March 23, 2009

The Party!!!

Sorry for the delay in the Birthday Party Post ~ I know some of you have been waiting patiently! I FINALLY got my new desk. Dan and I have shared a desk since our guest room became Caden's room and our office became an office/guest room. Things have been very tight in that room and Dan has been sick and tired of sharing with me. So ~ he approved of me spending the money on a new desk. We put my desk in our bedroom ~ and now we again have separate desks! I love my new desk ... and am so proud of myself for spending the money on it! I have not had a new piece of furniture in a VERY long time. The last new piece of furniture I bought was Caden's bedroom furniture from the Land of Nod and that was nicer then the furniture Dan and I have. Ikea, although it's cheap ... just doesn't cut it anymore. It took a few years for Dan to convince me of that! So needless to say, I spent yesterday organizing my desk ... and with a "little helper" it became an all day process ... therefor causing the delay in my Birthday Party post :0) Okay so here we go ~

We didn't have a big First Birthday Party for Caden .... because I know kids parties can be overwhelming. His Second Birthday Party confirmed that! Caden is not used to being around a lot of people including kids! His daycare is relatively small, usually there are only 2 or 3 other kids there. So to have a larger number of kids and adults put him over the edge! And Mommy is still learning how to function at these gatherings. Everything turned out fine and Caden got through his fits! Part of Caden's fits are because he WANTS to walk ... but he still needs help. So if you aren't going to hold his fingers he is going to TELL you ABOUT it!!! Oh, and if he doesn't know you that well, then he doesn't want YOUR help .... oh the joys :0)

"Go ahead Mom, you can try and get a cute picture of me in this chair ... but I am going to continue to try and crawl out of it and play with my truck!"
I added "Ian" to the banner. Ian is our neighbor boy who was born 20 minutes before Caden. We didn't even realize we were at the hospital at the same time until the Dad's ran into each other in the hall of the hospital.The adorable M&M goodie bags I made as favors.
The cakes - ugh - I'm not a baker! The Thomas cake was decorated twice. The first time I did the tracks and Dan said I did it all wrong so I scraped the frosting off and Dan made the tracks.
The cakes had lumps in the top so when I flipped them upside down on top of each other there was a gap. I hid the gap with a ribbon around the middle ~ tricky :0)"Hey guys ... do you see Thomas up there on the counter?!"
Do you think these clowns are brothers?!
Bubbles, and balls ... what more could a two year old want?
I tried to get a picture of Caden with his cake .... but he wasn't having any part of it :0(Ian liked his little cake!
"Wow Grammy - a bubble mower - yeah!"
I realized it's impossible to get two two year olds to look at the camera at the same time!
"I've had it! Can someone just please hold my hands so I can walk?! How dare you leave me sitting here!"
"So Grandpa - now that you got me this cool bubble mower can you walk me around all day? You can always go see the chiropractor when you get home :0)"
"Okay, all my friends are gone... now I will decide to eat my cake and be cute. But Mom, I really don't like messy fingers .... so maybe I don't want my cake!"
... A new day ... a few pictures from the remainder of the weekend!
"Hey, Dad ~ since you have your phone I will make a call on mine too!"
Caden loves this chair that the physical therapist is sharing with us ~ he gets in the silliest positions in the chair! He thinks it is his jungle jim!
Yes, I bought my kid a broom for his birthday~ and yes he got a vacuum for Christmas. I'm hoping that when he is 10 he will still think it's cool to help Mom around the house. :0)

Have a great week!

March 20, 2009

Caden's Two Year Well Child Check Up!

Caden had his two year "Well" Child Check yesterday. I hesitate on saying "well" child check because it turns out Caden has a left ear infection! He didn't sleep well the night before last and when I picked him up from daycare yesterday it was reported he didn't take a very good nap. So when the doctor was doing her examination I said, "can you take an EXTRA good look in those ears". Yep, sure enough fluid in the left one. Hopefully antibiotic ear drops will clean it up. But, hey for Caden's standards he is WELL :0)

We reviewed his height, weight and head size on the achon charts and also reviewed his development on the achon chart. As the pediatrician was reviewing his development with me she stopped herself midway through and said, "wait, you brought these charts to me, you already know this". I do love our Pediatrician - even though she knows virtually nothing about dwarfism, we work well together!

