July 31, 2009

I Will Not ...

.... look at the camera! The more Caden grows up the ornerier he gets! Oh boy help me! I can't imagine what 7 & 8 are going to be like!!!

Even without looking at the camera ... I can still get some cuteness!
"Oh, Okay, Mom ~ I will give you ONE smile ~ and only ONE!"
WHY?!!?! ~ It's been one of those days! & Do you yell or Grab the Camera?!
A couple of quick updates from my last post:

Caden's Decompression surgery is scheduled for September 14th. The soonest date they had that she offered was August 28th ~ that won't work ~ 4 days before school starts! So I will get the school year started then have to take a week off! YUCK! Nothing like burning my sick leave the first month of the year! I'm not looking forward to this surgery, but it is the best for Caden!

Jack's Journey is looking positive! The cancer appears to be only in the esophagus and a teeny tiny small bit in one of my Dad's lymph nodes! The process to get this cancer is not going to be easy! However my Dad is strong and the doctor feels my Dad can beat this! Go - Dad! Thanks to all of you for cheering my Dad on :0)

Have a Great Weekend!!!

July 26, 2009

A Weekend with Grammy & Pa ... and a few Cheerleaders Needed!

Caden and I spent the weekend at my parents ... while Dan and his brother headed to Portland for a guys weekend.
Saturday was my brother's fiance's bridal shower. My Mom and I took Caden with us to the shower. He was able to "cheese it up" for his Great Aunt's & Great Grandma, as well as the other guests!

Great Auntie Lori let Caden play in her purse! Oh-what fun! The Bride
We brought Caden's car to Grammy & Pa's house! (I guess Grandpa is "pa" now. Caden said Grandpa once at dinner Friday night, but has since decided to shorten it to "Pa". He also said Mark for the first time this weekend, that should be Uncle Mark :0) ) ... Anyway, yes the car! Caden had great fun pushing his car around and around my parent's garage, up and down & up and down the driveway.
Of course Caden was happy to see Uncle Bailey! Even though Bailey just wanted to sleep, but Caden found it necessary to keep trying to give Bailey his dog treats!

... and Grammy's Big bathtub - what fun!
Anything goes at Grammy & Grandpa's house ... you can even play with the coffee pot on the floor! ... just a little spoiled!
Once we got home tonight to our 100 degree weather (ouch!) Caden felt it was necessary to wash his car after all the miles he put on it this weekend :0) It is supposed to be 100 degrees or warmer here for the next week ... so I think we will be having lots of "water time" in the coming week!
Caden is not walking yet but he is so close! He will take two to three steps when he's not thinking about it. When he thinks about it, he gets laughing, looses confidence and falls to the floor. Hopefully soon he will build the confidence!

Also, hopefully tomorrow we will get our date for the decompression surgery. I love waiting for medical center's and schedulers! I called everyday last week to bug them. I'm sure they love me and recognize my voice now :0)

And to the week ahead ~ Our Team is Looking for a Few Good Cheerleaders!!! ~ because we have yet another bump in our road! My Dad was diagnosed with Cancer of the Esophagus a week ago. He goes to the doctor tomorrow for more specifics and to formulate a plan for treatment ~ My Dad is a fighter! and we are all confident he will win this battle! We will stand right behind our Dad and cheer him on! I will keep everyone posted on "Jack's Journey" as we learn more. {Hey Dad~ that's a good blog title for ya :0) } ... and feel free to join our team ~ no audition needed :0)

Have a Great Week!

July 23, 2009

Splish ~ Splash! Kick ~ Kick!

We just put up our pool this past weekend (we've been too busy!) So Caden & Da-Da had a little summer fun after work today! Caden liked the water more today then he did last year ... but still doesn't love it! Maybe because Daddy was trying to get him to kick his feet and paddle his hands :0)

Enjoy the cuteness!
Have a Great Weekend!

July 19, 2009

Decompression Surgery ~ and ~ Ma-Ma!

We met with the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Browd, at Seattle Children's on Thursday. He was running an hour and a half late! (There is NOTHING that makes me more angry then a doctor running behind! Especially when you have a two year old in tow and a husband who hates waiting as much as the two year old! - by the time we get into see the doctor, I am exhausted, I have a kid who needs lunch and a nap, and I feel rushed!) Anyway ... This was the first time we had seen this neurosurgeon. I filled him on Caden's history, our trip to New York and what the Medical Advisory Board Doctors felt we should do for Caden's Foramen Magnum Stenosis. He was in agreement and felt that Caden does need the decompression surgery.

So the next question is Seattle or California? We have decided to have the surgery done at Seattle Children's. Dan and I both like the neurosurgeon. We are confident in his abilities. He was very thorough in his explanations, has done the surgery on LP's before and financially as well as for Dan's business it makes more since to have it done here. I am NOT looking forward to this surgery ~ but it is what is best for Caden!

Before we do the surgery the doctor wants to take a few flex/extension x-rays of Caden's spine just to make sure Caden's spine is stable enough for the surgery. He is sure it is, but wants to double check .... and I'm cool with that!!! Then we will schedule the surgery. I am hoping to have it done before I go back to work ... but that doesn't leave that much more time ~ I will be on the phone Monday trying to get dates scheduled!

