April 26, 2009

~ Someone Loves a Parade!

... doesn't everyone love a parade?! Our Annual Apple Blossom Festival kicked off this weekend ... and along with that comes the Kiddie Parade! I was a little unsure of what Caden would think about the parade after his tears at Supercross last weekend. But this kid {LOVED} the parade! My parents came over yesterday to spend the day with us and attend the parade. Which also meant Dan and I were able to get more yard work done since Grammy & Grandpa were here!
Caden was full of "ooohs, uh-ohs, yeahs, and cars" during the parade - as well as waving, clapping and pointing!
Ya gotta love this expression ... I think he is thinking what the heck ....
... Dora & Diego got huge!
he is clearly confused! :0)
Caden thought this group of Karate students were funny :0) He was giggling at them!
Yeah, I Love a Parade! Uh-Oh someone didn't make the whole parade ... remember what I said about getting this kid off his schedule ... it just doesn't work :0)
After the parade we went to the miniature train. This train is seasonal and only runs a couple of weekends a month during the spring and summer. This was the first time Caden got to experience the train ~ he thought it was fun! I'm sure we will be visiting the train more this summer :0)
.... and the Grand Parade is next weekend ... yeah!

Have a great week :0)

April 23, 2009

I Always Wanted a Boy ~

... but there are a few minor details I didn't know about!

*Boys need their haircut every other week! ~ High Maintenance!

*Boys touch worms .... EEEEWWWW!

*Boys huck sand EVERYWHERE!

*Boys eat sand ... it gets in their diapers and under their nails!

*and if you don't rinse out the tub after each bath ~ your tub will eventually turn into the sand box!

... but I wouldn't have it any other way! :0)

A quick little story ....

Since the day I found out Caden was a dwarf ... Dan and I have agreed we will not look at him or treat him differently then any other child.

At our appointment at Children's earlier this week there was a Mom with a boy probably about 8 or 9 years old. The Mom kept fussing over how adorable Caden was. When Caden and Dan walked over to the fish tank she asked how old Caden was and I responded with two. Thinking inside, I'm ready for the next response ~ he's so small, or he's two and he's not walking yet?! But instead she replied again with how cute he is ... so now I'm thinking oh we're at a Children's hospital so parents are more understanding that not every kid is from the same cookie cutter.

Then the boy and his Mom got called back to their appointment. Dan said to me ~ did you talk to them while Caden and I were at the fish tank. I said no, she just thought Caden was cute. Dan says but her son was a little person. I said he was?

I am bummed I didn't notice he was little because I missed the opportunity to talk to a Mom with experience raising a little person!

This little episode has been on my mind all week ... Why? Because I saw that boy as just a cute little boy. I didn't even notice he had achondroplasia. Maybe it's because I'm used to Caden's physique or maybe it's because that's what he is just a boy!

To sum it up ... I know Caden will get teased ... because all kids get teased for something ... but I hope that's how other's will see Caden, just as Caden ... Just another cute boy :0)

April 21, 2009

A Fun Filled Weekend & Caden Saved Us Money?!

*Warning - you might want to grab a beverage for this one ~ it's a long one!*

Caden, Dan and I had one BUSY, Fun, Three day weekend! Dan wanted to go to Supercross on the 18th and Caden had an appointment at Children's on the 20th ~ both events in Seattle ... so the weekend developed from there.
Usually we stay at the Silver Cloud hotel near Children's in Seattle .... but since Dan wanted to go to Supercross we thought maybe we should find a place closer to Qwest field, and there was a Mariner's game that same night so we knew traffic and parking was going to be near impossible! ... so I put on my thinking cap and hit the Internet. I found a Silver Cloud ACROSS the street from Qwest field ... it doesn't get any easier then that. When I called to inquire about their rates I asked if they had a Children's hospital rate .... Yep they did ~ SCORE!!! The hospital rate saved us $90.00 a night!!! HELLO?! Did you hear that ~ Caden saved us money, what? First time in two years :0)

After a little discussion we decided maybe we should hit up the Mariners game on Sunday since we were going to be right there ... so the weekend was planned out ... Drive to Seattle Saturday, Supercross Saturday night ... Mariners Sunday ... Bell Square and Cheesecake Factory Sunday after the game ... and Children's on Monday! I think somewhere along in the planning we forgot we have a two year old who is very scheduled. and he is not very happy when we mess up his sleeping schedule :0(

K ... so lets roll it ... here was our weekend!

