February 28, 2010

Living "the Life"!

Our friend Jim celebrated his 40th Birthday (ouch!) this weekend ... We made the trip to Seattle to celebrate with them. We started our journey yesterday at the Redhook Brewery with a tour and lunch. Caden got to see how they make "juice".
After the tour we headed to Bellevue for some retail therapy and the "ho-towel". Part of our group went bowling and to the arcade - but I opted for the shopping ;0)
And of course Caden was SO excited when we told him we were going to the hotel! Tanya and Lily rode with us from the brewery to the hotel. Lily is six, and after 10 minutes of Caden repeating, "ho-towel, ho-towel, ho-towel" Lily chimed in with, "can someone please ask him to stop saying that?!" I love it, the big Sis Caden will never have. Welcome to life with Caden, Lily :0) There was a reason we didn't tell him before we left Wenatchee that we were going to be staying in the hotel.

Upon checking in, Tanya asked if our rooms could be connected. The man checking us in said, "well I will have to upgrade your room for that". Jim asked, "how much will that cost us"? The man replied, "no charge, it will be complimentary"! Score - an upgraded room at the Westin, how much better can it get?

A cute little boy "snagged" Dad's bag of Candy he left on the counter ...
I love the look on his face ... he doesn't get much candy other then M&M's ... this was something new.
The best part of having Kristian (9 years old) & Lily with us was that we didn't have to keep such a close watch on Caden .... Lily was a good helper at the play area :0)
Caden had fun watching Lily & Kristian in the pool (I didn't think to bring Caden's swim trunks & ear plugs) and Lily & Caden had fun running from room to room. I found a few great sales, so now Caden has new clothes for preschool (like he really needs more clothes - but it was a good excuse!)

It was a fun weekend, living "the life" ... If only we could spend every weekend at the Westin, eating at yummy restaurants, spending time with our friends, shopping like we have tons of money, etc .... instead it's back to reality ... work, bills, and laundry - uck!
Have a Great Week!

February 25, 2010

I Just Ordered This ....

Because Caden is going to Preschool :0)

(of course with Caden's name on it)

I received an email from the Physical Therapist at the Early Intervention Preschool today. She got in touch with Dawn Earl our Awesome NP Geneticist at Seattle Children's. Dawn has been nothing but a ton of help since we met her almost two years ago.

I was cc'd on this email from Dawn to the PT at the Preschool, "Hi Anne, It was a pleasure to speak to you this morning about Caden I recommend that Caden Wise continue to receive physical therapy services on a consistent basis secondary to his gross motor delays and hypotonia. Caden's gross motor delays and low tone are greater than typically expected in children with achondroplasia likely secondary to his significant foramen magnum compression requiring surgical management in 09/2009."

Because of Dawn's email I got an email from the PT, here is the snip-it of importance, "Based on Dawn's recommendation, I will qualify Caden for specially designed instruction in the area of MOTOR."

So, I'm doing the Happy Dance ~ I know that by the time Caden is ready for Kindergarten he will be "caught up" and have no need for an IEP ... Just a 504. This preschool will be a wonderful opportunity for him to start to "understand" that kids come in all shapes, sizes and abilities :0)

Our IEP is set for Wednesday ... and he will start mid March. Stay tuned for First Day Pictures!

Now I'm trying to figure out how just "yesterday" we spent 31 days in the hospital following Caden's birth to now starting preschool?!

February 21, 2010

A Park Kind of Weekend!

We cannot get enough of the gorgeous weather we have had this past week ~ Mother Nature is spoiling us with an early spring!
Caden was thrilled to have Grammie & Pa-Pa visit for the day on Saturday! I learned the hard way to never again tell Caden in advance that Grammie & Pa are coming to visit ... all I heard for an hour straight was, "Gammi & Pa Pa Home" which means, Grammie and Pa-Pa are coming to my house! AHHH!!
This is going to be the year I am going to have to learn to "deal" ~ Get over the dirt everywhere ... and just live with it. Ewww!
... because this little boy can't get enough of it!
Have a Great Week!

February 20, 2010

I Hope When He's Ten ....

He Still Thinks This is Fun ...

February 17, 2010

He's Too Smart!

Since Caden was 7 months old we have had PT and speech therapy for him. This has been offered through the Birth to Three Program in our state. Did ya catch the Three part?! Somehow my little buddy will be three one month from today! The next step is the Early Intervention Pre-School.

Today, Caden had his placement testing to see if he qualified for the preschool! There are five components of the test: speech, cognitive skills, social skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Caden passed all of the areas except the gross motor skills. Good Job Buddy! It is so nice to know that Caden is at level for all of the areas (except Gross Motor). He has come a long way and has done a wonderful job of "catching up"! (I gave myself a pat on the back too) :0)

Of course during the testing Caden had to show just how stubborn he is! As they are asking Caden to identify the "dogs tail" Caden is pushing the orange triangle across the table saying, "orange triangle". Caden loves to hear things, but chooses to ignore them and do his own thing. I apologized and said, "I don't know if it is because he's an only child and very spoiled" and they said, "no, he is just stubborn and that's a good trait to have". Neat when after an hour they can identify that he is stubborn. I have my work cut out for me!

We aren't sure if he qualified yet. Gross motor skills consist of: running, jumping, hopping on one foot, climbing, throwing, catching, etc. The question is: Is he delayed because his skills are delayed or is it because he needs accommodations since he is little. I believe it is a combination of the two. As I told the team testing him (6 people) he has only been walking for 6 months. How long after an average height child starts walking do kids start jumping, bouncing on one leg etc? I'm not concerned about the gross motor skills. I know eventually they will come. Caden always catches up and I feel he is doing great! They are going to do some research and see if they can conclude that he is delayed and it is not because he is little. If it is because he needs accomodations they wont qualify him.