On the achon charts, Caden is in the 75th percentile for height (29.75 in), 75th percentile for weight(25.1 lbs) and 50th for head size (53.5 cm) - Good job buddy!

As the pediatrician was carrying him around the office her only advice to Caden was, "Caden you are getting too heavy, you need to learn to walk" :0) My reply was, "Tell me about it!". He didn't have to have immunizations this visit :-) ~ The doctor gave him a lollipop and we were on our way!

These pictures are a little blurry I took them with my cell camera ~ Caden insisted on playing in the nasty dirty playhouse at the pediatrician's office. I cringe knowing that EVERY germy kid has played in it ~ but how do you keep a two year old away from a toy? He LOVES going in and out the door over and over!

Enjoy your weekend!

March 17, 2009

~ TWO!!! ~

Caden was WELL taken care of today! He received lots of cards and presents in the mail (Thank you!). He had a fun party at daycare and got a bubble machine, oh boy! On my lunch hour I ran to Hallmark and picked up balloons then went to Baskin & Robbins to get clown cones ... then went home to DECORATE :-) It's amazing what I can get done in one hour with no kid in tow ~
We opened presents ...
We had a yummy dinner which included mashed potatoes (one of Caden's favorites!) ....
We went to the park ....
We had Clown Cones ....
Not too sure about that candle!
and we had a bath!

I'm worn out!
.... and the spoiled little buddy gets another party Saturday! Stay tuned :-)

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden!

"Can't You Just Pull Him Out?"

Dan picked me up from work …. And we headed to the Doctors Office. My doctor was not in the office so I got to see the on call doctor – yeah, neat ~ Not! I tell him what I think happened and he responds with, “well it sounds like cervical mucus to me, but we will take a look” … “I’m thinking yeah, Whatever Doc!!!”. He takes one peek and responds with, “ well it looks like you are correct, it appears your water broke”. (No shit doctor! -That should have been my first clue to the next few years ahead of me. Doctors REALLY don’t know everything!) "I will meet you at the hospital." I confirm with him that I am going to the hospital here in town and not going to Seattle. I knew in advance that a lot of pre-term births were sent to Seattle …. He said, “nope 35 weeks is far enough along ~ I’ll meet you at the hospital!”. Okay … here we go!

I swear Dan took the LONGEST way to the hospital! All while talking to his sister on the phone, to tell her the events. Finally I ask him, “DO YOU know where you are going?”! Till this day – every time I drive to that hospital I am reminded of that drive with Dan … and I still wonder why we went the route we did. I think he was clearly in shock! :0)

Once we got to the hospital I get checked in, vitals were taken, a million questions asked, blah, blah, blah! Then the waiting began. Around 1:00pm they started me on Petocin because things were not moving.

My parents, brother, grandparents and a couple of my aunts arrived from Seattle sometime during the afternoon. As the evening went on I was getting irritable – my contractions were getting more intense. The college basketball games were on the TV in my room and it was noisy. I could care less about everything. The nurse came in to check me – since everyone had to leave the room for that – it was a perfect opportunity for me to ask the nurse if she could ask everyone to stay out of the room (sorry family!).

By 9:00 that night my contractions were getting really intense. I couldn’t relax with each contraction. I’ve never been much into self relaxation ~ I had left the option of an epidural open. Didn’t say yes or no in advance … we would just wait and see. However when I realized there was no way in heck I was going to be able to keep my hiney on the bed with each contraction I said – Yes, PLEASE to the epidural! And HELLO – that epidural was the BEST thing ever!!! The doctor came in shortly after that and said, “well it looks like things will continue at this pace on through the night – I’m going to head home and get some rest – I’m just a phone call away”.

