March 17, 2009

"Can't You Just Pull Him Out?"

Dan picked me up from work …. And we headed to the Doctors Office. My doctor was not in the office so I got to see the on call doctor – yeah, neat ~ Not! I tell him what I think happened and he responds with, “well it sounds like cervical mucus to me, but we will take a look” … “I’m thinking yeah, Whatever Doc!!!”. He takes one peek and responds with, “ well it looks like you are correct, it appears your water broke”. (No shit doctor! -That should have been my first clue to the next few years ahead of me. Doctors REALLY don’t know everything!) "I will meet you at the hospital." I confirm with him that I am going to the hospital here in town and not going to Seattle. I knew in advance that a lot of pre-term births were sent to Seattle …. He said, “nope 35 weeks is far enough along ~ I’ll meet you at the hospital!”. Okay … here we go!

I swear Dan took the LONGEST way to the hospital! All while talking to his sister on the phone, to tell her the events. Finally I ask him, “DO YOU know where you are going?”! Till this day – every time I drive to that hospital I am reminded of that drive with Dan … and I still wonder why we went the route we did. I think he was clearly in shock! :0)

Once we got to the hospital I get checked in, vitals were taken, a million questions asked, blah, blah, blah! Then the waiting began. Around 1:00pm they started me on Petocin because things were not moving.

My parents, brother, grandparents and a couple of my aunts arrived from Seattle sometime during the afternoon. As the evening went on I was getting irritable – my contractions were getting more intense. The college basketball games were on the TV in my room and it was noisy. I could care less about everything. The nurse came in to check me – since everyone had to leave the room for that – it was a perfect opportunity for me to ask the nurse if she could ask everyone to stay out of the room (sorry family!).

By 9:00 that night my contractions were getting really intense. I couldn’t relax with each contraction. I’ve never been much into self relaxation ~ I had left the option of an epidural open. Didn’t say yes or no in advance … we would just wait and see. However when I realized there was no way in heck I was going to be able to keep my hiney on the bed with each contraction I said – Yes, PLEASE to the epidural! And HELLO – that epidural was the BEST thing ever!!! The doctor came in shortly after that and said, “well it looks like things will continue at this pace on through the night – I’m going to head home and get some rest – I’m just a phone call away”.

About 11:15pm I felt like I had to pee and I felt a burning sensation. When the nurse came in a few minutes later. I told her, “ I think my epidural might be wearing off – I feel like I have to pee and it burns”. She said, “well let’s just take a look (she looks)~ Oh, MY – Don’t push!” I remember things getting really busy really quick, people in and out of the room. The doctor appeared a short while later – and it was time! It took me a while to figure out the whole pushing thing. Somewhere along the process I remember yelling at the doctor, “ Can’t you just PULL HIM OUT!” (I get it now – his head was much larger then the average newborn) … at 12:16 am, March 17th, We were blessed with this:

Baby Boy Wise
6 lbs 4 oz ~ 18.5 inches long

Caden’s first 24 hours of life were good … Dan had brought the car seat in … I thought we would be going home. But then on Caden’s second day, they took him into the nursery to do a routine check of his vitals … and it was there he decided to STOP breathing! Thank goodness the nurse was able to revive him! I am so thankful I didn't witness that incident! They attributed it to “apnea of prematurity” and started him on caffeine … Hello – I avoided caffeine my whole pregnancy :-)

It was there in that chair in the nursery we spent the next 31 days! I would go home for 8 hours or so at night to sleep and then right back up to the hospital in the morning.

It took Caden a while to learn to suck. He was gavage (tube) fed for his first 28 days! Looking back on that time there are so many “markers” that could have and should have been attributed to Caden’s dwarfism! I wonder if things would have been done differently if they knew he was a little person. In fact I know there were things that SHOULD have been done differently. Someday I may reflect on that in another post ~ But it does no good to dwell on the past! I am just THANKFUL we have this smiling boy today!

Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!


grammy said...

"Trish ~ You're an amazing mommy!!"
I Love You Both!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caden! He is such a cutie! I can't wait to meet all of you in NYC this summer!

Katie said...

Happy 2nd Birthday big guy! I can't believe he is 2 now!! Wow!! Have a wonderful celebration of life!

LM said...

Happiest of birthdays Caden. I'm sure mommy has treats in store for you.

-auntie weez

Jaime said...

Sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Caden from Caitlyn and myself! Hope he has a wonderful 2nd birthday!

Melissa Swartley said...

What a lucky boy to be born to such an amazing mommy! Happy Birthday and St. Patties Day!!!!

Emily said...

What a great story!! Happy Birthday, Caden! You sure had an exciting start to life. I hope Mommy eventually got to eat some carrot cake! (BTW, I have a similar memory of Devon taking the most ridiculous route HOME from the hospital...and I think about it each time I drive past there! I attributed his extreme loss of direction to nerves :-)

Melisa said...

Happy 2nd birthday Caden!

Anonymous said...



Alex said...

happy birthday Caden!!!!!!!!

My Story said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Buddy. T ~ you remember every detail, it's amazing! Celbrate and enjoy your Clown Cones. Luv, the Mocks

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Caden

We Love You.

Hope To See You Soon.

Great Grandpa and Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,
I thought I would wait until you were two years olds before I
started teaching you the facts of life.
First leson !!!

Always remember anything within 500 feet of the house is womens work.
Great Grmpa Ted

Wentworth Family said...

Trish, THANK YOU for the awesome job you continue to do with this blog-allowing us into "Caden's world"!

-much love,
Auntie Leslie

Anonymous said...

Great story Trish on how Caden's life began. Enjoyed reading it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!!!
Wow 2 already......

From cuzin Margie and family

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday Caden!!!

Hopefully you were too busy eating some birthday cake to listen to Great Grandpa's advice ;)

Ever Changing said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!!!!

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!

Caden and Bryan weighed and measured the exact same at coincidental. Bryan stopped breathing on the day he was suppose to go home as well. And also had a gavage..but I can't tell you for how many days.

Great Grampa Ted sounds like a real character. I would definitely supervise when he visits. ;0)

Greene Family said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!! We hope you had fun celebrating today! You are such a cutie!
What an amazing story! I thought the same thing when Simon was on caffeine in the NICU about avoiding it throughout my pregnancy. :)

Tonya said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!!!!

I love being able to share in your life!! Give us more great Caden stories!!

Love you Knoah's twin!

Aunt Jenny said...

Every year round Lilly's birthday I find myself thinking about that 24hr period of time around her birth. It was hard to feel the joy through the fear. I swear when your baby's born premature the details of that day are so much more vivid. The scariest day of my life is now my favorite day of the year. Those premies wow you in the end. Sorry about being on the phone with Dan. He was trying to be like Vern, in control but inside totally freaked!