October 30, 2009

He's Back ...

Last year Caden was the "Cutest Puppy on the Block". I loved this costume and was excited when it still fit him this year. I debated whether or not to have him be a puppy again this year, but that wouldn't be cool. So I found him the Monkey Costume which he will wear tomorrow. His puppy costume isn't as warm though, so he wore it to daycare today! Love it!

I made these fun little hands for Caden to take to daycare. Love them ...

On our way out the door this morning ...
... a little distracted!
Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2009

Another Adventure Completed!

Caden and I spent the past four days in Seattle ... I'm always amazed what we can accomplish in such a short period of time!

The Seattle LPA Chapter had their Harvest Party on Saturday, and it worked out for us to attend ~ My parents came with us. It was fun to personally meet a few friends I have "met" on Facebook and to make new contacts. Sorry no pictures, I left my camera in the car ~ I didn't want to be the new member there all camera crazy :0)

Sunday, we went to the mud pit ~ oh wait, I think it was the Pumpkin Patch! Caden wasn't much into the pumpkins. He was more into the fresh mini donuts - go figure.

At first he wasn't so sure about this pumpkin house, but then he decided it was great fun!
We stayed at my parents and as always, Caden thinks Grammy & Pa's house is lots of fun! They have stairs (we don't) and he had fun going up and down them, counting each one.

Grammy & Pa got Caden a big boy bed for his room at their house. Caden thinks it is pretty neat and he attempted to "drive" his car shaped bed.
Yesterday morning started our marathon of "check-up" appointments.

First we saw Genetics & Orthopedics. "Ortho & Genetically" speaking neither of the doctors have any concerns. Caden looks good, they were thrilled with his walking and his speech. Next check-up - One Year! Yeah!

Their one concern was Caden's head size - it has grown one centimeter since surgery. So that earned us an unscheduled appointment. They got a hold of our neurosurgeon, and they made room for us to be seen (amazing how that works - but if you call to schedule a routine checkup, they are booked 3 months out!) - Caden had a CT scan (without anesthesia - and he did awesome!) and then we met with the neurosurgeon. Caden's ventricles look okay, and show no change since surgery. SO again - Caden has the doc wondering. We are going to see our pediatrician every two weeks to have her measure Caden's head and follow up with an MRI and visit with the neurosurgeon in December.

The neurosurgery appointment messed up our plans of driving back down to stay at my parents. My Mom (Thanks Mom!) ended up bringing all of our stuff up to us, and Caden and I stayed in the hotel last night. In rush hour traffic it's a nice one and a half hour drive to my parents from Children's. Since we ended up with the afternoon appt it would have meant we drove up yesterday morning (1.5 hours), back down last night in rush hour, and back up again this morning, in rush hour! That would equal one insane Mommy, and one crabby, pissy two year old! ... and no worries, Caden and I fit in some retail therapy at Bell Square and a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory last night :0)

Today Caden had an ultrasound on his kidneys. This was a follow-up for his hydronephrosis. Caden's right side looks great. The left side is still showing slight swelling. Doctor was pleased and said Next Check Up - One Year! Yeah!

Lastly we saw the Pulmonary doctor. I shared with her Caden's recent pneumonia and that I have noticed his asthma now kicks in with exercise. Overall she was pleased with Caden's progress. She suggested another swallow study (yuck!) if he comes down with pneumonia again. We have a sleep study (yuck!) scheduled in December. She will call me to follow up with the results of the sleep study. Tentatively, if the sleep study comes back okay - Next Check Up - One Year :0)

Dan and I were talking tonight and it is amazing to think that if the neurosurgery appointment and sleep study appointment goes okay in December, we wont have to go back to Children's for one year - Crossing our Fingers! It's been a long time coming!!!

One thing that humored me about each doctor, was they all commented that Caden is, "such an active boy" are they implying he is a monster as he inspects each corner of their exam room :0) Really, this kid is EVERYWHERE now! He has mastered walking!

Buddy and I are happy to be back home! He couldn't get to his comfy chair and movie's fast enough!

October 23, 2009

Warning ... Escaped from the Zoo ...

.... One Cute Monkey!

Happy Halloween!

*~ Superboy ~*

He is so my kid! A day does not go by that he doesn't have his dust pan, broom or vacuum in his hand. ~ Now if he would only learn to pick up his toys (rrrr!)!

October 21, 2009


October 21st?! Really! Wow, October has flown by. I've been trying to get caught up with "life" ... Caden's surgery, then illness caused our house and my desk to look like a train wreck! Slowly I am getting caught up!

