December 29, 2009

Christmas #2, #3, #4 ....

Yes ... by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, we had been through five different Christmas celebrations. The end result ~ one S*P*O*I*L*E*D little boy and two worn out exhausted parents!

Caden had fun "cheeseing" it up with his cousins!
Uh-Oh - Santa?! I wasn't sure how this was going to go over ....
BUT - the Red Kitchen worked. Caden sat with Santa :0)
... Santa brought him a slinky dog ...
... and Santa left with a "high five & knuckles" from Caden! Caden was extra thrilled to see "Uncle Bailey" ... this kid Loves this dog!
Santa struck again and left Caden the Toy Story RC car at Grammy & Pa's!
... and another RC Car from Grandma & Grandpa Wise.
We took a break at Willows Lodge ... Caden was thrilled to be at the "Ho-Towel"
Yep, now his car can go forever! "Auntie Lorilie" got Caden a Gas Pump.
Trying to figure out how to work his new toys. While Mommy tries to figure out where to put ALL of these TOYS!
What?! A Cat with shoes?!
... and a stroller for Buzz and Woody!
... and the ironic thing. ALL these new toys and Caden still chooses to play with his car :0)
We are happy to be home! I am lucky to have this week off to re-group before "we return to our regularly scheduled programming".

December 23, 2009

I Think He Gets It ....

The morning started off with Caden getting annoyed and pissy because we were waking up Daddy instead of heading to the family room, as is our usual morning routine. I explained to him that I needed him to stay with Daddy for a minute so I could go potty. Dan got the video camera ... and I proceeded to tell Caden that Santa had come and we should go see what he brought. Caden was still being whiny and pissy ~ I'm not so sure he was listening to me ... until - he saw his present! Then he became clingy and curious! He held onto me and was saying Santa Claus ... while looking around. I explained that Santa had left him the present and to look at the empty plate of cookies ... in which he replied, "all gone"~ with a shoulder shrug :0)

Caden held onto me with one hand while reaching out for his kitchen. He was a bit fearful at first, confused ... unsure of how the kitchen got there ... and we think he was thinking that Santa may pop out from somewhere ... But after a few minutes he warmed up to his gift - and started checking it out.

As the afternoon went on he would look at his kitchen and say, "oh, Santa ... Santa Claus ... with a smiley giggle". We think maybe he thinks Santa isn't so bad after all?! :0)

Caden really got into the presents ... and totally gets the concept of unwrapping them this year. I was in the kitchen at one point today and he walked in with a present in his hand telling me, "I open present?!" I had to explain that the present wasn't for him. He didn't put up a fight - I was pleasantly surprised!
Maybe this wood play food wasn't the best idea ... in less then two hours Caden realized that food can fly - watch your head!

A Wall-E spin brush ... what could be more fun?!

No worries .. I threw in some all boy gifts too!
Calling Grammy to tell her about Santa Claus!
The Holiday continues through the weekend ... I fear that by Monday Caden will think it is now routine behavior to receive gifts daily!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

He Came!

That Santa is one smart guy! He must have known every time we go to Pottery Barn Kids Caden insist on playing with the Kitchen FOREVER! Santa couldn't afford the PBK one, but he found a similar one :0)
Don't think girl toy ... think "Emeril"!
Now I have to wait for Caden to wake up .... do you think he will still say, "No, Santa Claus, No Santa!" ... or he just might get it now :0)

December 22, 2009

A Festive Night & No, No ... No Santa Claus

We headed up to Leavenworth tonight for a yummy dinner and to see the Christmas lights. We are lucky enough to only have a 20 minute drive ... It's an easy weeknight adventure and we can avoid the madness on the weekends.

At two years old ... Caden refuses to smile appropriately for the camera! Dan would say, "say cheese" and Caden would reply with, "no, bread" and stick his bread in his mouth .. rrr!

Once home from dinner ... we got our jammies on ... and I attempted to show Caden that we needed to leave treats for Santa.
I think Santa is getting one less cookie!
It was my goal to get a picture of Caden in front of the tree ~ Smiling ~ Again ... he's two and he refuses to smile at the camera ... he would rather ignore it!
We've had two failed attempts at visiting the big guy! Caden wants nothing to do with him! Evidently Caden doesn't understand the concept that Santa leaves toys. Rumor has it Santa will be stopping at our house early since we will not be home Christmas morning. We ended the night by telling Caden, "okay, Santa will not come ... we will leave the fireplace on all night" ... The video explains it all!

Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2009

Chains Needed ... another trip to Children's ... and Home!

