April 25, 2010

Got Stairs?

I finally bought Caden the pup steps that Jaime had shared on her blog a long time ago. He loves them! Now he can reach and turn on the sink all by himself and wash his own hands! He also drags them everywhere else in the house. I have had to make a mental note to myself to hide them when I take a shower and he is unattended! I can only imagine where I would find him!
The Apple Blossom festival kicked off this weekend. I debated weather or not we were going to go to the parade. We have been so busy lately, I was looking forward to NO schedule this weekend, and Caden has been super sensitive to noise lately that I feared the marching bands and sirens would put him over the edge. But when the weather was perfect Saturday morning, I decided to give it a try. Caden covered his ears the whole time ... even when there were no sirens or music. It's hard not to feel bad for him in this picture he looks perplexed and uncomfortable. But after the parade he proceeded to tell me repeatedly how much fun the parade was and he wanted to see more parade :0)

After the parade we played in this cute little park ... and out of 55 pictures I wasn't able to get the "perfect" one. Caden is go, go, go ... and has no time to stop and pose for a picture!
I LOVE this time of year ~ everything is in full bloom!
Gotta love that achon belly! Goofy Boy! ~ Have a good week!

April 20, 2010

Time - Where Does it Go?

Three Years Ago Today .... after 31 days in the 8x8 room, we brought Caden HOME from the hospital.
... and Three Years Later we are bringing him home from Pre-school!
.... it appears ...
... preschool is exhausting!
It's amazing how fast time goes!

April 19, 2010

Almost ... Getting Closer ... Maybe?!

When we got home yesterday afternoon from our weekend away, Caden wanted to play outside. The weather was gorgeous, it was even warm enough for Caden to play in the water ...
Of course when he was done playing in the water he was soaked! When I changed him into dry clothes I told him (I knew we were going back outside), "lets put on big boy underwear" ... he fought me a bit, but I reminded him that Ian (the neighbor boy) wears big boy underwear.

I brought Caden's potty chair out back with us and told Dan, "Caden has on big boy underwear". Then told Caden, "buddy, if you think you have to go potty tell Daddy and he will help you".

A little while later I was in the back of the house unpacking and Dan yells in at me, "Mom". I walk out the back door to the deck and see this cuteness ...

Well ... He went potty in his pants, THEN decided to sit on the potty chair, all while eating his Popsicle. I couldn't help but laugh ~

I know I have to be patient and make it "fun". He'll figure it out someday!

LPA Spring Regional

Last Monday, Mr. Caden came down with yet another cough. Tuesday night, as I was cooking dinner he threw an absolute fit because I couldn't give him the 100% attention he wanted. Once I went over to pick him up I realized he was a bit blue around the mouth from coughing and screaming, and I could hear his little lungs working hard! I gave him a couple puffs of Albuterol and it seemed to clear him up. But just to make sure I got out the pulse ox and the stethoscope. After I was done listening, he wanted a turn ...Love this kid ... maybe someday he will become a doctor and help support his Mommy, so I can attend the spa weekly :0)
We saw the doctor on Wednesday, just another little virus. Thank goodness he was feeling better by the weekend, we were able to continue on with our plans!

Dan and I worked a half day on Friday .... when I picked Caden up from Daycare he was standing on the front porch with his lunch box in hand. This kid was glowing with Excitement! He was ready to go to "Kenwack" (Kennewick) and meet new friends. Mr. Bossy directing Dan to load the truck.
We had a good time at the regional. I think the highlight of Caden's weekend was of course, staying in the hotel as well as learning what a vending machine is (Thanks Dan!). "more M&M's machine .... more M&M's machine" .... he even convinced Julie, our district parent coordinator, to take him down to the machine to get him M&M's .
Caden had fun playing by the pool ~ it kept me on my toes, fearing he was going to fall in the water.When it came time for the 7:00 dinner Saturday night Caden was WORN out!!! I had hoped he would interact with some of the other kids, but he was done! Dan ended up taking him up to the room around 8:00 and he was out for the night :0(
He also thought the ice machine was alot of fun!
Time to go home ....
I look forward to attending more regionals (they are twice a year ... spring & winter and include LP's from Washington, Oregon & Idaho) and getting to know the members more. The nice thing about my LP blog family is we already know so much about one another. I felt a little out of place at times this weekend, as we don't yet know very many people in our district.

