May 29, 2009

May 25, 2009

Our Weekend on a Farm?!

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend with my Friend Tanya & her family at her in-laws 40 acre Farm. I was raised in a suburb .... I went to College in a Farm town ~ but stayed away from the farms. So this weekend was my first weekend on a farm.
"okay Mom, I guess I will sit by the door and wait while you and Dad pack the truck"
Loaded up ~ and ready to roll! Our 3.5 hour drive wasn't bad because... I finally gave in and bought a cigarette lighter laptop charger so Caden could watch DVD's on the drive. I had once said there is nothing wrong with playing the "ABC" road sign game on long drives ... but Caden just doesn't get it ... and technology has come a long way ... So Thomas came with us on the laptop (great!)
Seriously this trip was HEAVEN for Dan ... he got to bring his DIRT BIKES... put his little BOY on a quad ... BUILD a chicken coop ... ride on the TRACTOR to help bail hay .... and sleep in a TRAILER (Jim's parents let us sleep in their 40 ft camping trailer).
"SO, Dad, tell me all about this piece of equipment"
"Is this how I start it?"
Tanya also lives on acreage ... and has decided she wants chickens (what happened to my Bellevue girl?) So she found a picture of a very "Tanya" chicken coop she wanted the boys to build. Hopefully in the next year (wishful thinking) she will post finished pictures of the coop on her blog :0)
Checking out the tractor ... but not so sure about it
Caden cracked me up the way he chose to eat these grapes .... off of the stem rather then pull each grape off.
Little Miss Lily is five ... and I'm fearful that Caden has found his first crush :0) He thought Lily was pretty neat and would look at her with the funniest eyes. We all got a good chuckle out of it. At least my boy has good taste ... she is adorable!
Someone loves the Wii ....
Caden wasn't so sure about riding the quad with Daddy ... he was fine to sit on Lily's quad with it turned off ... But when the big quad started and Daddy moved it, he was a little unsure.

Here is a little humor from breakfast this morning ... EVERYTHING is a phone to Caden ~ and he answers and talks on the phone "ya" (that's how Dan answers the phone) this morning the "phone" was the baby monitor... and WHY do all boys instinctively know to make "car" sounds. My brother used to do that when we were little and it would make me crazy!

Hanging out in the truck, while Mommy & Daddy pack up :0(Someone is happy to be back home ... and check out his "farmer" tan from a weekend on the farm :0)

I missed cute picture opportunities of Dan on the tractor cutting the grass for the hay, blowing out his birthday candles (Dan's Birthday was Sunday) and him ridding his motorcycle ... I only have so many hands :0(

It was a fun weekend, and I definitely would VISIT again. The weather was great, Jim's parents made great meals for us, Tanya's Mom came to visit and brought the best homemade salsa, we had good beverages and good company ... but I'm not so sure about chickens, turkeys, and roosters ~ There is something about a feather plucker that gives me the chills - and seeing the turkey alive that will be on your Thanksgiving table come November... eww! I'm not so sure the farm is for me ... I think I'll stick with the small city I live in :0) and make sure I still get my yearly stays at Willows ... that's much more my style! Thanks for the fun weekend Mocks!

May 18, 2009

Our Assistant Gardner

Finally! I was able to get our garden planted today after work. This has been a struggle to get accomplished with Mr. Wants-to-Walk-A-Lot but he finally decided he would be willing to stick around and "help" me.
Making "mud pies" ~ he thought this was GREAT fun!
Chicks dig those muscles :0)

Someone LOVES the hose!

"We" planted pumpkins, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe .... now the wait to see what grows :0)

Medical Advisory Board Appointments

Our LPA National Conference New York trip is coming very quickly! I know it is getting closer because we got our confirmation email for our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) appointments. I am looking forward to this WONDERFUL opportunity. The MAB doctor's are the Little People Guru's and they KNOW their stuff! Since we are undecided whether to do surgery on Caden's Foramen Magnum Stenosis we are hoping the MAB doctors will be able to lead us in the right direction.