I have a little catching up to do ...

It's hard to believe it was only four months ago that Caden was taking his first unassisted steps. Now he is onto running and climbing! Caden has learned what a stool is ... and how to use a "tool" (stool). We are very proud of him, clearly this is a life skill he will need, but at the same time ... it's a little scary! I will see him out of the corner of my eye heading down the hall or across the room, and I have to do a double take because he's lugging his stool right along with him. Once he reaches the top of his stool and if he still cant reach he proceeds to yell "reach, help, reach"! I've realized I can't leave him unattended for long in a room, because who knows where he is going to climb to! Here he is climbing up to reach one of his higher toy bins ...

"Auntie LORILIE, I need chains"! We had our first big snowfall Monday night. We didn't get to spend much time playing in the snow since we had to hit the road. Caden was a little perplexed that his car would not move in the snow!

Caden thought it was fun watching Mommy & Daddy shovel the sidewalk. The last two days we have repeatedly heard, "Mommy, Shobal (shovel), Daddy, Shobal, ya" Isn't he smart ... I think I'm heading to the toy store to buy the kid his own shovel. Then he can assist us!

He touched the snow ..but I don't think he liked it much. And to the Grandma's reading ... Yes, I tried to put gloves on him, but he refuses to wear them!

Tuesday morning we headed to Seattle Children's. Caden had an MRI, which was not scheduled until 2:00 in the afternoon. Why?! do they do that to us. How do you get a two year old to understand he can't eat. I tried to explain to Caden that the doctor needed to take a picture of his stomach and that after that he could have a snack. But he had a hard time buying it ... Several distractions later we made it to and through the MRI. He did well with the anesthesia. A little coughing while waking up ... but he came out of it fine!

Afterwards we saw the Neurosurgeon (who was running an hour late! ... nothing like not seeing the doctor until 5:15pm). The doctor said that the MRI looked good and he has no concerns at this time. He does not see any complications from the decompression surgery in September! Dan and I have no concerns, and feel Caden is doing well ... so the doctor will follow up with us in a year (yeah!)

We stayed at the "ho-towel" (hotel), Tuesday night and Caden was thrilled. He is so funny! And also fit in some retail therapy on Wednesday!

Last night we had another sleep study (our FOURTH one in just two short years!). I was dreading this sleep study! Caden is at an age where he will VOCALIZE if he doesn't like something. And he also fights! He is strong, it is amazing how strong 30 pounds can be. I had tucked in the suitcase M&M's and a few new DVD's. Thinking for sure I was going to need them ... but Caden proved me wrong, I needed neither! Our technician was awesome, she talked to Caden at his level and he didn't let out one peep of anger while being hooked up. He called the wires, "warwes" and even got to help but the goo on some of the "warwes".

It is amazing the kids can sleep with all of this crap on them! I didn't have my camera with me (I know amazing!) the tech took this picture and I scanned it!

By the time he was hooked up it was an hour and a half past bed time and he was telling us, "tired, night-night". He woke up five times through the night fussing ~ I'm sure because he was angry he was wrapped in gauze! Which meant very little sleep for Mommy!
I know the tech isn't supposed to tell us details of the results, but I did as much "fishing" as I could. The GREAT news is she did not have to turn the oxygen on during the study. Caden has been on oxygen at night for about a year now.
SO, I will be anticipating the doctors phone call next week with the full results and hoping that she will say Caden no longer needs the oxygen - that will be the BEST Christmas gift!

We thought Caden would sleep most of the way home today, since he didn't get a full night of sleep last night. Instead I think he talked about 85% of the way home. This kid has A LOT to say these days. He loves playing roll call, "Da, Da, ho-towel", Mommy, ho-towel". "Mommy, home", "Pa-pa home", "Unc Ot (uncle Scot), home", "Doctor, warwes", "Caden, warwes" You get the idea ... and after almost three hours of roll call our heads were about to explode :0)

We are happy to be home! Long enough to un-pack and pack again ... I can't believe Christmas is a week away, I have a lot to do!

Enjoy your Weekend!

December 7, 2009

Can You Mow Snow?

... Yes, Yes, You Can Mow Snow!!! Mhh, I think I've been reading a little too much Dr. Seuss!
We had our first trace of snow Saturday night. Someone LOVED it! Caden thought it was great fun to mow the "no (snow)".
Dan is thinking maybe we should create a plow for the front of Caden's mower :0) Then he could help us shovel the sidewalks ~ (joking!)
We still have A LOT of winter ahead of us! I can't wait to see what Caden does when we get a foot or two of snow ~