February 28, 2009

I too could hit a homerun ....

For those of you that truly know me ... you know that I am very uncoordinated ... always picked last in P.E., my dad could never get me to throw a baseball the correct way, Dan laughs at me when I try to punch, etc ....

But today .... I've discovered that I too could be like A-Rod 0r Barry Bonds and hit a home run .... I just need STEROIDS :0)

Caden is doing much better after 36 hours of steroids being pumped through his little body. His lungs are recovering well! Dan says they aren't the same type of steroids that A-Rod used/uses .... but to me a steroid is a steroid! He is literally trying to climb the rails of his crib ... and believe it or not THOMAS isn't even getting him to hold still! I took a few pics and will download them when we are home.

We got to have a little fun yesterday and today .... is that allowed in a hospital?! Our LP friends Bob and his son Chase came to visit. Chase is ADORABLE! I love having them here in Wenatchee :0) It will be so fun for Caden to grow up - looking up to Chase! Last night Dan relieved me for a little break so I took a walk past the nursery ... our pediatrician caught me looking at the little ones :-) and I also saw a few of our favorite night nurses from when Caden was in the nursery.
Today we got to go for a few walks with the IV pole in tow. Caden was literally trying to crawl into his stroller when our pediatrician was here this morning. So she told the nurses we could disconnect his oxygen and pulse ox. Caden wore his sunglasses and cheesed it up for everyone who walked by. On our last walk this evening we walked by the nursery to see the adorable new babies .... It was shift change so several of our favorite nurses were working. We held Caden up to the window to see them and of course he hammed it up for them :0) After spending Caden's first 31 days in that nursery I feel like those nurses are family!

As long as Caden can keep his oxygen level up tonight we get to go home in the morning. So far he is sleeping peacefully with .3 litres (same as at home) and he is keeping his level around 96, 97 which is good!

I'm looking forward to being home and getting a good nights sleep ... the last 3 nights have been awful!

February 27, 2009


Well in my last post ... dumb me ... made mention that everything has been pretty routine. STUPID!

I picked Caden up from Daycare Wednesday ... he was fine. We had Physical Therapy .... he was his normal self. The Physical Therapist commented that, "Caden is more strong willed then an average two year old" - Thanks :0) Wasn't sure if that was a compliment ...

Put Caden to bed Wednesday night ... fine ... same as routine ....

Three hours later Caden wakes up coughing! What the heck ... I think okay, must have been an apnea spell.

Thirty minutes later he wakes up crying ... I notice his nose is running!

GREAT ... we must have another cold ... no temp though .... the night continues with him waking up every 20 minutes. I start his albuterol treatments because I know what comes with these colds ...

I call into work sick yesterday ... sorry, neither one of us has had any sleep. No way I can function and I'm not taking a whinny sick kid to daycare.

Yesterday ... minus the runny nose Caden is fine. Being silly, climbing everywhere, etc... I ask him? Did you fake sick so Mommy would have a stay at home day with you?! Mommy is delirious because she has had no sleep.

Falls asleep last night at 5:00. Sleeps better then the night before. But still wakes every couple hours. At his 4:00 wake up I think it sounds like he is breathing pretty hard ..... but he falls back to sleep.

At 5:45 this morning I decide okay, we better start our day. You are going to daycare and Mommy is going to work .... my sick leave was gone in December. So every day off is a day with no pay!

I turn on the light ... look at his belly working SO hard to breathe... he is lethargic ... showing no desire for his morning bottle .... take his temp ... 101 .... check his oxygen saturation .... 86 .... NEAT. I know where this is heading. I put Caden in bed with Dan, I call our pediatrician's office ... get the switchboard. Say I need to talk to Dr. Baumeister or the ped on call ... my son is on a special list.

10 minutes later our wonderful pediatrician calls .... tell her what's going on ... and she says exactly what I knew she was going to .... "pack your bags, I'll meet you at the ER".

WHY?! ASTHMA sucks! I'm learning this disease hits so quickly. Yesterday his oxygen was 95, 96 .... I did the albuterol routinely. I asked our ped if there is ANYTHING I can do to control this ... she says, nope, you are doing all the right things!

So here we sit in the hospital AGAIN for his asthma! Third time since October. I told our ped we are on a two month cycle .... October, December and now February. She says well if he keeps this cycle up we will skip his birthday month - cross your fingers :0)

Caden is sleeping now and sounds much better then this morning. They are giving him IV steroids so get ready for the return of crazy boy!

... and maybe these bi monthly hospital visits are becoming routine? ... So, yes I guess everything continues to be routine in our house :0)

February 22, 2009

Our Buddy!

Things have been pretty routine lately ~ (knock on wood!) Not a lot to share ... just pictures :0)
Why, why, why did I ever introduce Caden to Thomas? Was I looking for punishment? Caden has recently thrown some of his best fits when we tell him ,"NO, you can't watch Thomas"
Caden now says "cheese" when you take his picture :0)
The other morning when I went to rescue Caden from his crib ... I found this pile. He had gathered all of his toys, blankets ... etc. What a character!

Good Night Sweet Boy :0)
Look - now Caden can crawl up onto the dishwasher lid - oh boy!
Can you see his energy exploding in these pictures?!