We are seeing:
Dr. Bernstein (Orthopedic) and Dr. Danielpour (Neurosurgeon)
Dr. Wright (Genetics)
Dr. Kerbavez (ENT)
& Dr. Ain (Orthopedic) I am thrilled that we get to see Dr. Ain. Dr. Ain is also a LP ~ What a great role model for Caden!

Unfortunately we don't get to see Dr. Pauli ~ he will not be at the conference this year. I have heard he is nearing retirement.

We leave in less then two months ... it has come so quickly! I had hoped to have more money saved for our adventure but Caden's three overnight hospital stays for his asthma these last seven months have put a damper on my savings :0(

I know the opportunities will out weigh the costs though! The MAB is huge, attending workshops on dwarfism is awesome, Caden is going to get to meet his LP Blog buddies (okay, maybe Mom is more excited for that!), and we will get to see New York!

The blog posts from our adventure will be here before you know it ... stay tuned!

Mr. Spoiled Pants

Caden and I made a quick 24 hour trip to my parents this weekend. Caden got to show off all of his latest tricks and got LOTS of love from Grammy & Grandpa! My Dad was amazed at how Caden is constant perpetual motion. (Yes, Dad, now you know why I'm exhausted come the end of each day :0) I REALLY need to get my Mom on video attempting to tell Caden NO. Seriously, the funniest thing ever ~ I've never heard NO been said in such a sweet, nice voice ... guess that's what Grammy's do.

Playing in "his" fountain.
One of Caden's latest favorites is playing with phones. He answers the phone "ya". He is imitating how Dan answers the phone when his brother calls :0)
I even lugged the car with us ... but Caden wasn't that into it at Grammy & Grandpa's ... too much other new stuff to explore.
I think Caden's favorite part of the weekend was seeing Uncle Bailey and sharing his fruit snacks with him.
We stopped to visit my Grandparents on the way home and then hit the outlet mall. Osh Kosh had in their 4th of July line .... uh-oh ... trouble :0)

May 13, 2009

Vroom, Vroom!

Great Auntie Lori couldn't get enough of the pictures of Caden in the car at the Children's Hospital Playground ... and thought Caden needed his very own car for his house. So the spoiled little bugger now has his very own car. Thank You Aunt Lori!
I hope we don't get a letter from the home owners association for driving on the sidewalk! I think it says something about that in the bi-laws :0)

... and I am still trying to figure out why after 6 years my car still WILL NOT fit in the garage ... yet my son gets to park his car in the garage?! Parenthood ~ :0)

*There is one more new post below*

He's Growing Up! ~

Caden is battling through his most recent cold virus ... hopefully we are at the tail end of it. I've stretched his neb's out to every 6 hours. Waking up at one in the morning sucks - but I won't complain! It's kept us out of the hospital :0)

I've realized I haven't done a blog post lately about what Caden is up to. Since this has become my baby book I realized I better make some notes. Here is a quick run down of Caden at just about 26 months!

*Very opinionated and demanding ~ We tend to call him Roloff. If you watch Little People Big World you know that Matt loves to order people around. Hence Caden has earned the nickname "Roloff" :0)

*Has ALOT to say! Caden's current vocabulary consist of: see ya, ready set go, lock, shut, dog, up, out, all done, da-da, cat, more, cookie, car, fish, Thomas, ya, no-no, ears, eyes, nose, toes, shoes, DVD, uh - oh, mmaaahhh (that's for kisses) ~ (that's a handful ~ there may be a few more I'm forgetting).
He is also starting to say sentences that only he can understand. He points at something and will repeat it over and over but I can't understand what he is saying :0(

*Developmentally Caden is everywhere. He still is not walking unassisted but does a good job while holding onto our fingers or a piece of furniture. He does well walking along the wall. Our PT brought us this neat walker today ... and all I can say is watch out house! Dan is going to buy some foam pipe wraps tomorrow to wrap around it ~ in an attempt to save our walls!