While in Seattle we made a "business trip" out of it and Dan bought two new/used vans for work to replace the ones that flooded! Since it was going to take a couple of days to find these vans we needed a place to stay ... so I picked Willows :0) Love it there!
We also got in some retail Therapy ... at Bell square on Thursday and Alderwood on Saturday. The Nordstrom Half Yearly started so the boys got new shoes! And we found the Disney store. Caden was stoked to get a "wa-wa" (Wall.E) figurine ... and a few other Wall.E items :0)
Mr. Caden has finally decided to start saying "ma,ma" routinely. We first heard it in New York! and Now it is used daily .... although, I'm not so sure why I was eagerly waiting to hear these words?! It is quickly being overused!

July 14, 2009

Back to Routine!

Since we've been back from vacation I've been getting caught up on "life" ... bills, laundry, chores, business stuff, etc. Which means we've been home the past four days. Caden thinks it is grand to not be sight seeing or waiting in line! He is also very happy to be back on schedule! He has actually been sleeping in an extra hour since we've been back from New York! I love that!
Can he not be MORE annoyed that I have the camera in his face again :0) I mean for real - does the attitude have to start so young?!
Since we've been home Caden's favorites have been his Airplanes (ai-lane). It's pretty cute! I think he is ready for Nashville?!Someone! Save me! Look at this attitude! If I didn't know any better I would think he is 13! Little Stink!
Yesterday we stopped at the little park near our house. There is a cute little wadding pool, and of course Caden found it. I wasn't prepared to play in the water ... no swim trunks, towels, sunscreen ... but that didn't stop this two year old!
Drying off!How appropriate! A monster pushing around his monsters!
He even makes airplane noises as he's flying!.. and a little bit of pretty!
Unfortunately our routine gets messed up again Thursday. Caden has an appointment at Seattle Children's with our Neurosurgeon. Then we will be deciding where to have Caden's decompression surgery! No fun!

July 10, 2009

There Is NO Place Like New York!

Our final few days of New York were spent sight seeing! Unfortunately by day four Caden had had enough of everyone and everything! Sleeping in New York is an adventure! You constantly hear sirens, horns honking or yelling! Therefor I'm not sure Caden really got good sleep not to mention we were constantly on the go and there was a three hour time difference! He wasn't eating like he should ~ quality or quantity!

Here are a few photo's of our sight seeing adventures! This is only a few! I took over 640 pictures - I love digital!
Ground Zero - we didn't have time to do the museum ... amazing when you see it in real life!

Caden thought the sight seeing bus was pretty neat! He didn't have to sit in a car seat and LOVED the wind blowing in his face.

OH - my - a gazillion Taxi's! Makes I-5 in Seattle during rush hour look like nothing!
There is SO much to see in New York ~ I felt we were rushed to see each site! and couldn't fully see each attraction!
NEVER in my life have I seen SO many people - Times Square! It was like a giant ant hill!

I loved the Toys R Us in Times Square - There is a huge Ferris wheel .. and check it out, one of the seats was Caden's "car"! We didn't have time to ride though :0(
The "dazed" look of the biggest Toys R Us ... but he scored an airplane out of it! Or ai-lane as he calls it! And a few other toys & t-shirts!

The Empire State Building! By the time we got to the observation deck, Caden was Done! It was nothing but a fit! Dan got several great pictures and I hung out inside with the naughty overtired little boy!
Central Park! We missed the Central Park Zoo - we didn't realize they closed at 5:00 and we didn't get there until 4:30 - all well!
It wouldn't be a trip to New York without a Yankees hat! Caden was pretty proud of it!

Caden loved our hotel room ... the closet wasn't full of junk and he could play in it all day!
... and did I mention, I watched the DVR'd Today show this morning ... and my sign made it :0) Cute clip Jen! Ethan was so cute waving!

The conference was a WONDERFUL experience! It was so fun to meet all of my blogging family in person! It was as if we all had been friends for a while ~ the INTERNET is Amazing! There were no introductions needed! The doctors - GREAT! The Workshops - INFORMATIVE! It would have been nice if the conference wasn't in a city with so much to see! I felt we missed some conference opportunities with other events we were signed up for! I can't wait for Caden to get into his teens and look forward to the yearly national conferences. It was so fun to see all of the kids in their teens TRULY enjoying themselves! They are all so cute! Little People of America is an awesome organization! Although Dan and I wondered, "what will we do when we come to the conferences and Caden doesn't want to hang with us, he will only want to hang with his friends" ... our worries were quickly answered! "We will go have a margarita and RELAX!"

Thank YOU again so much to our family and friends! Without you our trip would have all been put on credit cards!

My LP Mommies! FUN! I wish we were closer and could meet at the mall weekly with our rascals!

Nashville National Conference in 2010? Two days ago, amongst Caden's fits, I was saying NO WAY! On our 7 hour plane ride last night I was saying No ... but Now that I'm back home at my desk ... already missing my blog family and the conference environment ... I'm starting to think Maybe ? :0)

Anaheim National Conference in 2011?! You betcha Ya!!! Caden to Disneyland at Four - Oh boy!

... There is no place like New York! ... and there is No Place Like Home! and Home is where we are happy to be! It was SO quiet when I crawled into bed at 1am this morning!