October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Buddy and I got to have a little fun this morning before I took him to Childcare! He chilled in the high chair while I got stew cooking in the crock-pot! We always have stew on Halloween :0) He wore his Monkey suit to childcare today ... I figured the puppy costume would be too awkward to wear all day.

Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2008

Caden's First School Project!

Is this not the cutest thing?! Caden had his first "school project". He had to bring a pumpkin to childcare yesterday.

... and this is what he created. Chrissy, his sitter, said he painted it all by himself!

We attempted to carve pumpkins last night, but Caden found no interest in it. He laughed when I cut off the top and pulled it off. He thought it was funny watching the seeds pop everywhere. But other than that, he was back on the floor 5 minutes later, playing with is parking garage, and I left was carving the pumpkin by myself ... maybe next year!

October 28, 2008

Our Second Home ...

... the Pediatrician's office! In the last week we've had to see our Pediatrician twice! After 3 nights in a row last week of Caden waking up multiple times, I realized his breathing seemed a bit off and it must be related to his asthma. So we had a visit to the pediatrician. Caden now gets albuterol nightly at bedtime. Also, on this visit to the doc she reviewed the results from our last CT scan at Children's. She had requested a scan of his sinus's. Sure enough they were FULL of gunk, which would explain why he had been sick for over a month. So she extended his antibiotics out another two weeks.

Yesterday, the sitter called me at work to tell me Caden's left ear was draining. So back to the pediatrician we go ... an EAR INFECTION ... huh? how does that happen when he has been on Augmentin for 2 1/2 weeks, one of the stronger antibiotics! They took a culture of the drainage and gave us ear drops.

Seriously ... our night time routine before bed is a solid half an hour! Ear drops, Augmentin, Albuterol, Pulmacort, Miralax, Flintsone Vitamin, Prevacid, Oxegyn on ... then bottle! I'm exhausted! -

Caden is acting happy ... and not leading on that he is sick!

Crossing our fingers that none of this prevents his tonsillectomy from happening Monday!

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Caden and I spent the weekend at my parents ... it was Grammy's Birthday weekend. My parent's were thrilled to have Caden visit for the weekend. Caden was feeling 100% - and my parent's realized we didn't have to wipe his nose once! It seems as if every time we visit he has the sniffles!

On Saturday, Grandpa wanted to go to the pumpkin patch ... that place was a zoo!!!! Seriously, I don't think Caden had ever seen so many people in one place! But we got a pumpkin to take to childcare.

Sunday, we went to Salty's for brunch (Caden loved the waffles!) and then started on our 3 hour adventure back home! A quick, busy, little trip!

I'm It ...

K - Not to be left out - Emily tagged me, so I will comply:

10 Years ago:
1- I was finishing my last quarter of college
2- Looking for a "real job"
3-Had time to work out, get manicures & pedicures, keep up on "life"
4- Had NO debt
5- Could stay up until 2 in the morning and wake up 4 hours later for school!

5 Thing's on Tomorrow's To Do List:
1- Take Caden to and from childcare
2 - Work - Yuck!
3-Caden's Physical Therapy at 3:30
4- Caden's Haircut at 6:00
5 - Laundry
... I only get 5?! But there is more on my list!

5 Thing's I would do if I were a millionaire:
1- Pay off Caden's medical bills
2 - Buy a 2nd home near Disneyland
3- Buy a 3rd home in Woodinville
4- Give back to Children's hospital
5 - Buy a Volvo XC90

5 Places I have lived:
1- Kent, WA
2- Ellensburg, WA
3- Redmond, WA
4- Sammamish, WA
5- Wenatchee, WA

5 Jobs I've had:
1- Safeway - Floral Dept & Checker
2-Safeway (Division Office)
3-Front Desk - Athletic Club
4- Middle School ASB Secretary
5- Only have had 4!

I tag Tanya & Kristina!!!!

October 22, 2008

A Fun Fall Day!

Yesterday after work we went to Smallwood's Harvest. The cute "tourist trap" near Leavenworth. Caden loved the Petting Zoo. However he wanted to pet all the animals (ewww... dirty!)

... And I couldn't resist more cute pictures on the front porch !

October 19, 2008

The Cutest Puppy on the Block!!!

It was a good weekend .... I didn't have to wipe a little nose once!!!! and I finally got my front porch decorated for Fall! Such Simple Pleasures!!!!

The weekend was a busy one ~ playing catch up from the last two weekends with the usual housework, errands, bills, etc! I still feel a little overwhelmed, but slowly things will get under control again!

