November 26, 2009

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 23, 2009

'Lil Helper

At two and a half ... Caden is all about "helping"! This weekend was a great weekend for him to show us how much of a "helper" he is. I managed to get two closets cleaned out ... and buddy was right there "helping". Really, I think it takes twice as long to get anything done with his "help"!
We introduced Caden to the fireplace this weekend. He thinks it is pretty neat and calls it the "firelay" ... guess it sounds like fireplace.
The highlight of the weekend was supposed to be converting Caden's crib to a big boy bed ... BUT the conversion kit didn't fit his crib - UGH! Bad Words! After creating all the excitement for Caden, that he was going to get a big boy bed, we had to tell him it was broke :0( Dan is going to call Land of Nod today to see if they can get us the correct part. Problem being is, they don't make Caden's crib anymore ... and I bought the conversion kit three years after I bought the crib! We might be out of luck!
Caden got to help Daddy "fif it" (fix it) my computer this weekend. This kid loves tools and insists on being right there to help Dad with each turn of the screwdriver.

Yes, that is Caden's car in his crib. He decided to throw an all out crying, gagging, choking fit for his Nap on Sunday. He WANTED his car. After listening to him for over ten minutes I went in and asked him if he wanted to go give his car a kiss goodnight. He said yes, but then proceeded to tell me, "car, bed", "car, bed". So the spoiled little kid got his car in bed with him for his nap ... and yes, he stopped crying and fell right to sleep with his car by his side ~ pathetic!
Wishing you a Happy Holiday Week!

November 19, 2009

Out of the Loop!

I'm kind of back in the cyber world! Dan's brother was able to save my hard drive! THANK YOU Chris! You rock! In the next few weeks Dan is going to build me a new computer. I have my laptop, but prefer a PC. I have issues ~ I just don't feel put together on my laptop. All of my files are on my PC, everything is at my desk, and my laptop just isn't "comfortable" to me. Like I said, I have issues :0)

I'm behind in blog land, behind in Facebook, behind in emails ... so if I've missed an important event and haven't commented, please don't take it personal!

Anyway .... Caden continues to keep us busy! His vocabulary has exploded. He is running now - not just walking, and I think the terrible two's are getting worse! The Fisher Price parking garage has learned to fly, compliments of Caden and his fits! Yikes!

This past weekend we made a trip to Seattle for the Auto Show, visited with Dan's family and met my parents at Bell Square. But the highlight of the trip for Caden was staying at the 'HO-TOWEL". We told him Saturday morning that we were going to stay in the hotel. He was so excited. He insisted on bringing his little red wagon to the "ho-towel" and wanted to bring his work-bench, but Mommy had to say no to that one. When we finally got off the freeway to check into the "ho-towel" Caden raises his arms in the air and yells, "ALL RIGHT - HO-TOWEL". Gotta love him!!!
"Daddy, this is the car that Mommy really wants. What do you think? She's been good this year!"

"Yeah! the "HO-TOWEL" - and Daddy's shoes! What could be more fun?!"
We are looking forward to a quiet uneventful weekend! Did you know there is only 35 shopping days until Christmas ?!

New Header ~

I thought the Halloween header I had up the last few weeks was quite cute ... but Dan thought otherwise. He feels bad for Caden - Mommy dresses him in silly costumes and then plasters him across the top of the blog.

So I added some "boy-ness" to the header. I think he's adorable either way!

November 13, 2009

Go Pa-Pa - Go!!!

I am behind in blog land ... my computer is broken! UGH! And all of my pictures are stuck on there :0( I am crossing my fingers and toes that Dan can fix it. My public service announcement for the weekend ~ BACK UP your pictures!

In the mean time ... Hip hip hooray for my Dad! Pa-Pa (as Caden calls him) has successfully completed his chemo & radiation! The first big challenge down! Surgery will probably happen after the first of the year. Thanks to all of you who are cheering him on!

and for good measure ... a picture of my buddy! Enjoying (inhaling) a treat & a Red Cup ... so my Kid!!!

November 3, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ....

I have a problem with stores putting up Christmas displays SO early .... for instance, Target had their Christmas signage hung before Halloween. Whatever!

But this I do not have a problem with ...I heart the RED CUP!!!
(I'm a little sad though, I don't love this years red cup design as much as previous years)

November 1, 2009

** Trick O' Treat **

Buddy had fun trick o' treating. We only went to a couple of our neighbors. Caden really does not need Candy ... although he figured out the concept really quickly :0)

"Let's go Mom & Dad, I have my banana bucket in hand, I know how this trick o' treating stuff works!"

"All done"Caden carried these Dots around with him all night. Sadly he didn't get to eat them. Can you imagine what those sticky things would do to his little teeth? We traded him for M&M's."Mom, I know you said no touching ~ but I will test you!"


Our weather this weekend has been amazing! We've spent alot of time outside ... and Caden is loving every minute of it. I'm not sure what will happen when the snow hits in a month or so.
"I'm ready Mom, can we go back "side" (outside)?!"
"Dad's toolbox is lots of fun"
"Oh, Dad. I know exactly where that is. Let me show you!"
"I can help you get your bike in the truck!"
Happy Fall!