We had a checkup with the pediatrician today. Caden still isn't back to 100% but the doctor was not concerned since he had a major surgery, then a yucky illness. She said it could take another two weeks before he is 100%.

We've been hanging around the house alot ... I have to keep my Buddy healthy! If he ends up in the hospital again, I may just end up in the looney bin!

Here is a little cuteness for those of you that have missed it :0)

"Hey Mom, my stitches are finally all gone ... it's not as itchy back here anymore"
"and Mom .... aren't you thrilled I can reach the top of the bed now?! I can leave all of my toys up here so it is impossible for you to easily crawl into bed at night!"
"My friend Preston, he is a really good singer! I like watching his videos over and over on Daddy's computer."
"Mom, I think it's really nice you decorated the porch. I'm having fun playing in these pumpkins and gourds"
"I know you want me to be cute and smile at the camera .... but I refuse! Don't you have enough pictures of me yet?!"
"Uh-Oh, a pumpkin got away!" "I'll be good and put it back." "I'm telling my Little Einstein, "shhhh" he's sleeping" "Mom, Thanks for taking me to get my haircut tonight. But for real, can you put the camera away?!"

Happy Wednesday!

October 11, 2009

Settling Back In ~

Caden has been feeling better and was more himself this weekend...
We missed Uncle Abe's birthday a week and a half ago .... Mommy, totally forgot. So we made up for it yesterday and made Abe cupcakes. My lil helper thought using the electric mixer was great fun. He was very serious about the task :0)

Every time we walk out the front door, Caden says, "bumpoo" (pumpkins). I'm anticipating sooner or later he will realize they are like balls and start hucking them across the front yard.

Someones frog boots finally fit him! And like any other kid with rain boots, he is digging them!
Super Duper excited to go outside. Caden loves being outside and was thrilled yesterday when we were able to start playing outside again. I kept him inside Thursday and Friday, except for a walk in the stroller, and he wasn't too happy with me!
Always, a helper! We had our first freeze last night. I realized I hadn't yet got my bulbs in the ground, so it was a must do on today's list. And of course, Mr. Inquisitive was right there to "assist" ... and create a mess!
Game Time!
I had a long list of chores to get done today. When Caden wasn't being my shadow, he was in his room playing Tornado! Seriously, how can one two year old kid create such a disaster. I went in to check on him at one point ... and he had gotten up on his stool. I've never seen him sit like this before, but I must say, it was quite creative! Wishing you a great week ... and hoping ours is a little more "normal"!


Advertising, Signage, and Logo's work .... even at two and a half.

We see this logo ... and Caden says "Nanold" (McDonald's)

This logo and he says, "Da-Da" (Daddy's Owl)

This logo, "Cookie" (Mommy get's coffee, Caden gets a cookie)

I get paperwork in the mail yesterday ... and Caden says, "Dotor" (Doctor)

What an adventure this kid has had! The good thing is he knows no different :0) His nose is clearing up and his cough is too, no fever since Friday! I think we will be ready to go back to work and daycare tomorrow!

October 7, 2009


We got to go for two walks today ~ the nurses thought that Caden needed to stay in isolation because he is contagious. However, our pediatrician disagreed with them. She said it wouldn't hurt anyone, he is contained to a wagon, and everyone else in the city is sick right now :0) Caden thought it was GREAT fun to get outside and have his monitors unhooked!

Unfortunately, that sense of freedom, fresh air, and a dose of steroids made the "monster" start brewing! The nurse brought in some toys for him to play with and Caden wanted to push them up and down the hall of the hospital. The rules were we had to stay in his room. A sick, spoiled two year old doesn't like rules. Looking out the window, wishing he could escape!

Caden had a good nap, with very little coughing and kept his oxygen saturation's up. By 5:30 I was going crazy trying to keep Caden contained. When our pediatrician got there at 6:00, I was in the middle of once again trying to keep Caden from escaping our room. She walked around the corner as he was chugging down the hall - CAUGHT! My first words to her were, "can we go home?" as she is raising her eyebrows saying, "really?", I am turning around seeing the nurse, winking, giving Dr a thumbs up and saying, "he's ready!" Embarrassingly I think the nurse evicted us :0)

Dr took a listen to his lungs, wrote us a prescription for steroids, antibiotic and albuterol, told us to come for a check-up in a week ~ and we called Daddy.

Looking out the window waiting for Daddy to pick us up!

Caden does still have his cough and had a low grade fever at 4:30pm. I think and hope we can manage it from home ... and if not, the hospital is only five minutes down the road!

The 'Roids are Back!

