September 27, 2009


Caden is doing amazing since his surgery! He is only on Motrin and Tylenol. Occasionally he will stop during play, pat-pat his head and say "owww - memo? (medicine)" it's pretty cute. No big episodes of pain or tears! Because he is such a super star, I have to go back to work tomorrow :0( Caden's daycare is a small in home daycare, and right now there is only one other little boy there. I know he will be in good hands, and I know the sitter will call me if she has any worries.

I'm still amazed how quickly he is recovering!

~All my Buddies~

It appears we have a new bedtime game. Someone must have Buzz & Woody go ~*Nite-Nite*~ with him, and they MUST also be covered :0 )

My Lil Helper!

The mound of laundry that has been staring at me since we got home is quite intimidating. Although, it is reassuring to know I have such a "good" lil helper :0) He filled up the laundry basket with the clothes from the dryer ~ I was quite impressed!

You are only Two!

Monster, was again, "reorganizing" my desk for me, when he found a pack of gum. I watched him from the corner of my eye, take the piece out of the pack, slowly unwrap it, and slowwwwlllllyyyyy put it in his mouth. He was too cute because he knows he isn't supposed to get into my gum ~ but I was feeling a little "soft" for my buddy after a major surgery last week and a flu shot yesterday :0(

As he put it in his mouth I told him, "chew, chew, chew ... don't swallow it" He was so darn cute, he chewed away for about five minutes, then became bored of it and spit it in my hand.

September 24, 2009


We made it home. My buddy is AMAZING! We walked in the door and he immediately wanted to walk. At first he was a little wobbly, so I got out his walker ~ which he put up a fight to use. By the end of the night, he insisted on walking by himself. I am a nervous nelly, fearful he is going to fall. The doctor said it would be okay if he falls, but to me it seems a little too scary.

One would never know that just four days ago this kid had MAJOR surgery ~ and that yesterday morning he was refusing to even move his head. It wouldn't be until you looked closely to see his owie :0(

Caden and his Mommy & Daddy thank each of you for helping us through our most recent journey! We are optimistic that we are free and clear from any more surgeries for several years ~ and hopeful we can keep Caden's asthma contained this flu season!


September 23, 2009

The King!

This should have been my first clue what the future would hold! At two days of age the nurses in the special care nursery placed this "crown" on the kings head. It was to hold in his IV. They couldn't have left it as a simple paper cup - they had to make it into a "crown"!

Two and a half years later the king is still marveling in his power! Caden is feeling better this afternoon. Everyone was correct, these kids are resilient. At 4am this morning I thought no way will be home by Friday. By 4pm this afternoon, I know we will be going home tomorrow. Caden is sitting and standing again with a little bit of hesitation. The neurosurgery team came in to check on him this afternoon and "exhibit A" did a marvelous job of presenting to them how he is feeling. He was standing on the bench, playing with his cars in the window sill when they walked in. They started to discuss us going home this afternoon, but then I reminded them we have a three hour drive. We agreed we will be discharged in the morning.

He has not yet walked, partially because he still has an IV in his foot. He hasn't had any Oxycontin since this morning, which is great, just Tylenol and high strength ibuprofen. They took his bandage off this afternoon - scary! That is one big cut. I will try to post a picture later.

More good news is he hasn't had any desats while sleeping. Last night we left the oxygen off of him. I'm hoping this surgery finally helped or virtually minimize Caden's sleep apnea. Our next sleep study isn't until December. I'm going to email our pulmonary doctor and see what she thinks.

Grammy came up this afternoon and she adds to the king's power. Anything Caden wants from Grammy, Caden gets - including me moving the furniture so Caden can reach where he wants to with his IV.

Here is the king from his hospital bed (bad pics - used the cell phone) demanding "feet, feet" cover his feet, juice, "woowey" Woody - Toy Story, "hae, hae" hold his hand, "nack, nack" snack - my goodness!
Even blogging with his buddies!

I'm happy to say we are heading in the right direction!

September 22, 2009

That IKEA Commercial

... you know the one with the yellow bug that goes up and down the big hills ... yes, that's how we've been!

I've ranted about this before ... but here I go again. Is the hospital not a place to get better? Isn't sleep the best medicine? Then WHY are nurses so noisy? Can any nurse readers answer this for me? Last night was tough. Unfortunately in the ICU at Children's a lot of the rooms are shared. The family next to me had visitors late into the evening, talking as loud as they could ... finally our nurse did ask them to quiet down. Then Caden had to be repositioned every two hours. Caden got very little good quality sleep, and I, Mama, yep, maybe two hours total. Good thing my kid is so cute!

Today Caden was able to get his catheter out and one of his IV's removed. We just got moved to the main floor, out of the ICU. We are currently sharing a room with another noisy family, but they are supposed to be discharged at 1pm. I'm hoping they don't give us another room mate! Our new nurse on this floor thinks she has a good pain management plan in place. In the ICU we were giving Caden Oxycontin (sp?) and morphine. But he still has been very uncomfortable. Our new nurse has suggested Valium, Oxycontin and tortolin (sp? - a high dose Ibuprofen). I'm hoping this cocktail is working ~ Caden has finally dosed off.

