June 30, 2009


I Seriously CANNOT believe we leave in a couple 0f days for our much anticipated trip. I am in overwhelm mode on how I am going to pack for seven days. Especially with all of these new stupid fees for luggage on the airplanes! And we only have two adults to carry all of it. My child, although extremely adorable, requires alot of extra "stuff" (nebulizer, walker, nasal canula, meds, medical info, MRI films, etc) so all that plus clothes, snacks, etc. I'm a little fearful! Not to mention the six hour plane ride! I think packing freaks me out ... it always has ... I can still hear my Dad 25 years ago, "J*@*@ C#%(@$! Trisha, we are only going for three nights, do you have to bring all FIVE of your Cabbage Patch Kids? and how many extra shirts do you need?" See ... that fear stretches WAAYYY back :0)

Along with the trip I've been overwhelmed with this insurance crap from the flood/fire! I was up until 1am Sunday night and worked on it the majority of the day yesterday - in between occupying Caden. I really don't know how some Mom's work from home?! The majority of the insurance work is done and I submitted the inventory list TODAY! It looks like we did not have near enough coverage ... but since we did max out our coverage they will let us salvage a few things; ladders, ladder racks, anything metal ... but no electrical. WE still haven't heard back from the other insurance company on the vans ~ was this incident not 10 days ago? Then Dan tells me tonight ... now we need to go through the file cabinet and give insurance a brief estimate of how long we think it will take us to recover/reorder all of our documents. I had a few CHOICE words for Dan ... but I kept them in. Instead I replied, "I'll deal with it AFTER New York"! AHH!

See what happens when I leave him in his room - disaster!

Dan's parents made a quick one night visit last week. Caden and I made a quick one night visit to my parents over the weekend for my Dad's Birthday ~ Happy Birthday Dad!~ Poor "Uncle Bailey" - he just can't catch a break ... Caden insisted on showing Bailey where his eyes were!

This is Caden's latest expression - "confussion"

K -I thought some of you might need your Caden fix. Now I'm off to make my packing list - yikes!

June 26, 2009

Latest on the Fire

Here is the latest on Dan's shop disaster ... Feds Say Warehouse Fire was Accidental. Now that the investigation is concluded hopefully Insurance will start moving a little faster!

June 25, 2009

Date Needed for the Drive In~

The other night Caden's car was left out front. Dan nor I had the energy to go out and bring it to the garage where it belonged. So Dan drug it into our entry way. When Caden woke up yesterday and saw his car in the entry way he thought it was the BEST thing!!! Sorry bud ... it won't be staying inside the house ... it causes SERIOUS damage when you run it into the walls ... Daddy doesn't exactly have paint equipment to fix those walls right now :0(

Caden's favorite movie changes weekly - this week his favorite is Bugs Life. The only thing missing from his Drive In movie was a date :0)

He's one cute kid!

June 23, 2009

A bit of cuteness is NEEDED!

After the events of the business, and my last post being such a downer ... I decided I needed to share some cuteness! The marvelous thing about two year olds is they don't understand destruction ... so our monster has kept on chuggin' - phased by nothing!

I love watching Caden point with his chubby little finger! So cute!
Going to see "Mr. Wilson"

Helping Mommy make Spaghetti sauce!

Dan is "famous" and made the front page article in the local paper. We are taking it day by day. Our community is WONDERFUL! Friends and even competitors have called to offer us help if needed. Sherwin Williams offered to loan Dan equipment while he sorts out the bits and pieces of this mess. He was able to get three guys back on the job today. Yeah, I think we can, I think we can ....
I found this picture online ... Dan's shop is in the building in the bottom right corner. The majority of the shop is underground - and the tunnel that I referred to runs under the street you see between the fire and the shop building.

Have a good rest of the week!

June 21, 2009

A Damper on a Beautiful Weekend!