April 12, 2010

Spur the Moment ...

Dan wanted a new part for his computer. A part he wanted to get on the other side of the mountains. I said Caden and I would go if we could stay at the Westin :0) He agreed!

Buddy had to pack some toys in his pack ...and we were off!
Caden was excited to go to "Sea-Alte" (Seattle) and to see the "Bulbins" (Buildings) and of course to see the "Ho-Towel" (Hotel). When we were checking in, Caden was repeating, "Open door, turn on lights, up the elevator". I told the clerk he was excited to be back at the hotel. Of course she couldn't get enough of his cuteness.

As soon as we got up to our room, Caden insisted on propping open the door to the balcony. He had the right idea of propping open the door, but his lunchbox wasn't heavy enough :0(
When we got back from our shopping and dinner adventure, with one TIRED little boy, there were cookies and milk in the room. The front desk clerk had sent Caden a "treat". He was so excited and proclaimed, "for Santa Clause". He is too much :0) Right idea .... wrong month!
He was excited his treat even came with "meel" (mail).But the poor little guy was just too sleepy to eat or drink much
Sunday morning, we found a new Favorite Doughnut Shop ... Top Pot Doughnuts! Heaven! I can't wait to go back for more. Then we went back over to the mall and to let Caden run around near the fountain. The weather was gorgeous ~ too bad it isn't always like that over there! Notice his new, lime greenish, yellow Crocs. I was trying to talk him into the green, red, or blue ones. But nope, he wanted the bright obnoxious yellow ones ... I know, pick my battles. I didn't think it would start as young as three :0(
After we checked out of the hotel we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa W. He was excited to get his Birthday present from them ... a "Waggin" (wagon). He loves that the wagon has a door.
It was a fun filled weekend ... However, I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend! Have a good week!

April 10, 2010

Is it Really That Funny?

Caden Thinks it Is! ~ Happy Weekend!

April 5, 2010

Caden's First Day of Pre-School

I took a late lunch today ... what will now be routine late, on Monday's and picked Caden up from Chrissy's (childcare). It was time for his first day of Pre-school. He appeared excited as we talked about it on the drive there.

I only took a few pictures. I didn't want to be the embarrassing Mom snapping away, and I didn't want to set him off by asking him to smile ...

Mr. Bossy showing me the way to his classroom.
Mhh, looks like Daddy and I will be helping him get his backpack in and out of class. It's a wee bit big!

He adapted fine in his classroom, as I talked with his teachers. I wasn't sure whether to sneak out or say goodbye. I asked his teachers what I should do and they said to say goodbye. I told him I was going to go back to work. He whined a little and told me to sit. I again told him I needed to go back to work and Daddy would pick him up in a little bit. He was okay with it.

Dan picked him up after school and the teacher said he did great! No tears :0) I asked Caden if he had fun at school and he said, "yes, loud". Not sure what he means by loud .... but I think it was a successful first day!

Here's to 15 plus more years of school :0)

April 4, 2010

~Happy Easter!~

This year, Caden understood the dyeing of the Easter eggs ... and thought it was quite fun! It made Mommy nervous Nelly with dye plopping everywhere, but I survived.
Caden has been extra silly this past weekend ... maybe just a little too much sugary Easter treats. Grammy & childcare both gave him baskets of sugar ...
I see nothing but trouble! in this picture!

We left cupcakes for the Easter Bunny ... ... and the Easter Bunny left this

Caden wasn't so sure about the whole "Easter Bunny Story". We didn't attempt to see the Easter Bunny this year. His freak out over the Red Robin bird a few weeks ago reassured me there was NO way he was going to tolerate the Rabbit!

When I explained to him this morning that the Easter Bunny left him a basket with fun treats, he decided to cling to me. After a while he ever so cautiously walked towards his basket ... The Bunny left him new keys for his car that make various noises. He thinks they are pretty neat!
After nap we told him the Bunny left eggs outside while he was napping. Again, he wasn't too sure of our story (this kid is too smart - he already thinks we are dumb!). But once he understood that he had to find the hidden eggs, he excitedly proclaimed, "see it" ... and would run to each egg.
We ended our fun day with a yummy Easter dinner ... Ham, Asparagus and Scalloped Potatoes. Mhh good!
Happy Easter!