In the time he has been awake he wants me right by his side and 98% of the time is insisting on having his hand held. Again, good thing he is cute!

We are hoping the Valium will help relax Caden and that he will start moving his neck, up until now he has not wanted to move his head.

Respiratory wise he has cleared up and sounds pretty good. His poor constipation has hit him again - no bowel movement since Saturday, and now tons of pain medicine so the nurse has ordered suppositories (he will love me for posting this some day).

There have been times when buddy is happy, but he quickly becomes crabby, hence why I feel like the IKEA commercial!

Thank you again for your well wishes!

September 21, 2009

They didn't remove the "tude"

We are with our sweet boy now! Although he's not so sweet! In the first ten minutes we were in the room with him, he pushed his stuffed frog (his favorite) away from me, tried to box da-da, said "bye-bye" (he has a long few days ahead of him) and insisted his feet be covered. The nurse quickly gave him more meds to keep him sleepy! She remembers Caden from our last visit with the tonsillectomy.

He is a little "gunky" respiratory wise. Of course that was a concern to us. They will watch him closely. We all know Caden's history with respiratory issues.

We will spend one or two days in the ICU if things follow the current course and then a day or two on the main floor, hoping to head home Thursday or Friday.

Thank you for your sweet comments ... they help pass the time!

Mission Accomplished!

Great News! Caden is done with surgery ... we will get to see him in a few minutes, he's in recovery! The Dr. met with us, explained what he did, and was very pleased. As soon as he started taking away the C1 vertebrae the spinal cord started showing that is was getting much better signals! EXCELLENT news! Reassurance that this surgery WAS needed. The doctor said he doesn't see immediate change like that very often!
Now, the next hope is that he comes off of the anesthesia well! Many of you know that anesthesia in LP's is just as risky as this surgery was/is. And hoping that Caden's pain is manageable, doctor said it will be a couple days of pretty intense muscle pain. I will continue to keep you posted ... and maybe find time to squeeze in a picture or two of the spoiled boy!

Mission Underway!

Caden's white blood cells were a little high, but nothing too concerning for the doctors. SO surgery is underway! It won't be until 1 or 1:30 that he is finished. Thanking you all for your thoughts! We are so relieved this day is finally here and will be even more relieved when we see our buddy in a few hours!

September 20, 2009

Random Pictures!

The last few weeks have been crazy! To top it off, Caden came down with a runny nose on Thursday! I took him to the pediatrician yesterday. His lungs sounded clear and his ears were clear. He did a flu test just to make sure and that came back negative for Flu A and Flu B (Flu A includes the media frenzy, H1N1).

We ventured to Seattle today in hopes that they can go ahead with his surgery in the morning! Our fingers are crossed ~ we hope that this runny nose and slight cough doesn't make a third rescheduling of the surgery! We all know Caden probably won't be 100% healthy again until May, that's just how he rolls this time of year!

It's been a while since I posted some random fun pictures of Caden! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family thinking and praying for Caden this week. I thought I would post a bit of cuteness for you all! Thank You to each one of you! I will do my best to update tomorrow night! Hugs!

September 16, 2009

For Real?!

9:15 am ~ Children’s calls! Confirming Caden’s surgery tomorrow. Please check in at 6:15 am ... (they had originally told me it would be an afternoon surgery) Blah, blah, blah ... The usual conversation occurs. I request the nurse calls me to answer a couple questions about blood work/meds, etc.

10:15 am ~ the nurse hasn’t called me back yet. I call the lab to make sure that if we don’t get there until 6 tonight they will be able to have the blood work back in time for surgery.

11:30 ~ the nurse calls back, apologizes for not calling me back sooner and thanks me for taking the initiative to call the lab myself. I tell her I’ve learned in the last three years how our medical system works.

11:45 ~ Ring, Ring, Ring ... Childrens on the caller ID AGAIN (have I mentioned I’m trying to maintain a job through all this!?) “Trisha, this is Dr. Browd (Caden’s neurosugeon). I really dislike having to tell you this, but we need to push Caden’s surgery back again. The spinal cord monitoring machine is not available tomorrow, but we can make it happen Monday morning” FOR REAL! What Can I say? So I tell him, “Do you know what an act of God it is to keep Caden healthy, he picks up every cold or flu possible?” Dr. Browd, “We want to make sure we have the team and tools in place for this surgery” At that point I wanted to reply with NO SHI*!

I had asked the two nurse practitioners we met with on Friday if that machine would be available. I knew they had to make sure it was available for the original surgery. And they told me yes it would be ~ clearly they didn’t know and didn’t take time to check! And I like how the Dr himself called me this time around after I hung up on the scheduler that called me on Friday to cancel the surgery.