This was the view from our hotel room! How cool is that?
"Come on Mom & Dad - I'm ready to get on with our vacation ~ let's go"
Caden wasn't so sure about the motorcycles ... they lit off fireworks at the beginning and that put him over the edge .... the big booms upset him and he cried for about 15 minutes :0( Then slept the rest of the time. Maybe next year :0)
We started game day off with pancakes at the restaurant in our hotel. Caden couldn't shove them in his mouth fast enough.
Caden wasn't so sure about the M's game ... and remember what I said about getting this kid off schedule? Ya, he slept through innings 2- 6. Not sure how he managed to sleep in this position ... and I love the fact that his feet are crossed and he left his sunglasses on for his nap. Then in the 7th he finally decided to wake up ... during the 9th inning he finally realized that when everyone else clapped, he was supposed to clap. Then the game was over ... sorry buddy, maybe next time you'll understand the clapping thing sooner :0)
This was seriously my favorite part of the weekend! Why? Because I love baseball! I love the medical care and financial assistance Children's Hospital has given Caden! and I think these two boys are pretty cute in their matching Griffey shirts! At Safeco Field they have this ADORABLE playground for the kids along with this adorable wishing well. The playground is supported by Children's hospital ... and the money raised in the wishing well goes towards Children's. How cool is that! Caden had a BLAST throwing money into the fountain ... until Daddy ran out of monies in his pocket :0( I couldn't take enough pictures at the fountain :0)
This was the view from the top of our hotel which also includes an outdoor swimming pool. I didn't think about bringing shorts for Caden . I figured it would be too cold! The Seattle weather proved us wrong and it turned out to be a gorgeous weekend! Caden had fun dangling his hands in the pool. He kept trying to dunk his head - goof ball! Hopefully this is a sign that he is going to enjoy the water more this summer!We got to Children's for our appointment early ... we weren't sure what traffic would be like. Since it was a nice day out we went down to the outside playground because we had extra time. Caden was happy to see his car ... he has one of these at daycare and loves it.... and finally ... onto his appointments! This appointment was to take a look at his developmental progress and to ponder decompression surgery again ~ (decompression means trimming away at the bone in the back of his neck to allow more room for the spinal cord - all LP's have some form of stenosis at the Foramen Magnum. Some more severe then others. At the base of the skull where the spinal cord goes to the brain in AH people it is circular, in LP's the opening is key hole shaped - The more severe usually require surgery.)
We saw our genetics nurse practitioner, orthopedic doctor and pulmonologist. They had hoped to get the neurosurgeon to join us but he was unavailable. I appreciate this team of doctors, they spent over two hours with us. They x-rayed Caden's back to look at his kyphosis. They are pleased with the results. It is straightening itself out and the ortho doc is 95% sure it will correct itself as Caden continues to walk.
We are still unsure what to do about his stenosis. They are happy with Caden's gross motor skill development but I got the impression they aren't thrilled with it. They feel Caden is still pretty "wobbly" in his legs. They felt his clonus had reduced itself a bit but they are getting a babinski reflex on his left toe. So what to do next? We are going to do another MRI in June. Yes it means anesthesia ... but I feel the pro's outweigh the risk of the anesthesia. Taking another "look" in there will show us what has gone on since his last MRI in July. Also we will have recent films to take to New York with us when we see the top LP doctors. Then we can take the Seattle doctor's opinions the top LP doctor's opinions and decide what we think is best for Caden ... totally not an easy decision!

Whew! So that was our crazy, busy, fun 3 days ... it's nice to be back home, but it was also nice to get away.

Have a great rest of the week :0)

April 17, 2009

~Our New Ad Campaign~

... not really our new ad campaign ~ but I thought he was pretty cute when I walked around the corner and saw him :0)

Caden's latest favorite is "driving" Daddy's truck! He loves to play in there. ...and when he isn't "driving" Daddy's truck he's pulling things out of drawers :0)Have a Great Weekend!

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Grammy came to visit yesterday and brought Caden a fun new sand & water table. Although I might replace the sand half with water .... Caden doesn't like the sand sticking to his fingers. Hello? What boy doesn't like dirt? I wont' complain though, I'm sure sooner or later he will learn to LOVE dirt! Since Grammy was here Dan and I were able to get the yard ready for summer and got lots of outside chores done :0)
Today was spent lo-key, the way a Holiday should be spent! The Easter Bunny left Caden a fun Easter Basket .... we played outside ... dyed Easter eggs .... and had ham & potatoes for dinner!
The Easter Bunny brought Caden MORE Geo-Trax!
I tried again to get the fun pictures I wanted of my little boy by the tulips ... Here's how the conversation went (how I interpreted Caden's babble) ...
"Okay, Mom ~ I'll sit in front of the damn tulips - but this is the only smile you're gonna get from me .... My Eddie Haskel/Kevin Harvick smile"
"Moooommmmm, I smiled ... get the camera away from me ... I'm gonna pick your tulips!"
"Okay Mooommmmm - are you happy now ~ I gave you my best cheeseburger smile"
"Will you take me to the garage door now so I can open it?!"
... and what was I thinking attempting to dye Easter eggs with a two year old?!
Buddy loved the scalloped potatoes with dinner!

As much as I love my little monster .... The innocence in this above picture is Heaven! No naughtiness and no talking back! :0) Hard to believe two years has gone by!
Happy Easter Friends & Family!