August 26, 2009

Junk! & Water Fun!

All I can say is going back to work is JUNK! I can't say I'm enjoying it! Hanging out with my buddy is much more fun! But, Whatever, Working is reality! We need health insurance! So I will suck it up and deal with it! ~ Sorry for the vent!

... and because of work I'm way behind in blog land! I have no idea what our LP buddies are up to :0( Hopefully in a week or two I will be back to school year routine ~ and caught back up!

Anyway! Now to Caden! He continues to develop and has become a "parrot"! Now more then ever do we have to watch our mouths! He tells me when something is "cute", likes to peek around the corner and say "boo", if TV is on and we are talking ~ or if someone is sleeping he puts his finger on his nose and says, "shh!" and the latest fun one is "sorry"! Love it!

My parents came to visit this past weekend and of course Caden "hammed" it up and showed off all of his new tricks to Grammy & Pa! My parents arrived as Dan was attempting to hose off the deck. Caden felt he needed to "help".

Finally, Daddy said, enough is enough ... you can do it yourself. Caden thought that was GREAT fun! ... and even in his jammies!
After my parents left Sunday, Caden needed to recharge. Here he is eating his "Babeee" (my parents dog=Bailey) snacks, and watching TV. These Scooby-Doo dog bone shaped graham crackers are Caden's latest favorite!
Chillin with Dad after playing in MORE water! Our weather has finally cooled down to the 80's so it is much more tolerable! We've been spending lots more time outside!
... so, Dad ... you see over there!
... seriously, Dad, that was funny!
Wow! Check out my farmer tan ... and look how my snacks balance!
... don't make fun of my belly! It's one of my character traits ... I have achondroplasia! Mommy is jealous I have an excuse and she doesn't :0)
... love my fish!
oooh! check out these grapes! I'm gonna steal a few ~ Daddy won't mind!

... and I know how to work the squirt bottle! Danger!
... and I can walk around and carry it at the same time! My balance is getting pretty good!
Enjoy the remainder of your week!

August 17, 2009

29 Months?!

Seriously! How am I one month away from having a 2 1/2 year old?! Caden is sharing more and more words each day. A few of the words I heard today were, "bug", "doctor", "moooo (that's what he calls a cow)", "meeomee (medicine)" and "flower". There are also several words I've heard lately that sadly I just don't understand ~ I guess we will continue to learn together.

One of the best things about this summer was getting my new camera! I've had lots of fun with it and got carried away the other day with these pictures! There are quite a few of them ~ they are too cute not to share!
Have a Great Week!

August 15, 2009

A Sweet Boy?!

Often times I find Caden just "chillin" in his room ... I walked in on him yesterday and found him looking at these pictures of his friends. They are pictures of his friends he met in New York. So cute! Reassurance that we MUST go to Nashville next year :0)
I needed a break from the house yesterday so we headed down the road to Smallwood's petting zoo. Caden wasn't much into the animals ... maybe someday?!
Checking out the baby "guts" ... Caden couldn't say goats
... and back to the sweetness. I walked in his room today and Caden was giving Buzz, "mmmaas" kisses. By the time I came back with the camera the kisses were done ... but still pretty cute! Enjoy these "fun" posts now ~ I have to go back to work Wednesday, and that means 4o less hours a week for blogging - yuck!

August 13, 2009

The Craziness Continues!

As is every summer, the end of July and first of August are busy, busy, busy! Caden and I have been doing a good job of filling up every minute of our last days of summer vacation :0(

Saturday morning Dan let me sleep in and he hung out with Caden (RARELY, more like NEVER, happens that I get to sleep in!), the boys made me French Toast for breakfast, then we headed to our Farmer's Market and to play in the park. (Sadly I forgot to bring my camera!) My gift from Dan & Caden is a continuing ed class in October, at our local community college on SLR photography. I picked the gift out myself :0) Maybe then I will be able to figure out how to use my camera.

Saturday afternoon Caden and I headed to my Aunt & Uncle's house on my Dad's side to celebrate my brother's upcoming wedding, and they so kindly threw in a yummy cake to celebrate my birthday as well.
Caden was very happy to meet his newest cousin, "Rocket" and Rocket loved Caden equally as well :0)
Sunday, we celebrated my birthday with my Mom's side of the family ... I used to look forward to my birthday, but now I know each year when it rolls around it means there are only a couple of weeks left until I go back to work ... Now I dread it!
Caden and I headed home Monday, but first we had to stop at Bell Square for one last shopping adventure of the summer! Grammy & Grandpa have been very spoiled seeing Caden 3 weekends in a row ... but we are staying home for a while! It's time to get back to a routine ~ I think we've been gone somewhere every weekend since New York!

Yesterday my Aunt, Cousin and her two adorable kids, Kevin & Taya, came to visit us. Caden had fun playing with his 2nd cousins ... and thought Kevin was "hilarious!" Caden was laughing at Kevin with his big 'ol belly laugh ~ it was pretty cute!

Grandma & Grandpa Schmidt's Great Grand kids :0) ~ Adorable!

After our company left I got a brilliant idea to go join Dan and Abe at the Applesox game. We made it two innings and Caden was done. What was I thinking? poor kid was exhausted! Have a great weekend ~ I'm determined to keep ours low key!

August 9, 2009

Reach for the Stars ....

.... or the light switch :0)

For as long as we can remember Caden has always had an obsession with lights. Before he could talk he would arch his head to see every light. Since he has been talking we constantly hear, "on, on, on ... oss (off), oss, light on, light on ...."

Now that Caden is walking he is reaching for the light switches! I realized it was time for our first modification! I had remembered seeing light switch extenders online, but in order to save time I thought I would check our local Home Depot. Average height kids use light switch extenders as well as LP kids, so I thought maybe Home Depot would have them. Long story short the Home Depot employee was an IDIOT, didn't have a clue what I was talking about, and proceeded to make me feel like I was the dumb one! He wanted to challenge me that such a concept would not work.

Those who truly know me, know you don't piss me off! I went back home, found the website (I might be taking a picture of the site to the Home Depot idiot) ... realized the online extender may not be quite long enough and remembered that Jaime had posted Caty's extender in a previous post. I linked to Jaime's instructions and off I went ... this time to Lowes and purchased my materials ...

And now my giddy son has his very own light switch extender! He could NOT be happier :0)