Caden's fever has been gone since last night. We are hoping it stays gone ... a couple of times this week we thought it was gone, and it returned ..rrrr! His cough is out of control obnoxious! Albuterol helps it for about two hours and then the cough comes back.

The pediatrician came in this morning. Our plan is to start him on steroids to see if that will clear up his cough and lungs. I had thought about the steroids at 2 oclock this morning and was going to mention it to our doctor, but she mentioned it first.
We are also going to try and get him up and moving. After laying in a crib since Saturday night, I notice he is "protecting" his neck again. I am sure those neck muscles have tightened back up.

Hopefully the steroids will clear him up .... although I'm not looking forward to the extra energy the steroids give him. It is tough to get Caden to sleep with the steroids.

We are hoping we get to go home tomorrow! This place is getting old!

October 6, 2009

*October* ~ National Dwarfism Awareness Month ~

So we've been in the hospital three days and here are a few of the comments I've heard. This one is by far one of my favorites ...

As the nurse is doing Caden's vitals ~
Nurse: "His stomach, does it always look like that? It looks kind of distended"
My Reply: "Yes, he is pear shaped, it's one of his character traits. That is just part of being a little person".

As the respiratory tech (RT) is giving Caden his Albuterol and he is sleeping~
RT to nurse: "I'm concerned about how much he is hyper extending his neck"
Nurse to RT: "he's been like that all night"
RT to Nurse: " We might want to bring it to the doctors attention"
I get out of bed and address them both: "Caden has Achondroplasia, that is his natural way of sleeping, healthy or ill. Most children born with Achondroplasia sleep that way"

Clearly! Society knows very little if anything about Dwarfism. Two and a half years ago I was one of those members of society. I think it is amazing to look at the knowledge I have gained over those two and a half years ~ and feel so lucky to have such an adorable, sometimes monstrous, little boy! It is my job as a parent of a little person to help educate society on dwarfism. It is not a disease or a disability ... it's just a different way of going about life. I am thankful for shows such as "Little People, Big World" they have done a remarkable job of bringing awareness of dwarfism.

The following is borrowed from a recent article from the LPA, "October has been declared National Dwarfism Awareness Month by Little People of America. Little People of America (LPA) is a national support organization for people with dwarfism and their families. LPA provides peer, parent and medical support for the dwarfism community.

LPA began in 1957 with actor Billy Barty and 20 short-statured friends. The first LPA meeting was monumental for a group of people who were severely mislabeled and misunderstood by society.

Today, Little People of America is a thriving international organization providing much needed support, education, educational scholarships, and community outreach. In declaring Dwarfism Awareness Month, LPA hopes to raise positive awareness around dwarfism, address common misconceptions, and increase opportunities for people with dwarfism around the country.

“People with dwarfism are no different than any other person. We may just need a well-placed stool. Our members are children, college students, business professionals, doctors, engineers, mechanics, artists and teachers. We can do anything an average-height person can do,” says Lois Lamb, LPA President and a person with dwarfism.

More about LPA and dwarfism:
* There are over 200 distinct forms of dwarfism and skeletal dysplasias.

* People with dwarfism are generally not taller than 4′ 10″ at adult height. The typical height range is 2′8″ to 4′5″.

* Eighty percent of people with dwarfism have average-height parents and siblings.

* There are an estimated 30,000 people in the United States and 651,000 internationally with a type of dwarfism.

* In July 2009 the word “midget” was declared inappropriate and offensive. Preferable terms are: having dwarfism, short stature, little person, lp, and the medical terminology use of dwarf. A person’s name is always the most preferred.

* LPA has 6500 members across the United States and includes 70 chapters active in all 50 states.

* Skeletal Dysplasias affect bone growth, but generally do not affect cognitive abilities.

* LPA hosts an annual national conference each July which draws 2500 attendees for a week of activities, including educational and medical workshops, sports, and social networking and events.

Mission of LPA “LPA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism throughout their lives while celebrating with great pride Little People’s contribution to social diversity. LPA strives to bring solutions and global awareness to the prominent issues affecting individuals of short stature and their families.”

Little People of America is a wonderful organization! Caden is too young to understand it yet, but I feel his involvement in LPA is one of the best gifts we can give him! We look forward to attending the yearly National conferences and are saving our pennies for Nashville in 2010!

I thank each of you who have forwarded our blog on to an average height friend or family member! You are helping raise the awareness of dwarfism!

And for good measure ... here are a few pics from his hospital bed:

Brushing Buzz's Teeth
The future Dr. Ain (Dr. Ain is also a LP)
Playing with his mmmm (motorcycle)