May 26, 2010

What I Love About ...

... Caden going to Pre-School ... is the adorable "art" he brings home :0)

This picture is on our way to Chrissy's this morning, with snack in hand. He insist on bringing a snack with him to daycare most mornings. ... the little red cup behind him is his sunflower he planted at preschool.
... and here is his hat he made at school :0)

My shameless Mommy bragging has to tell you that Caden has adjusted very well to Pre-School! By the second week he had the routine down! He likes going to school ... I'm bummed he only has one session left. I'm on the hunt for a summer program :0)

May 23, 2010

Broken, Behind, Bikes & Birthday's!

Can you tell I've been working with Caden on the alphabet? ~ today is brought to you by the letter "B".

I lost another hard drive in my computer last week. - So Now I'm behind in blog land! My computer crashed in November, and I had not backed up since it was rebuilt (you would think I would have learned) ... it looks like the data from my hard drive will not be able to be retrieved (they are still working on it). Meaning my pictures from November 2009 through May are gone :0( as well as anything else I've created since November. Ugh! It's a good thing I have a handful of the pictures on the blog. I must have jinxed it because my last post was about backing up the blog in case Google was to crash. Dan and I just had the discussion about technology the other night. I think technology is great. He thinks technology actually creates more work. Without the Internet I would not have met SO many wonderful LP families, and would feel alone. But when the technology fails you it sucks! So maybe Dan is a little right, and that sucks more when I have to let him be right!

I bought Caden a bike. He is fascinated with the neighbors big wheels & bikes, and loves the ones at daycare. I had hoped to be able to find a bike that "fit" Caden. We tried a few out. There was a little Radio Flyer bike that he could reach the pedals, but he couldn't get on and off it by himself ~ which he did not like. So we ended up with this one:
He loves it, but I'm not so sure I love it. I'm facing my first adaptation challenge. He isn't bothered by the fact that he can't reach the pedals. He hasn't asked or expressed interest in reaching the pedals. He pushes along with his feet on the ground, and he is fine with it. As a parent of a dwarf child, I wonder, is it okay for him to not be able to reach the pedals? He knows no different. It's a tough decision ... that I don't' think has a correct answer. He has stolen my bike helmet ... I asked him if he wanted to go to Target to get a new one, but he doesn't. So I guess I will be the one getting a new helmet. He loves the thing, and I guess this is a good thing.
And apparently the helmet is so cool you even wear it while mowing the grass! But do notice, I've gotten him to loose the socks with the Crocs.
Caden "understands" birthdays now. He was very excited to make Dan a cake last night. I told him in order to make a cake he had to clean up his toys ... here is his pathetic attempt, with his "shit&*" little grin, kicking the toys along.Dan received his presents at 8:00 this morning, We had wrapped them last night and stuck them in the closet. First thing this morning, Caden remembered and insisted Daddy get his presents right then.
A mid-day break ... just wonderin if he could have a few more cars?!
Today was spent working in the yard. Caden thinks it is alot of fun to "help". Really it takes three times as long to accomplish a simple task, like pulling weeds.
Even though Dan's birthday isn't until tomorrow we did birthday dinner and cake tonight since the week nights are so crazy. Caden had been asking since 8:00 this morning to do "candles". He was pretty excited when 7:00 tonight finally rolled around ...
... AND today is my Grandma's 80th Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!!! Sorry we couldn't be there with you to celebrate tonight (it's a school night). We hope you had a great day!
I'm caught up now ... Have a great week!

May 14, 2010

Fellow Bloggers ... Here's My PSA

I've often wondered what would happen if Blogger was to crash. Would I loose all of my posts? They aren't backed up on my computer anywhere.

The other day when I was surfing through blogs I found this: How to Back up your Blogger Blog. If you use Blogger it's Super Simple ~ try it, do it.

Someday I plan to spend the money to have my blog put in books, but until then, I know my blog is safe :0)

There is my Public Service Announcement for the day. Have a Great Weekend!

May 12, 2010

Cuteness Ahead!