We had a Major Fire in Wenatchee this weekend! There is a parking garage under ground which has a tunnel that connects to the building that burned. IN THIS parking garage there is also a shop ... a shop which happens to be Dan's business!!! Dan has worked EXTREMELY hard the last six years to build the inventory and image that Wise Painting has. He has put his heart and soul into this business to give us the home and life we have! In a matter of hours we have lost the Business and the majority that Dan has put into it! Three full size vans, fully stocked with equipment. Numerous paint sprayers, ladders, brushes, all of our marketing materials, home show supplies - EVERYTHING! Although Dan's shop did not catch on fire ... the smoky, charcoal, awful tar water drained into the garage and into Dan's shop. Over a million gallons of water was used to put out this fire! The water was as high as the windows of the van! We went down there tonight ~ they have gotten all of the water sucked out and it is DEVASTATING! Even though the water is gone it is evident the electrical equipment and vehicles will not work after sitting in tar water! This is not fair ... it's hard not to question why?! Tomorrow we will start the TASK of calling our insurance companies. Dan has three houses currently in progress ... all of which will have to wait! And in the meantime ~ anyone in the construction industry knows there isn't much profit in painting ... we still have a house payment to make and a cute little mouth to feed! Not to mention Dan has four employees who also rely on a paycheck! Dan has only been in this shop 6 months and has put over $20,000.00 into it to make it his!!!

What is left of the building!
The water line and debris on the vans!

Seriously, anyone who knows Dan knows he keeps a CLEAN shop! He is very meticulous! His shop did not look like this on Friday when they left. This is ALL damage caused by the water ... the water forced paint buckets in the bathroom!
...to add a little humor to the situation ... Dan and Abe managed to salvage the insurance policy ... but it is SOGGY!

...and did I mention we are supposed to leave for New York in just over a week?!
We did find the energy to go fishing today and to try and get our minds off of things ... that is what Dan had planned to do for Father's Day!

On a more positive note! Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Grandpa & Father In Law! Hope it was a good one!
... and a post wouldn't be a post without pictures of the Monster ~ he is what keeps us smiling!

June 17, 2009

~**BIG Brown Eyes!**~

As many of you know I have been WHINING to Dan for months how I NEED (okay, want!) a new camera! It's been almost 9 years since Dan TRULY surprised me! He tries ~ but he just can't keep a secret! Well Today ~ he pulled off a huge surprise, he walked in the door from work with THIS ...

OH BOY! I don't know who was more excited ~ Caden or I! You know a BOX ~ what more could a two year old want :0)

I have A LOT to learn about this fancy, snazzy camera ... but I know one thing is for sure ~ Someone has BIG brown eyes!

I need to learn how to work with the sunlight .... in the meantime I will continue to wonder WHY Daddy lets Caden play with the hose just before bedtime?

Goodnight Sweet Boy!

Here's to lots more pictures! And hoping I figure this camera out before our vacation!

June 16, 2009

31 hours!

Caden had his MRI at Seattle Children's this morning. He did well with the anesthesia! They were able to use a mask rather then the tube, which is much less invasive. The MRI was for his Foramen Magnum Stenosis. Our Geneticist and Ortho doctors will review the MRI next week and contact us. Most importantly we had this MRI done so we could take it with us to New York as well as his previous MRI's and CT scans*. Once we get back from New York we have an appointment scheduled with our (new*) neurosurgeon and then we will decide if we are doing the decompression surgery or not. Crossing my fingers not ~ but I have a feeling that may not be the outcome ~ eeks!To backup on the last paragraph ~

*1 ~ Our New York trip just got MORE expensive! I needed the actual hard copy films of Caden's MRI's and CT scans to take with us to New York. $600.00, cough, cough, yes $600.00! Insurance does not cover this, nor does financial assistance through the hospital - BUT ~ one of the main reasons for our New York trip is to see the MAB doctor's and taking these films with us is for Caden's best interest. So I willingly forked over the credit card. They wanted cash or check ... but sorry, that wasn't an option. They called a couple of departments and finally made it so I could use the plastic!
*2 ~ We have a new neurosurgeon (who we have not met) because our Neurosurgeon is leaving Seattle Children's to work for UW Hospital. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet, I guess I will form my opinion after we meet him in July.