About 11:15pm I felt like I had to pee and I felt a burning sensation. When the nurse came in a few minutes later. I told her, “ I think my epidural might be wearing off – I feel like I have to pee and it burns”. She said, “well let’s just take a look (she looks)~ Oh, MY – Don’t push!” I remember things getting really busy really quick, people in and out of the room. The doctor appeared a short while later – and it was time! It took me a while to figure out the whole pushing thing. Somewhere along the process I remember yelling at the doctor, “ Can’t you just PULL HIM OUT!” (I get it now – his head was much larger then the average newborn) … at 12:16 am, March 17th, We were blessed with this:

Baby Boy Wise
6 lbs 4 oz ~ 18.5 inches long

Caden’s first 24 hours of life were good … Dan had brought the car seat in … I thought we would be going home. But then on Caden’s second day, they took him into the nursery to do a routine check of his vitals … and it was there he decided to STOP breathing! Thank goodness the nurse was able to revive him! I am so thankful I didn't witness that incident! They attributed it to “apnea of prematurity” and started him on caffeine … Hello – I avoided caffeine my whole pregnancy :-)

It was there in that chair in the nursery we spent the next 31 days! I would go home for 8 hours or so at night to sleep and then right back up to the hospital in the morning.

It took Caden a while to learn to suck. He was gavage (tube) fed for his first 28 days! Looking back on that time there are so many “markers” that could have and should have been attributed to Caden’s dwarfism! I wonder if things would have been done differently if they knew he was a little person. In fact I know there were things that SHOULD have been done differently. Someday I may reflect on that in another post ~ But it does no good to dwell on the past! I am just THANKFUL we have this smiling boy today!

Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!

March 16, 2009

I just wanted Carrot Cake!

~ TWO ~ years ago at this very minute (9:36am) we were having a celebration for one of our staff members at work - this celebration included Carrot Cake! My favorite! Being 34 weeks pregnant ... it was REALLY my favorite!

I decided I better stop at the restroom on my way down the hall ... hadn't done that in a few hours ... and again, being 34 weeks pregnant ... I had to stop there ALOT!

I thought I had finished going to the rest room .... but by the sounds of it I hadn't. It was a few seconds (seemed like minutes) later that I realized - Uh-oh! My water had broke!

I called Dan to come pick me up and we were on our way to the doctor's office! If only I knew what the next two years had in store :0)

March 10, 2009


Caden's latest word of repetition is NO! and he knows what it means.
*I ask him if he wants to take a bath or as he calls it a "bass" and he shakes his head and replies no, no, no!
*If he doesn't like his food choice he tells me No!, No! all while shaking his head and pushing it off his tray!
*If he isn't ready to leave the house - I am told NO!
*When we enter a store he says no, no, no! Neat, he hates shopping already - such a boy!
*If a TV show is on other then Thomas or as Caden says "Do-Domas" he says no, no, no ~ Do-Domas!
I am left to wonder if this is normal behavior for a child? Or do I have one of those kids on my hands that will be visiting the principals office weekly?

A few cute "Cadenism's" ~ his newest thing is to cover his mouth when he coughs. He will even "fake" cough just so he can cover his mouth.
I went to change his diaper over the weekend ... unzipped his jammies and he had puzzle pieces hiding in his jammies! Character!
We are working on saying please ... even though Caden pronounces it as "leeezzz" :-)
Caden LOVES brushing his teeth ... he insisted on bringing his newest Lighting McQueen toothbrush with him to the grocery store today - some kids have blankies, my kid has a toothbrush. Guess it could be worse!

.... here are a few recent pictures the monster!

"Mom, do you think this snow will ever stop? I'm really quite disgusted with it and would like to go to the park! Will spring ever get here?"
I found THE shirt :-) It says, "I may not be tall, but at least I don't fall short" :-)
It is amazing how flexible these kids are ... Caden was literally sleeping with his legs in the splits!
I find myself taking lots of pictures of Caden sitting and standing. I'm so used to him being horizontal that when I find him vertical I have to look twice :-) Good job buddy! It is amazing how quickly he can pull himself up! He's come a long way!
Too bad this kid doesn't have ANY toys!
He is definitely feeling better! and clearly only a week away from TWO!