Caden has been in a great mood the last few days and is keeping Dan and I entertained. For some reason everything is funny to him!

Clapping - Yeah!

Being Silly!

I bought a sport cap that fits on water bottles ... Caden loves to drink out of it!

The Rolling Pin is Fun!

And now for total cuteness ... the cutest PUPPY!!!!

Happy Halloween!

October 14, 2008

Another Dr. Visit Completed

We met with the neurosurgeon .... at this time he does not feel that Caden needs decompression surgery. Which I guess is good news. He feels his stenosis is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. He is not too concerned about the signal change on the spinal cord.

** Just realizing I never filled you in on Dr. Pauli's feedback earlier last week. He feels that Caden's stenosis is tight ... however what is more concerning to him on the MRI is it is showing a signal change on the spinal cord. A signal change is an area of the spinal cord that has lacked oxygen. Because of this signal change he feels that decompression surgery would be a good idea. He feels that Caden's sleep apnea is severe and agrees with the tonsillectomy.**

I am happy with the news today however still a little concerned because of Dr. Pauli's opinion. I will send Caden's CT scan from our visit today to Dr. Pauli and ask him to review it also. I respect our neurosurgeon, however I know Dr. Pauli has more experience with achondroplasia children. It's tough to know who's opinion to trust.

Our neurosurgeon did check Caden's reflexes. Which include checking for Clonus as well as the Babinski test. Caden responded fine to each test. Which is good. If he failed those that would be an external sign of the signal change on the spinal cord.

Hopefully we can relax these next couple of weeks, Caden will get 100% over his cold, and we can enjoy fall before his tonsillectomy on November 3rd! Hopefully December will be a month of rest then things will pick up again in January with medical appointments. We will have a follow up sleep study as well as follow up/check in visits with Urology, Genetics, Neurosurgery and Neurodevelopment. - ma, ma, mia! I'm overwhelmed already.

Breaking NEWS - We stopped at Jamba Juice on the way home today. ... and Caden drank through a straw for the first time. It was the CUTEST darn thing. Dan and I were pretty excited. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it on camera. Dan was driving and I was holding the juice for Caden.

Sorry no pictures on this post :0( I'm off to bed ... I think I'm running on a total of 18 hours of sleep over the last four nights ... wahhh!!

CT Scan Down

Caden had his CT scan done ... and he did perfectly fine with the anesthesia! They were able to give him the anestesia through a mask, which was a lot less invasive then a tube! He bounced back fine! We went down to the cafeteria after the scan and he inhaled scrabled eggs, hashbrowns and yogurt! We are hanging out in the family resource center now ... and Caden is meeting new friends :0)
Next we meet with the neurosurgeon ... I'll update on that visit later today or tomorrow!

October 12, 2008

Back Home!

The doctor dismissed us around noon today - thank goodness. Honestly I thought we would only have to stay one night. I was surprised Friday night when our pediatrician told us we probably wouldn't get to leave until Sunday. During our 48 hours there they pumped lots of antibiotics and steroids through an IV to hopefully get Caden healthy. He is on steroids for 3 more days at home and antibiotics for 14 days (wow. seems a little excessive to me).

The most frustrating part of our time at the hosptial was educating the nurses. No one had any knowledge of Achondroplasia. They were in a "tizzy" because his oxygen level wouldn't get higher then 98 ... sorry, it just doesn't. They couldn't accept that for an answer. And during the night ... oh boy, with his obstructive apnea, his oxygen level would drop down into the 80's at times while he was sleeping ... that put them for a real spin. Thank heaven's I had my "Caden" binder with me. I let them read the sleep study reports and any other reports they wished too. One nurse questioned how I had learned so much about Achondroplasia ... I said it's my hobby :0) No really, thank goodness for the Internet, my LP blog buddies, and the POLP Yahoo board!

As far as the asthma ... the pediatrician feels that, yes, it is asthma. She gave me some pointers, tips on what to do to avoid an attack. As Caden continues to grow we will get a better idea of what the "triggers" are for him. Neat ... one more thing to add to his health profile. AHHH!!

Caden seemed to love the hospital food (YUCK!) He ate ALL of his child sized serving of meatloaf last night. This morning he hate all of his eggs as well as mine ... These steroids are giving him the munchies~!