Outside of the Anesthesia & MRI Caden and I got in some retail therapy! We went to Bell Square and Caden had a BLAST! This was the first time I've taken him to the germ filled play land! This will be the true test to see if the Probiotics are working :0)
We met my parent's at U-Village for dinner and Caden got some spoilin from Grammy. Grammy still can't say No to him :0)

Caden and I stayed at the hotel near the hospital - a hotel room is also like a play land for the monster! ... and more germs!

On our way home today we stopped at Redmond Town Center, Mommy shopped more and Caden got to play in the fountains - more fun! Then we stopped at the North Bend outlets for even more retail therapy! We drove back home over the mountains ... and it is amazing what we can accomplish is just 31 hours! I think Caden will sleep well tonight :0)

... and for good measure a couple of cute pictures!

June 15, 2009

~ Play Ball!!!

The Applesox kicked off their season on Friday ... unfortunately not even half way through the first inning a crazy thunder storm rolled in. After getting drenched we realized we better head home ... and the game was eventually called.
Soooo ... we tried again last night. Our little buddy lasted three innings! ~ because we gave him popcorn! But we were proud of him. He sat in his own chair (even though Dan and I had to each put a knee on it to keep it from closing up ~ 27 pounds isn't much), ate his popcorn, clapped at various times, pointed out the lights numerous times, was intrigued by the Mascot, and yelled ball! We walked around for 2 innings and then called it a night after 5 innings.
I don't think Caden and I will be attending very many games this year, his attention span isn't quite there! ~ but it's still fun to have a baseball game in our own backyard :0)

Hello Mr. Wilson!

Yeah ... summer break is officially here! After we get through Caden's MRI with anesthesia tomorrow it will feel like a vacation ~ well as much as it can with a two year old :0)

Caden is thrilled that Mom is on break, because that means he will be able to spend more time outside and more time visiting Mr. Willllssssoooooonnnnn! Caden likes to go "visit" our retired next door neighbors and "explore" their garage.

The other day Dan came home from work while Caden was "exploring" our neighbors garage. Dan asked our neighbor if his name was Mr. Wilson ... I think we have a little Dennis on our hands :0)

Caught ya ~ trying to escape to "Mr. Wilsons"!

June 11, 2009

Busy ... busy ... busy!

It's hard to believe we are almost to the middle of June! Things have been busy .... and Caden has been constant motion lately! Which means it has been harder to take pictures of the monster because I am constantly chasing after him, trying to avoid a big 'ol crash!

Last weekend I took on a little side job of creating boutonnieres and corsages for a wedding. It was fun to reminisce of my floral days ... but there is no way I could work with brides on a full time basis! When it was all said and done, the flowers turned out nice ... and best of all I made some extra cash for New York! Yeah ~!
Everyone loves a Mickey Mouse pancake!

"Hugging" hippo during his nap~

Daddy's little helper! As soon as Dan brings out the tools Caden thinks he needs to be right there to help :0)
Caden's development is growing with leaps and bounds! He wants to walk!!! The other day I carried him out from his room and he threw a fit! I realized it was because he wanted to walk to the family room himself. So we had to turn around and fetch his walker so he could walk to the family room himself! Mr. Independent!!! He is not standing or walking unassisted yet ... but I think (hope) we might be getting close! The medical walker has been great for Caden and he is also starting to gain more confidence walking with his toy walkers as well as his dump trucks. Our Physical Therapist told us yesterday that she thinks Caden is outgrowing his therapist. Yeah!
I think my kid needs a helmet while on the sidewalk with his walker .... it's a little scary!

Caden's latest bathtime game is peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. If I let him he would play "peek" until he turned into a raisin!
**Helping** Mommy make cupcakes for Mommy's office aides and Caden's daycare friends! Caden thinks the mixer is hilarious!
Uh-oh a special first time treat!
My little buddy is getting tall! His strength and endurance is improving, his kyphosis is reducing, and he can now reach the buttons on the dishwasher. I took this picture, went back to what I was working on, and the next thing I know the dishwasher is running!!! Caden had scooted over and turned the dial. For real Kid, now you know how to turn the dishwasher on?! Neat, how do I child proof this one?
oops, one less for daycare - someone digs his dessert!

... and with that, only one more day of school! Yeah!