whatever, it was still fun because Caden has so much fun. He looks back in his seat and tells me everything he sees ... horses, airplanes, helicopters, ducks, deer, dogs ... he doesn't miss a thing.
We got in a little retail therapy while away. Bend has a couple of fun outdoor shopping areas. And ate lunch at our favorite place, Flatbread Community Oven! Sure wish we had one near us.
Sadly our vacation had to come to an end yesterday ... We stopped at a rest stop on our way home to break up the long drive. In which the Boss insisted he ride his bike ...
Next Stop ... "Naasshh .... ville" Can't believe it's almost here! Have a good rest of the week!

June 24, 2010

A Fun Weekend & an Ortho Checkup!

... running behind in blog land, considering we're almost to the next weekend.

We went to another Applesox game last Friday ... Caden isn't too sure what he thinks about "Coyote" the Applesox mascot. I love that he is hiding behind the stroller, "spying" on Coyote!
I love taking Buddy to these games ... If I could, we would go to every game, but unfortunately time doesn't allow it, and 7:00 game times interfere with bedtime :0(
Saturday late afternoon Caden and I headed to the Seattle side. First stopping by for a surprise visit with my Grandparents. My parents met up with us and the six of us went out to dinner. It's always an adventure going to dinner with Caden, then add four faces he doesn't get to see often enough and he "hammed it up" big time :0)
We spent Sunday with my parents and unfortunately the weather sucked!!! It felt more like October instead of June. We spent the day hibernating inside, and Caden had fun "re-arranging" Pa-Pa and Grammy's house and Pa-Pa's Garage.
Monday we met our friends at the Mall for lunch and a little retail therapy and then headed to the "Ho-Towel" and you know how the rest of this story goes ....
Caden was Thrilled! to be a the hotel!

Tuesday morning we had an appointment at Children's. I'm not so sure Caden is your average three year old. As soon as we made the turn to the hospital, he became very excited, and said, "wow, Mom, parking garage, this is so much fun, cool". Love it! He was excited to see the doctor too. He had "pictures taken of his bones". Caden did awesome with the x-rays. I was a little concerned he might freak out ... but he proved me wrong :0)

Caden's current stats: Height ~ 75-80th percentile on the achon chart, Weight: 80h percentile on the achon chart and Head: 50th percentile.

Dr. Goldberg and Dawn Earl, who are both great, have no current concerns with Caden ~ Good News! His legs are bowing, which is natural for an achon child. But currently they aren't bowing to a point of concern. Dr. Goldberg will be in Nashville, he told us if the doctors we see there feel differently about Caden's legs, to find him and let him know. He will discuss it with the doctors ;0)

... on to our next adventure. Have a Great Weekend!

June 18, 2010

~It's Officially Summer~

The last two weeks of school and life have been BUSY. Here's a quick update of what we've been up to.
We've went to the "river"! .. don't let him fall in Uncle Abe!

We've been to the park ...
We've parked our "cars" in and out of the garage. We've played "train" and had "snacks" with our awesome Farmer's tan.
We've "decorated" the front porch with chalk.
We've went to our first "Applesox" Game of the season. ... it's a little "loud".
It doesn't get anymore small town America then this :0)We "watched" part of the game in the grass. It's hard to hold still in those seats!
Dad sanded and re-stained the deck and Caden "helped". We've taken "LOTS" of baths!
and ... apparently, the bath is "funny".
We've washed off our "yucky" shoes.
We've blown "bubbles".We've "explored" the garage in our cool bike helmet.... and we've had our last day of "Preschool"!

We have LOTS more adventures planned this summer! It's going to be a busy one!!!

Happy Summer!

June 3, 2010

We are Getting Excited!

I will let Mr. Caden tell you all about it ...

Don't you love the three year old attention span?!

I received my "Upcoming Nashville Itinerary" email from Southwest Airlines today as well as an email for our medical appointments. We are seeing Dr. Ain & Dr. Pauli!

Again, I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend these conferences ... the best doctors, great friends and hopefully lifetime memories for Caden!

ONE month until take off :0)

June 1, 2010

Our Three Day Weekend

We made the most of our three day weekend. Some of you may remember last year we went to the "farm". My friend Tanya's in -laws have a 40 acre farm about 3 and a half hours from us. The difference from last year vs this year was the weather sucked! We have had SO much rain this year ... in fact I heard that on Saturday Washington State was the coldest place in the nation. Ridiculous. I'm over this weather and thinking Texas may not be so bad after all!

Tanya brought some of the toys Kristian and Lily have outgrown ... and Caden thought it was great fun!
I love my little buddy and how he adapts. Again, no where near touching the floor or the pedals, but he "makes it work" :0)
Caden was quite intrigued by Grandpa Jim & Grandma Paula's chairs. They have a remote control ... you can put them up and down, make them warm, lay them back ... "oh wow fun".
I'm trying to figure out where my toddler has gone?
After whining, watching the weather forecast and being annoyed by the rain we finally ventured out Saturday afternoon. Caden had to have his bike ... which he now calls his "motorcycle".
Since Kristian had his goggles, Caden decided he needed his sunglasses ~ which are now known as "goggles".
After we dried out and cleaned up it was time for some "Mommy juice" and games. We played the card game spoons. I had never played it before but found it to be hilarious!!! Saturday night was lots of fun!
The weather Sunday was a little nicer, but of course it was the day we were going on part two of our adventure.
Grandpa Jim attempting to teach Caden to drive the tractor.
... but Mr. Independent wanted to do it himself.
"Life on the farm ... relaxing" :0)
Mr. Caden LOVED the tractor and was sad when we had to leave. I think I have a farm boy on my hands. Dan couldn't be more thrilled!
Sunday afternoon we headed down to Uncle Scot's and then to Dan's parents for Dan's belated Birthday dinner.

Caden was happy to see Uncle Chris (who teaches Caden all things that are "no")... Uncle Chris taught him the "fun"way to eat noodles :0)
Monday morning we headed to Bellevue. Caden was excited to see the "builbings" (buildings) and Mommy was excited to squeeze in a little retail therapy. As soon as we pulled into the mall Caden started reciting, "lego store, lego store, lego store" ... here is what he scored:
.. and because of our adventure this weekend, the house was neglected. The grass is to my ankles and the laundry is piled to my waist. I'm off .... Have a good rest of the week!
... and a special Thank You to the Mock's! We'll do it again next year!