So, here we go again, surgery is now set for Monday. I now have to realign my sub, daycare, hotel, everything again! The suitcases are by the front door ready to go tonight!!!

AHHHHH! Thanks to my family and friends! Without your understanding and compassion I may have lost it by now.

... And I’m starting to wonder ~ is all this a sign not to go ahead with the surgery?!

September 13, 2009

The New Mr. & Mrs.!

Why when you need them to be on their best behavior do they rebel?! My brother's wedding was Saturday afternoon. Everything turned out great ~ it was a little warm for some, not typical September, Seattle weather ... everything great, except my son's behavior. Grammy spoils Caden rotten! But since Grammy's son was getting married this weekend, Caden couldn't have Grammy's 100% attention that he usually has. My buddy wasn't very happy ... and had a tough time dealing ~ it didn't help much that the wedding was at noon, which is also nap time. Neat! Not more then two minutes into the ceremony Caden was pissed that Grammy couldn't get up and walk with him. So Caden and I ended up inside, and I missed the ceremony (the joys of parenthood!) I took over 300 pictures ... here's just a sampling ...

"Mom, are you for real? I really have to wear this tie? You are killing me!"
"I refuse to pose for group pictures ... instead I insist on playing with this screen door!"
"I'm only laughing because Grandpa said something funny over there!"

"Mom! Why can't Grammy just come save me?"

"Someone, please! These girls keep kissing me."
The Blushing Bride" I'll smile now because I'm with my Grammy, but I still refuse to look at the camera."
"I'm leaving this party ... I need to go mow the grass." Spoiled little stink! "These bubbles are a hoot ... if only I had them during the ceremony"
Caden walked down the aisle with Grammy. I knew there was no way he would walk down solo or with the flower girls.
Mark & Deborah with my tech-savy Grandparents
"the Day is done ... happy to have Bailey back to myself"
Congratulations Brother & Deborah!

September 11, 2009

I Almost Went off the Deep End!

As most of you know Caden is scheduled for his Foramen Magnum Decompression surgery on Monday .... on our way over to Seattle today for his pre-op appointment's Children's calls my cell phone. The scheduler tells me: we HAVE to reschedule Caden's surgery on Monday! You are f'n kidding me!!! I worked my as* off at work this last week to be able to take next week off, Dan rearranged his schedule, I've cancelled child care, have my sub lined off for work, spent two hours packing for a week, I'm already on my way over! None the less Dan nor I have slept well the last week in anticipation for the surgery. And do you know what a feat it is to try and keep this kid healthy?!

I've calmed WAY down since she called this morning. If I would have posted this 10 hours ago blogger probably would have blocked it for language!

Sadly, the reason for the reschedule is the doctor has to do an emergency brain tumor removal. If it is such an emergency then why don't' they do it Saturday or Sunday?! Breathe ~ I'm being selfish, I know! Dan told me to think about the other family (I hate it when he's right!)

We did go ahead with our pre-op appointments. They went fine! All the same info I've given them a thousand times. They couldn't take his blood yet, they have to do it within three days of surgery. So we will leave right after work on Wednesday and head back to Children's.

Today is another example of how messed up our health care system is!!! ONE~ I have to repeat Caden's medical history since the last time we were at Children's because medical center's look at each other as competitors, and are big business ~rather then worry about the importance of the health of our children. and TWO ~ they don't have to worry about customer service. They can postpone a surgery, make you wait two hours to see a doctor, but what can you do?! It's not like I can drive down the road to another Neurosurgeon for kids! They are a monopoly!

In the meantime ... we are still staying in Seattle. My brother's wedding is tomorrow. We will drive back home Sunday, so I can work for three days ... drive back Wednesday after work and have Caden's surgery on Thursday. If they don't cancel again - and he stays healthy for another week!

I promise pictures soon!

September 1, 2009

Is Abercrombie Hiring?

If they are I have the next model for their shopping bags! Okay, he might be a little young ~ but I think he is pretty darn cute!
This past weekend we made another whirlwind one night trip to Seattle. This time to visit Dan's side of the family ~ we were long overdue for a visit. We stayed at Unc Ot's (Uncle Scot's, but Caden pronounces it Unc Ot). Unc Ot is Dan's "adopted" brother. He's been a friend of the family forever!
Unc Ot has a cool little park in his neighborhood and Caden dug the toys and playhouse!
Caden was quite entertained by his cousin Lilly! She shared her box of Cheez-it's with Caden ~ Caden thought it was wonderful! When I put him to bed he was asking for "Lila" He didn't want the fun to end.Uncle Chris is pretty fun too ... he shows Caden all kinds of "new" things. You know one of those uncles ~he doesn't say no :0)
I'm starting to think this kid has the cleanest car in the neighborhood. While Dan and I did yard work Sunday evening Caden decided it was time for more water fun. It is so nice that Caden is finally mobile! It makes everything easier!School starts tomorrow! Which is usually the most chaotic and craziest day of the year! I am looking forward to the three day weekend!!!