January 25, 2010

We Saw Pa-Pa ..

... And “Gimmeee” too. Caden’s progression of learning to say Grammy has transformed to “Gimmee” which I think is quite funny. Caden and I made a quick trip to see my parents this weekend.

My Dad is doing well. If you saw my Dad walking in the store you would never know just three short weeks ago he was cut down the middle and had major surgery. He is still sore, still battling the blood clots, and having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping. But all things considered he is doing well.

Caden was happy to see "Babee" (the dog - Bailey) as well as Pa-Pa's lawn mower. He had fun mowing their street?! Caden’s ear infection morphed into an awful cough (who knows if they are related – or if it is just coincidence). I have so much Albuterol and other junk pumped into him he was a little extra irritable this weekend :0( We have a check-up with his pediatrician tomorrow. I am hoping he is on the road to recovery and we have avoided another hospital stay!

I love that once we got home from our adventure Caden wanted to play the x-box. He gets all "geared" up, like he knows "how" to play :0) Guess he just needed a little down time from our busy weekend.

Wishing you a good week!

January 18, 2010

It's a Good Thing He's Cute ....

These last few days have been rough ... not much sleep in our house since someone is battling an ear infection. But it's silly pictures like these that make it all worth it! Caden found these sunglasses in his toy box yesterday, it appears they are now a permanent accessory to his wardrobe ...
It was a two hour battle to get him to bed last night ... finally I pulled out the sleeping bag, and here is where he fell asleep. I moved him to his bed a while later.
Caden had an eye appointment today ... he got a good report, a little farsighted but the doctor is fine with it. Back in a year .... and yes, he wore his glasses to the appointment.
Guess where he wanted to sleep for nap time today? Yep, his sleeping bag.

Some times he's just tooooo much :0)

January 17, 2010

2 Away From 3?!

How Can It Be ... that this Cheeseburger is just two months away from THREE?! Amazing! I guess he is acting much MORE like a three year old then a baby. His newest thing is to tell me to get off the phone with "Gammie" ~ This week during conversations I've been told ... "shut the talk", "hang up", "no talk to Gammie" .... isn't he an Angel?!

Reservations opened up this week for the 2010 LPA National Conference - we are registered and our Hotel is reserved ~ still working on the airfare piece. This years conference is in Nashville. I'm not nearly as excited to go to Nashville as I was to New York ... but I am looking forward to seeing our Blog & LP family! We will again get the awesome opportunity to see the medical advisory board doctors. This also means it is time to cut back on my Starbucks habit and start saving my pennies!

I realize that lately it wouldn't be a complete blog post without a car update .... Good thing he has "plastic" to purchase gas. This car uses A LOT of Gas!

Slide it ...
... waiting ...
... the concentration!
... oops, pay again ...
... all finished!
We've had a tough week with sleep ... After putting together pieces from Monday thru Wednesday, Thursday we went to the doctor. Yep, poor buddy ... has an ear infection in both ears :0( And our pediatrician can't see the tube in the left ear ... so either it's gone or covered by the infection.
Last night his fever was up to 104.6 ... I called the on call line this morning, and thankfully our pediatrician was the one on call (even though sadly, most of the Peds in our town know Caden - what a history!). She called in a different antibiotic for Caden. So we will try this one and see if it clears up his ear. Since his fever was so high last night our Pediatrician said this morning that more then likely that tube is gone :0( Looks like we will be going back to Children's before October .... I knew I jinked it!

AMAZING ... after an awful night ... with interrupted sleep ... here is my kid this morning! Who would know his ears hurt?
apparently - the Movie Bolt can be quite intense :0)
Good thing he has a foot rest ...
Pa-Pa got to go home on Thursday ... and is eating and drinking - YEAH- Amazing! Although he had a set back yesterday morning ... he has two blood clots in his lungs and one in his leg. So he has earned himself a few more days in the hospital.
SORRY Pa-Pa!!! Hang in there! We will work on another video for you!
Have a great week!

January 12, 2010

In Training ....

Since the day Caden was born my Dad has talked about how someday he and Mark are going to build Caden a "junior dragster" .... I'm all like, Ya, whatever .... let it go in one ear and out the other ... thinking NO Way is my little boy going to race cars.
Well apparently Pa-Pa knows more then I do ... Someone LOVES racing.

Auntie Lorlie ... I think we need air bags!

Pa-pa was a little loopy yesterday and the day prior. His stories were off the wall ... and I was thinking oh great, my poor mother! I guess being cooped up in the hospital and having all those great pain meds really messes a person up! But he has come back to his senses today. He had a swallow study yesterday and there were no "leaks" got his NG tube out today, was able to start drinking small amounts of liquid and had jello too. YEAH Pa-Pa ... you are winning this battle :0) Thank you to all of our cheerleaders - you guys rock!!!

And back to Caden ... WHY? was I so anxious for him to talk? Really, who needs the Internet? Anything you want to know, just ask Caden and he will tell you! He's the cross between a broken record and an encyclopedia :0)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

January 9, 2010

Good News Squared

Our sleep doctor called this week with the results of Caden's Sleep Study. The results were not as great as I had hoped ... in deep (dream) sleep he is still having 8-14 episodes of apnea per hour. The study showed only obstructive apnea, no central apnea. At this point we have done everything surgically that we can (tonsils, adenoids & decompression surgery). I found this article, and from that I have gathered that Caden's apnea is "mild obstructive apnea".

I shared with the doctor that Caden's speech is exploding and his gross motor skills continue to improve, he is sleeping through the night (most nights) and I am not concerned about his quality of sleep. She said she is fine not treating the apnea at this time. "Treating" would mean with a bi-pap or c-pap. She knows the last time we tried, we failed miserably. We will do another sleep study in 6 months to a year ~ I will push it to a year :0)

The GOOD news is Caden no longer has to wear oxygen when he sleeps! His lowest saturation was 91% and on average it was 97%. We will keep a small tank at our house for when he gets respiratory infections ... otherwise most nights he will be cannula free ~ yeah! Bedtime just got easier ... as well as traveling!