On Saturday we had Mary come visit us again to take some fun pictures of Caden! I know when I got my new camera I said I was going to take a photography class, but each quarter that it starts there has been a conflict for at least one of the classes. We will try for summer quarter ... My hopes is to learn the great skills that Mary has!

If you are in the area I highly recommend Mary! I love that she comes to your house, you pay one fee, and you get the CD with all of the pictures. I have problems with studios where you can only select six prints ... who likes that, it's sad to see some of the good ones go. You can order prints from Mary or print them where you choose using the CD. Since our extended family is large having the pictures printed at Costco works great for us. I also likes that Mary does each picture in Color and in Black & White.

Click on over to Mary's Site for a little cuteness overload!!! I am thrilled with the way the pictures turned out especially since someone woke up with the goopyest ear infection he has ever had Saturday morning.

Enjoy :0)

May 10, 2010

A Day of Fun ...

We went on a little adventure yesterday ...

Our first stop was the river up Tumwater Canyon:
Caden found a new friend ... sticks!
No comments on his outfit: I didn't know it was going to be as warm as it was, so I rolled up his sweats ... he wont wear his Crocs without socks .... So he looks a little goofy. It's his own style :0)
He found throwing rocks in the river to be lots of fun! Pa-Pa, look where his right hand is, by his ear, he's learning the throw :0)
... another stick
We took a walk up a trail ~ This is what we have been waiting for, for three years. To go on an adventure and for Caden to be able to walk on his own. No strollers, carriers, etc. Yeah!
He is VERY bossy these days!
After the river we headed into Leavenworth - of course there was a festival and the town was full of tourist - uck! Caden met a new friend:
We found the cute little park with trails back behind Leavenworth that I had heard stories about. So fun ... and you would never know the tourist trap was two blocks behind you.
After our fun at the cute little park we ate dinner at my new favorite place in Leavenworth - South. Mhh! It was a day of fun in the outdoors!

May 9, 2010

** Happy * Mothers * Day **

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, Grandma, Mother in Law, Girlfriends & my POLP Mommies! I hope each of you have a relaxing Sunday! Hugs~!

... a couple of pics of my 'lil Handy Man :0)

May 5, 2010

Chatter Box!

Caden has been talking up a storm lately! He is becoming much easier to understand and when I don't understand, lord help me! He gets frustrated and angry easily. We need to work on his frustrations.

Caden has been fighting something. Not sure if it's a virus, seasonal allergies or what. It triggered his asthma Saturday morning. He coughed for an hour straight ... which led to vomiting, because he would gag himself. NOT a fun way to start my Saturday at 5:30 am! Our Pediatrician is Awesome to spend her Saturday morning (her day off) on the phone with me. She called back a couple of times to check on us and tell us what medicines to give him next. We got through it and avoided a hospital stay ... and again, I must say Asthma sucks! Caden understands that his "puffs" (Albuterol) help his cough. Now when he coughs he says, "need men, men (medicine)" - "take the cough out". Then he asks for water to "take off cough".

He has his meal times confused and continually tells me "eat lunch" at dinner time and lunch time and at breakfast time he tells me, "eat dinner". Then when he finally gets his meal he says, "Put in mouth ... crunch, crunch!"

A few of his other new sayings that have me laughing are, "come a minute" (come here a minute) and "what doing" (what are you doing). He now tell us "NO Way" when he doesn't like something. He has told us "no" for a while but the fact that he has now emphasized it with "No Way" is too much.

If something isn't working correctly or is broken he tell us, "new one, buy store" (Buy a new one at the store). If only money grew on trees buddy :0)

The sitter said yesterday he was walking around saying, "I have an idea". Where does he get it?

It's so fun being able to communicate with Caden, but at the same time I have to watch myself because he also Hears! everything! and repeats it too .... oops :0)

Here is a little of what we've been up to:
I hope Caden still thinks it's cool to help me clean when he is 13. I know, wishful thinking!
We planted our garden on Saturday. Caden thought it was fun to "help". Not sure how much help he really was as he proceeded to dump whole packages of seeds into one hole.
I can't get enough of the cuteness of his playhouse ... I think I am reliving my childhood :0)
Taking his cat for a walk ... such an imagination!
Have a great rest of the week!