However, I do want him to qualify for the preschool. This morning Dan was telling Caden, "Caden just say "dohp" the whole time, don't let them see how smart you really are" and Dan was asking me, "are you like Mrs. Solis - you have to get your kid into that school?" (Desperate Housewives viewers will get it).

The pre-school is run by our school district, and is at the elementary that Caden will attend. So it will be an easy transistion for him. The teachers there are awesome and have tons of experience! Also, if he does qualify the state will pay the tuition (Awesome!) and they will also provide bus transportation for him. Which will help immensely since I work outside of the home and logistically it will be difficult to get Caden to and from daycare and preschool during the work day.

POLP's ... have you found any studies on average time lines for Gross Motor Skills? I have the Health Supervision Chart with the gross motor skills but that doesn't go past walking. Has anyone seen any studies on when LP children on average jump, throw, etc?

So, we will wait to see if they qualify him. And if he doesn't that is fine. I will enroll him in a preschool in the fall ... and somehow we will find a way to fund it and get him to and from preschool. I know there are daycares that also include preschool, but I hate to change Caden's daycare. He Loves it there and we love taking him there.

... and before I know it I will be writing the post on his first day of Kindergarten! AMAZING!

*Catching Up*

We had a four day weekend this past weekend ... and the best part was Caden was healthy - hooray! I spent a portion of the weekend pre-occupied with the "current news" in our valley! A 17 year old who was a student of ours appeared missing last Tuesday and was found murdered on Saturday. Dan has done work for her Mom, who is a contractor. Everything about it sucks! We are angry and sad as well as a little haunted! Sweet Mackenzie's life was taken way too soon! They have very little clues or are sharing very little with the public so it is an uneasy feeling!

BUT .... I have this kid to keep me smiling. While making pancakes this weekend I found a way to occupy Caden. A little flour makes a great jump!
... and did you know you get presents for Valentines day? Apparently Gammie thinks you do ...Wow a Truck that I can fix all by myself!
and Great Grandma sent a card. Which when Caden opened it he proclaimed, "MONEY"! Mommy put it in the bank for Nashville :0)
The Big Boy Bed dilemma has finally been resolved. We got Caden's mattress on Saturday and ordered his bed yesterday ... so by April he will finally have a big boy bed. Yes, I know a little late. But remember .... Caden does things at his own pace :0) He was thrilled to get his mattress. We had planned to leave it in the garage, but someone insisted it come inside. Nothing like a living room with Geo Trax and a twin size mattress!
...jump ... jump .... jump!!Our weather is turning the corner ... the sun has arrived and Caden is thrilled!

February 8, 2010

Take With & Make It!

Caden's latest fun is "take with", that would be taking things with him. The other morning this is how he chose to go to daycare. He insisted on bringing his backpack filled with goodies. He brought a couple of trucks, a book and his camera. He wanted to bring his thermometer and ointment, but I told him those items had to stay home. I feared he was packing to move out .... I thought that fear wouldn't come until his teen years :0)
We made it through the Home Show this weekend. I was satisfied with the results of our booth and am relieved it is over! It didn't feel like much of a weekend .... the joys of multiple jobs!
Caden had fun at the Home Show. He was happy because he got to "make it". Lowes (Sorry, Pa-Pa W) had a cute room set up for the kids. They could build cute little vehicles, houses, etc. Saturday morning we built a fire truck and Sunday morning we built a helicopter. The best part was it was free - yeah!
I was hoping Caden would want to take a break yesterday and watch the Super Bowl with Daddy and Uncle Abe. But as soon as his snacks were gone ...
... he wanted to go out side and play. Wishful thinking!
... and for our friends on the East Coast who are drowning is snow, there is hope ~ Spring is on it's way!
Have a Great Week!

February 1, 2010

~a PJ kind of Weekend~

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have a three day weekend - hooray! The Home Show is this coming weekend and since we lost all of the materials for the Home Show in the fire last summer, I've been in overload trying to recreate them. Of course I could have started this process in September, but nah, I've been pre-occupied with all the other parts of life!

Since it was a stay home weekend, and I was busy ... Caden spent a good portion of each day in his Pj's ... what fun! I did find time to get cute pictures of the Monster ... who can pass up cuteness?!
The sleeping bag has become Caden's new "favorite", not as "favorite" as the car ... but it's up there! He likes to drag it from his room to my room and to the guest room. A portable bed, what fun :0)
AMAZING ~ I actually got him to stand still and smile for a picture ... and I didn't have to bribe him with M&M's!I'm thinking maybe I have a Dentist in the making? Caden LOVES to brush his teeth! Or maybe he is just two :0) Either way ... he loves his toothbrush, toothpaste and the faucet!
I can't get enough of these tippy toes ....
We are working on learning "Big" & "Little" ... Caden likes to call his little RC car the "baby car". Mhh, good life lessons here. I tell him the little car is "just small" and not a baby ... He's not in agreement yet ... but hopefully soon enough he will begin to understand small & big.
Good thing RC is getting a bath in the kitchen sink!

Hooray ... the sun finally came out on Sunday! The snow is gone (very unusual for this time of year) and Uncle Abe & Cousin Buddy (dog) came over ~ Caden was in Heaven! He LOVES playing outside and loved everything that went with his outside adventure yesterday! Don't look at our AWFUL grass, it will come around, the winters here destroy it!
I think Fruit of the Loom has a new model!
Well maybe ... that is, if they are up on the latest fashion trends!
I've been trying to get Caden interested in Big Boy underwear. He's gone potty in the potty a handful of times, but doesn't want anything to do with underwear (I know, I need to wait until he is ready!) However he did agree to wear his underwear last night ... just not how most people wear theirs :0) Have a GREAT week!