*Into everything and imitating. Most recently he destroyed my bathroom drawer ... pulled out the hair straightener and imitated he was strengthening his hair. He pretends he is putting on make-up. Which are both quite funny because I rarely straighten my hair and never wear make-up. Both things he has picked up from watching our sitter get ready in the morning. He also took my cosmetic bag and had it around his arm, ready to go. I found him in Dan's closet the other morning with Dan's hat on ~ the crazy thing is the hat just about fits Caden's big 'ol noggin :0)

*He loves sitting on the kitchen counter pretending like he is making coffee. He watches Dan make his latte on the weekends and does a pretty darn good job imitating him. He is quite funny!

*He's a boy! The boys came down the hall the other day with foam guns in hand ~ I couldn't get my camera fast enough. Caden thought it was the funniest thing. Not that I'm too happy about Caden having toy guns - but I guess he's a boy and it was bound to happen ~ he found these tucked away in the closet.
Have a good rest of the week ... it's almost Friday ~ thank goodness!

May 8, 2009

It Must Be a Holiday Weekend

... because Caden has a 103.3 temperature! (It's not uncommon for achon's to run warmer then average ~ 99.2 is usually Caden's average - but 103.3 that's a little too high! )

Caden woke up at 4:45 this morning (two hours earlier then normal). He was a little cranky and I noticed he was coughing. I gave him Motrin and an albuterol nebulizer (for the cough) and left instructions for Dan. Our sitter was closed today, so it was Daddy & Caden day. The boys played all day and Dan took Caden to McDonald's along with his employees ~ yes, Dad likes to spoil Caden!

Dan brought Caden to me at work a half an hour before I was off since Dan had to wrap a few things up for the week. I could tell Caden wasn't feeling well just by looking at his eyes and his nose was running ... so I called our pediatrician and we were on our way.

When we got to the peds office his temp was 103.3. Bad Mommy ~ What kind of mom lets a kid's temp get that high?! He should have had another dose of Motrin earlier. Dan said they were having fun and Caden didn't get fussy till the last hour of their time together so he didn't think he needed medicine. I'm wondering if that is kind of like he didn't poop till you walked in the door :0)

Caden has a virus - hopefully I will be able to stay on top of his nebulizers and keep this one from needing steroids and or settling in his chest! I CANNOT deal with another hospital stay for his asthma - yuck!

This kid KNOWS when it is a holiday weekend! Guess we are staying home this weekend ... and hopefully he starts feeling better soon!

Here are a few pictures from the week ~ enjoy!

Wishing my Mom, Mother in Law, Grandma & all the other mommies a restful and chore free Mothers Day!

May 3, 2009

We Love a Parade ~ Part Two

After last weekend's Kiddie Parade I was excited to take Caden to the Grand Parade yesterday. I think Dan is happy as can be that Caden loves a parade .... His response to my declaration of how much Caden loved the kiddie parade was, "good, now you have someone to go with you and I don't have to go" ... whatever ~ I'll leave my thoughts on men to myself! (don't want to offend any male readers :0) )
Checking out the Apple Blossom Princesses :0)Caden and I had a fun time at the parade ... he even figured out how to plug his ears ... priceless!
We left the parade a few floats early ... so I could get sleepy eyes home for his nap. Once we got home he refused to take a nap and played in his crib for an hour ... so at 4:00pm after a fit (cause he's two) ... we found this on the floor.I moved him to his bed an hour later and he slept until 4:30 this morning ... yeah, waking up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning SUCKS!!! It's made for a long day!

... and a few random pictures from the weekend!
Caden LOVES to be outside ... I found him waiting at the back door to head outside with Daddy's slipper on.
I'm learning you just can't leave this kid alone ... I walked back into the family room and found that he had climbed up on the couch and "attempted" to do the guys payroll for me. Hope Caden added up those hours correctly ... I better double check it :0)
His latest fun thing to do is pull his wagon around the house ...
Caden loves to play chase ... here's a quick little clip of him "getting me" ...

Have a great week!