Have a great week!

February 16, 2009


We went to see Playhouse Disney Live yesterday! I was in disbelief during the whole show that I was really in Wenatchee and Tigger and his buddies were in my own backyard! I know there were many in our city that were against the building of our new arena ~ However I feel differently! ~ What an awesome opportunity! We will definitely go to each Disney show that comes through town .... and when Caden is old enough to tell me "no more Mom" I will be sad :0(Our seats were great, second row! Caden sat completely STILL the entire show and didn't say one word the whole 75 minutes! His big brown eyes were fixated at the stage the entire time!!! It was too priceless! :0)
My parents came to visit Saturday and left yesterday morning. Caden had a fun filled weekend of being spoiled .... he slept an extra hour this morning ~ I think he was wiped out :0)

February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Caden had a super cute Valentine party at Childcare on Thursday .... We bought Thomas Valentines to pass out to his friends ~ His reaction when I showed the box to him was oooohhhhh :0)
I love it ... he had a bag "mailbox" for his valentines. Brings back memories!
I couldn't resist making these ADORABLE "pooch pops" I found in Parents magazine. I was up quite late making them Wednesday night - but it was so worth it :0)
Happy Valentines Day!

February 9, 2009


We have a MONSTER in our house ... hence why I have not updated our blog recently (sorry Grandma & Grandpa!). Caden is just a little over a month shy of two and oh boy help us! His recent communication consist of: a wave, wave, pointing away and then Caden saying "see ya". Hence you are not wanted. He freely does this to Dan, Uncle Abe or I. In other words he wants us to get the hint and leave (Stinker!). He also SCREAMS NOOOOOOOO and waves and points away if he doesn't want us near him. He proudly displayed that communication this morning when I tried to pick him up from resting in bed with Dan. (Brat!) When it was time to get out of the bath tonight he proceeded to tell me "no, no" and point me to the door (Little Sh*&) and to top it off ~ I put him down for his nap Saturday a half hour usual then later. He proceeded to shake half of his bottle all over the crib and play in his crib for TWO hours before finally falling asleep! Needless to say ~ My hands are FULL! But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

The boys on SuperBowl - Why does Caden need TWO taquito's?

Yes, we have a Monkey in our house!

Last week was busy preparing for the Home Show, again why I haven't had time to update. Dan had a booth again at this years home show so that meant getting the flyer's created and printed, coupons created and making his website presentable. Doing the marketing and bookkeeping for Dan's business is yet another job I have ~ MHHH, wonder why there is never a free minute for me?! The show went well, regardless of what everyone is saying about the economy. Several people expressed interest in receiving estimates. So we will see what the final outcome is. Traditionally the home show has been what kicks off business for the year.

"In Training"

Caden is SO into Thomas the Train! He refuses to watch anything else. Constantly pointing at the DVD player, "on, on, on". We had to go buy him his own Thomas DVD this weekend because Blockbuster needed their copy back. Seriously! What is with Thomas? It is the most annoying cartoon I have EVER seen .... It is so monotone and the Trains have beady little eyes! I'm trying to figure out why I ever introduced him to Thomas?! Clearly I had not ever seen the cartoon before. My advice to any parents who have not yet introduced their child to Thomas - Save yourself your sanity and DON'T do it!

Caden loves his Geo - Trax, but there are a couple other "boys" around who love it just as much. Notice Caden is no where to be found in this below picture. He had left the room :0)
Finally, As you may remember a few weeks ago I posted about our doctor visits. I left those appointments feeling a little confused about the correct actions to take regarding Caden's stenosis. I contacted our genetics Nurse Practitioner, Dawn, and she recommended sending Caden's MRI and CT Scan's to Dr. Rimoin and Dr. Danielpour at Cedar's Sinai in California to get their opinion. They have a well known skeletal dysplasia team there and she also used to work with them at Cedar's. Dawn called me this afternoon with their feedback. Dr. Danielpour suggested a consideration of decompression surgery. SO where do we go from here? Dawn said Dr. Danielpour is more aggressive when it comes to surgery, where our neurosurgeon at Children's is very conservative. Dr. Pauli, who some would call the achon expert says yes, surgery. Our NP is really on the fence as are Dan and I. Caden is doing AWESOME developmentally and has made such HUGE advances since his tonsillectomy. For that reason she feels the surgery may not be as warranted as the films show. Often times they like to look at the patient rather than the films. If you "look" at Caden he is not showing "signs" of needing a decompression. But if you "look" at the scans, they show that yes, he may be a candidate for surgery. It's difficult because if we miss the opportunity for a decompression Caden can suffer long term un repairable damage ~ but at the same time the surgery is risky! So - Again ~ welcome to Parenthood ~ more than I could have ever imagined! In the meantime we are going to visit genetics in April to have Caden's developmental progress assessed and revisit the surgery options at that time. (So much for not having to go back for 6 months! ~ I knew it was too good to be true)

Oh, boy, that was a mouthful .... I have to go watch the Bachelor now. That and Desperate Housewives are the only two hours of TV I watch a week. Dan question's why I can't find better shows to watch ..... but I like my trash TV ~ Gotta Love Wisteria Lane :0)

I will leave you with a few pictures from our adventure to the park this afternoon ...