He is feeling better - but still not 100% - he has a goopy cough and the grossest green drainage coming from his nose. Caden is very happy to be home (as well as his Mommy & Daddy!) in his own bed. We came home and gave him a bath then he fell asleep for three hours. He went to bed on time to night with no fussing and even let us put his nasal cannula in for oxygen with NO fight! Yeah!

We are planning on going ahead with our visit to Children's Tuesday for the CT scan and neurosurgery appointment.

Thank you for all of your kind comments ... I enjoy reading them! Wishing you a good week! I'll leave you with a few pictures of our little monster!

He thought he was an animal at the zoo and could bite the cage!

October 10, 2008

This Isn't Disneyland ...

No Buddy ... it's the hospital! Yes, Caden has earned an overnight stay in our local hospital! I think I am at my wits end! He woke up Wednesday morning with a runny nose and congestion. Just a few days after I declared ... He's finally healthy! I wanted to go postal. Last night his runny nose and congestion moved into his chest, so we started his nebulizer treatments with the albuterol! Last night was looonnnnggg ... he awoke every hour. I took him to our pediatrician this morning. While we were there he decided to have a coughing fit (?possible asthma attack?) and turn blue around the lips. After a nebulizer treatment at the pediatricians his oxygen level was still in the low 80's (should be in the high 90's). So our pediatrician kindly told us to head to the hospital. (Crap! - happy 3 day weekend to me!)

He is doing better this evening. They have him on a low dose oxygen, pulse ox, IV with an antibiotic and steroids, as well nebulizer treatments every 2 hours. Clearly all things I could do at home. But I understand better to be safe then sorry. And I am looking forward to sleeping in the comfy hospital bed - not! Dan brought me a survival kit - which includes my laptop ... so as long as I have Internet I can survive :0)

I guess our next conversation with the pediatrician will be ... does Caden really have asthma, which she has suspected before. Or is this a nasty cold that has gotten in his lungs?!

Caden has been sick off and on for four weeks now! I am really hoping we can find an end to this madness for my sanity and his health as well as his development! Most importantly his CT scan is scheduled for this Tuesday and I hope he is well enough for it!

Wishing you a happy weekend ... have a little fun for Caden and I :0)

October 6, 2008

Little Monster Band!

Caden loves this little snip-it they play on the Disney Channel. He really gets into it :0) Maybe we have a future drummer? He's also taking a liking to Daddy's stereo. He has every button pushed on the stereo. Sorry Daddy!

October 5, 2008

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Caden is healthy! NO more Flu and no more cold! We started him on Flintstone Vitamins this weekend. He loves them ... he whines for more ... he doesn't quite get that you only get one a day. So, so far, so good - it doesn't look like he will hide his vitamins under the fridge like Daddy did when he was a little boy :0) Now the trick is keeping him healthy for the next month. We have a couple of very important appointments coming up. On the 14th Caden will have a CT scan of his neck & head with anesthesia (yuck!) and then we will follow up with the neurosurgeon.

AND as a result of our visit with the ENT last week, Caden will have his tonsils removed on November 3rd. I'm kicking myself all over with this one. As I said in my post last week I wish I would have fought harder in June. But, I need to get over it ... I can't change the past! The ENT said that Caden's tonsils appear to have grown and now feels they are a 4 out of a 4 ... with 4 being the largest. Now, how he remembers what size Caden's tonsils were in the Spring is beyond me. He sees how many tonsils a day? and he remembers Caden's? Must be an art! Or a cover up for not removing them in June!

Dr. Pauli IS willing to review Caden's Sleep Studies and MRI's. He will get back to us this week with his opinion and thoughts! YEAH! It was virtually impossible to get copies of these reports while we were at
Children's last week. AGAIN I was reminded what a joke our health care system is. I went to the medical records department (obvious place, wouldn't you think?!) They told me it would take a couple of weeks to get the reports because they have to get authorization from the Dr. to release the reports to me. Hello? I'm the mother - this is my child! Long story short, I didn't need Dr's authorization to have them sent directly to Dr. Pauli. So I went that route, it's more convienient anyway. I still did request copies for me, but will have to wait for them to arrive.

Caden and I had a busy weekend. Since we are finally healthy we had to play catchup; Costco, Target, Grocery Store, Vacuum, Laundry, Pay Bills, etc. ... I even managed to get the fall decorations out! Dan went camping for the weekend with his Dad and brothers.

Caden finally received his LPA membership card in the mail this weekend. He is "reading" his letter :0)

Watching Preston's latest video. If you haven't met Preston yet you are missing out on cuteness!