Now, to Pa-Pa! He is the second piece of GOOD news! Medically speaking, he is doing well. The doctor's are happy with what they see. I haven't got to see my Dad yet (3 hour drive across the pass!), but I've been told he is a little crabby! Clearly he has a right to be. I would be quite bitchy if I had been in a hospital bed since Tuesday, with no shower, food or beverages - and had just undergone a MAJOR surgery. It looks like it wont be until Thursday that my Dad will be able to try and drink fluids (Sorry Dad! - Just remember it is worth it if it means that someday you may get to have that piece of prime-rib again!)

The doctor is Confident that he removed all of the cancer. Of course we will have to wait for the next PET scan to be 100% sure. So ... pa, pa - We have July 17th marked on our calendar for your PARTY... but Caden was wondering ~ could we have a bounce house and slip and slide at your party?! maybe a clown too?! and what about balloon animals?!

Caden with his little lunch box ... he loves daycare on Fridays because it is bring your own lunch day :0)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

January 5, 2010

Yeah For Pa-Pa!!!

There were no complications with my Dad's surgery today ... It was an 8 hour surgery with 3 surgeons. They will keep him sedated, at least over night and re-evaluate him in the morning.

My Dad still has a long road ahead of him ... but today proved, that he is a fighter! It will be six to eight days before they know if everything sealed/healed properly, and probably at least that long before we know if he will be able to eat and drink again like an average person. There is that risk that he may be dependent on being tube fed for the rest of his life ... but remember what I said about those risks/statistics/chances ... blah, blah, blah!!!

My Dad will remain in the hospital at least 12 to 14 days. So DAD ... once you are conscious and awake, I know you are going to need some entertainment! And everyone else, you get to reap the benefits as well. Enjoy!

Thank you for your kind sweet comments today ... our family appreciates it!

January 4, 2010

Pa-Pa's Big Day!

Cheerleaders ... it's time to raise your pom-poms again! Tomorrow morning marks the biggest challenge of Jack's Journey! My Dad is having surgery to remove the lower part of his esophagus and reposition his stomach. The surgery is high risk ... but I chose to ignore all of the statistics because:

1 - The numbers will only stress me out, and they are just that - numbers!


2 -What are the statistics of having a child with dwarfism? =1 in 30,000, and I was blessed with one.

So, chances - risk - statistics! = blah, blah, blah!

My Dad is a fighter and we know he will come through this just fine! Thank you for cheering my Dad on with your thoughts & prayers!

And for a few smiles ...

I don't know many people who get gas on their knees?!
Caden's new game is to pretend like he is sleeping ... can you see the smirk on his face :0)
Yes, he has Mommy's shirt on ... and I think he thinks if he closes his eyes, I will not take the picture - wrong!
Can you see the look of frustration?! For real kid ... must you try and push two toys down the hallway, through the stroller you left blocking the hallway?!
Have a Good Week!

January 1, 2010

Never too Many ~

I've been told, "you can never have too many pictures of Caden", so here we go! Caden and I had a fun week at home ... with no major outings or appointments, just a few errands here and there! He did have to get his second H1N1 vaccine ... but the tear quickly went away when the nurse gave him not one, but TWO suckers (spoiled!) With ALL of these new toys, Caden was easily entertained all week!

Here's a run of various pictures from the week ... featuring one little monster!

I can Never have TOO many pictures of these adorable starfish hands!
Someone has been digging story time, Several times a day I hear, "read book ... read book"
For REAL! Most kids have a blanket or stuffed animal as a security object, but NO, my kid has a humongous red car! Must we brush our teeth in the car?!
"Pizza? Anyone? Anyone?!"
I love the Fisher Price thermometer under his shirt. How many two year olds know where all of the medical tools in the FP doctor kit go?
"Yeah, Dad is home for lunch ... do you mind sharing?!"
"No, pictures please, no pictures!"
"Do horses need gas too?"
We had another dusting of snow yesterday afternoon & last night. Mommy had to shovel, so Caden had to put more miles on his car :0)We were out there so long that snow started accumulating on his car :0)
Kid, for real, must you stand on the foam chair?! I'm still not so sure about all of this climbing business!
Happy New Year!


Really?! Doesn't it seem like it was just a few years ago that the Y2K hype was here? There was uncertainty what would happen when the clocks rolled to 01-01-2000?! Amazing Ten years has passed ... and what a ten years it has been!?! I was going to post a picture of Dan and I from New Years 2000 ... but hello?! I didn't even have a digital camera ten years ago (and I'm not going to go dig through boxes) ... but really, how did I live without a digital camera?!

Looking back at 2009 ... Caden only had two hospital stays for respiratory infections, had 2 MRI's, 2 CT scans 2 sleep studies and his decompression surgery ... a little healthier then 2008! I hope this is the trend! I foresee no surgeries in our immediate future and no trips to Children's until October - Awesome! I am still waiting to hear from the doctor on his sleep study a couple of weeks ago . She has been on vacation - convenient!

2009, brought us a few challenges other then Caden's health. The fire at Dan's shop and my Dad's uninvited new friend! But it also brought us good times .... Caden met some major milestones ... and no longer just walks ... but he RUNS! and he TALKS! Nap time is now my favorite time of the day, it's a much needed break for me! We attended our first National LPA convention - which was an awesome opportunity and sure to become a yearly adventure!

I look forward to our 2010 adventures ... and continue to be thankful for our family, friends and LP family! Wishing you happiness & good health in 2010!!!