March 31, 2010

3rd Party for #3

Caden and I headed to my parents this past weekend. But first, a little retail therapy was in order! Nashville is just over three months away - Caden needed new clothes. I thought this was a good excuse, but the little stink ended up with way more clothes then needed for four days. mhh?!
I didn't tell Caden we were going to Grammy & Pa-Pa's until after we were done at the outlet stores! This was a good choice to wait, because for the 45 minute drive from the shopping to my parents I heard, "Grammy, Pa-Pa, open garage door, push button, play lawn mower" repeat. repeat. repeat! Lately this kid does NOT quiet down. In fact by night two at my parents my dad was declaring, "I think Caden can run the Energizer Bunny into the ground." ... and I think he is correct!
Checking out Grammy & Pa's View
The Easter Bunny left Caden an Easter Basket at my parents a little early, since we won't be seeing them this weekend.
All kinds of fun ...
A tee-ball set in his Easter Basket ... Wow Fun. Pa-pa was determined to start teaching him the "fundamentals" but I think we need to wait a while :0)
Caden has such Power over my parents he even got them to play croquet in the rain! and the miserable rain, again reminded me why we now live on the dry side of the state.
Caden celebrated his Birthday yet again. This time with my extended family, which is quite large! He had a major meltdown after his nap, before the party, and I was a bit concerned. But he snapped out of it and ended up having lots of fun!
He was more than thrilled with a bubble gun, and proceeded to put bubbles all over every one's cars.
I missed pictures of the cake :0( The battery in my camera died. (I'm hoping an Aunt will send me a few pics ... hint, hint)
This picture is a direct result of TOOO Much sugar! Every time I turned around someone had given Caden more M&M's, pez, suckers, etc. Sunday night he was up from 11 - 4:00. Not sad, just awake. I really think he had too much sugar in him and could not sleep.
Of course Caden was Excited to see Bailey... and Bailey, was excited to see Caden. Who else feeds him crackers?!
I had lunch with a few old co-workers on Monday, and got in a little more shopping. This time I was Solo! It was SO nice to laugh, share old stories and remember that I had a life before Caden. Don't get me wrong ~ I LOVE my child. But to eat a meal without hurrying, getting slobbered on and cutting up food into bite size pieces before eating mine was wonderful!

A few more days of vacation ... then back to routine!

March 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

... and I have one little three year old that LOVES the fact that we can play outside everyDAY after work!
The fun spring weather means a bath is needed Daily ... sometimes even twice a day!
I'm still living in my storybook world ... hoping to get that perfect picture of my little boy sitting angelically next to the tulips. Whatever, someday I will get that it is impossible ... but until then I will keep trying!
Caden's "Smell" the flowers face ...
Caden loves it when Uncle Abe brings Cousin Buddy over for a visit. Someone thinks he is pretty funny!
His new Buzz jammies are fun! and they have wings!
Just wondering if the kid could have a few more Buzz & Woody's?
It's Spring Break ... time to visit Grammy & Pa-Pa!

March 24, 2010

I Think He's Feeling a Little Better ...

... because he was running around the house with his new laundry hamper on his head! These pictures are blurry. Why? Because a little stink switched my camera to manual focus and I didn't realize it. But they were too funny not to share :0)

March 22, 2010


As I was getting ready to take Caden to the doctor this morning, I felt he was eerily quiet, you know the quiet where you can hear their breathing pattern change?! ... because they are up to no good. When I walked into the bathroom this is what I found ~
We have been adding a drop of food coloring to Caden's bath water. To help him learn his colors and to make bath time a little more exciting. Not so smart Mommy left the food coloring in arms reach. I am SO lucky he only dumped it in the sink and not on his clothes, counter, and everywhere else. Mischievous little fella!

We saw the doctor ... It's a virus. His ears look good and his lungs sound good ~ good news! I can't deal with another asthma fit and time in the hospital. I'm continuing his Albuterol anyway because he does have a cough, and I want it to stay out of his lungs! We have started a run of antibiotics to hopefully clear his sinus's. He has been congested for almost a week now with no drainage.

Hoping he is back to 100% soon ~ Spring Break is next week!

It was Supposed to be ...

a fun Birthday weekend and Caden's first day of Pre-school today (no perfect attendance this year)! But instead Caden is sick ~ Not terribly sick - but not 100% happy, healthy Caden either. :0(

We still had our birthday party on Saturday, my parents came over as well as our neighbors. When it was time to have cake and ice cream Caden had an all out meltdown. The result of no nap and being sick.

Here are a few of the pictures from our birthday fun:
Grammy & Pa got Caden his very own chair ... he thinks it is pretty neat!
I'm still not sure WHY the attachment to the lawn mower? Also, my vacuum. The other night on the way to bed he gave Daddy his kiss night-night then kissed the vacuum night-night.
Resting with his new car ... after a weekend of fun.
Finally, last night Caden decided he was ready for his birthday cake. After he blew out the candles he proclaimed, "Birthday all Done". Not quite buddy, you have one more birthday next weekend at Grammy & Pa's. Yes .... he is one spoiled Kid!!!
Have a Great Week!

March 17, 2010

How Can It Be ...

Caden is Three!

... and what a day it was!

Rewinding to last night, we made cupcakes to take to Chrissy's (daycare). What an adventure ... Caden thought you had to stick the sprinkle container IN the frosting, not shake. I never knew it could take SO long to make cupcakes!

Caden was excited to go to daycare this morning. He proclaimed "Chrissy, take cupcakes" He needs a little work on his grammar, but I got what he meant :0)

I ran home on lunch and decorated for his birthday! Fun, fun for me! I love birthday decorations!
... and ran back home after work to decorate the PLAYHOUSE :0) I couldn't do it on lunch because the guys didn't have it in the backyard yet. That was a logistical nightmare, I will spare you the details.
Then it was time to get the Birthday Boy! He instantly wanted to go home and play with the lawnmower. I proceeded to tell him, "but remember Buddy, it's your Birthday, you are 3! do you want to go open presents?" A whine, fuss and a kick in the car seat and he is yelling, "no presents, play lawnmower." This kid!
We get in the house and he b-lines through the living room, with tunnel vision, past the presents, decorations, balloons and heads out back. Says, "wow, house (seeing his playhouse)" b-lines past the playhouse to the lawnmower. I give up! After he got our lawnmower (yes this is our adult sized lawn mower) on the grass, he then decided to focus on his playhouse!
I don't know if other kids are like this, but when Caden gets one thing on his mind, he doesn't LET it Go! He was bound and determined to get that mower!
Checking out his new digs ...
mail from the mailbox ...
washing the pots
a couple of clowns!
Time to open presents! Caden gets the concept of opening presents ... it's rip open. drop it. next present. repeat. And I'm thinking, geez, did you even see what it was?!
I found a little car ... like his big red car
Most kids would pick McDonalds for their Birthday Dinner, but not Caden. He picked, "soup and rice". So Chinese food it was.
After dinner, a little more play ...
Then time for Jammies and his Clown Cone ... the Clown Cone, he wanted nothing to do with. One tired boy!
Thank you for Everyone's warm Birthday Wishes to Caden on the blog and Facebook! My little guy doesn't know HOW lucky he is to have so many people that love him!