August 31, 2008

Back to Work - Ugh!

I've been MIA for several days - I apologize to my family who anxiously check my blog daily looking for new pictures of Caden. I returned to work just about two weeks ago ... and I must say I'm not enjoying it. To my co-workers who read my blog - yes, you are fun but sorry Caden is much more fun! I miss my buddy while I'm at work! I know he is in a safe place and it is good for him to interact with other kids at daycare ... but that doesn't make it easier! A couple of days last week he cried when I tried to leave him with the sitter - he never did that last year - must be another new phase. After I sit with him for 10-15 minutes he warms up to the other kids and is fine. School starts on Tuesday so Dan will take him to daycare ... I can't risk being late to work on the first day of school! Along with going back to work means far less time to Blog. Bear with me as I readjust to our schedule again!

Dan and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last weekend and this weekend marks six years since we moved to Wenatchee. We went on "vacation" to Bellevue last weekend. We called it vacation even though it is only a 2.5 hour drive. However every time we head to that side of the mountains we are over scheduled with doctor appointments and seeing family and friends. This time - the first time in six years - we did what only we wanted to do. We stayed at the Westin, shopped at Bell Square and went to the adjacent park. It was a fun vacation and Caden had fun in the hotel room - a new floor to explore, he was all jazzed up!

Caden is doing well! He has finally started to wave ... although he doesn't quite get the concept yet of when you wave. He just waves because it's fun. He has also started clapping! We are continuing to work with him on getting him to bear weight on his legs and stand. It is going slow ... but we are slowly seeing progress!

Grammy sent Caden a new truck - he thinks it's cool - it has wheels!

Our sitter was on vacation my first week back to work. So Dan took the week off and the boy's played Daddy Daycare - they both did okay! I couldn't find my granola bar in my purse once I got to work one of the mornings. When I came home for lunch look what Caden had - someone stole it out of my purse. We have a swipper in our house :0)

I'll leave you with a short video of our goofball. He is into making silly faces and silly sounds!

August 17, 2008

Caden's Recent Developments

It seems as if Caden continues to develop new skills weekly! We are so proud of him. He is doing an awesome job eating. Dinner the other night was veggie dogs and cheese. I am working on trying to get him to use a fork. It's pretty funny! If I put the food on a fork for him it's a 50 - 50 shot he will eat off the fork. As you can see below he chose to hold the fork in his hand his whole meal and use his other hand to feed himself. Dan and I got a chuckle out of it!

Caden is doing an awesome job drinking out of a cup with a lid. Usually he only gets water in the cup. He will stop in between bites to take a drink. It is so cute, all you see are his big brown eyes!

" Kix - Kid Tested, Mother Approved"

Caden's first pair of boxers - he appears to be very proud of them!

Caden's big accomplishment this weekend was sitting at his car without mommy behind him to support him. Yeah, Caden! He still isn't close to sitting alone with nothing to hold onto but he is making good progress. He is finally starting to develop his trunk muscles.

I also noticed the other day that Caden's molars are coming in! They are so cute. So far I can only see the bottom ones.

As I was watching the "Phelp's Phenomenon" last night and they were talking about the 2012 Olympics, I realized ~ the next time the Summer Olympics are on Caden will be getting ready to start Kindergarten! Hard to believe ....

August 13, 2008

It's Still the Same Blog

.... just with a new look. I've been having fun changing the design of our blog. Katie, Cole's Mom, shared her cheat sheet with me. Thanks Katie! Adding some color to our blog was one last thing I wanted to accomplish before returning to work. I am having fun with it .... although it's amazing how much time it gobbles up! Let me know if there is an area of the blog you are having a hard time reading with the new fonts and colors. Our blog continues to be a work in progress so stay tuned for more design changes .... I'm addicted :o)

August 11, 2008

If it has Wheels....

Caden wants to play with it. I am amazed at how much Caden loves his cars and motorcycles. It is as if boys are born with a genetic make-up to love cars. Caden spends hours pushing his little cars around the house. He even manages to push his Tonka truck up and down the hall (which is the same size as he!). Today he thought it was fun to stick his motorcycle in the cat food. Caden is keeping me on my toes! As I tell him no, no, and move him away from the cat food he is telling me no, no!

All of a sudden we have a pet alligator in the house! Caden has decided biting is fun! I'm not sure how to deal with this! This morning he bit my arm so I slapped his mouth. Not hard, but enough to get his attention. He responds by giving me puppy dog eyes.
Caden has also learned how to throw a fit. If something isn't working quite right for him he will lay on his back and kick his feet. I try not to laugh - but it is humorous.
I'm realizing I have spent WAY too much time researching achondroplasia and not enough time educating myself on the basics of parenting. If you are a parent and have any tips on how to combat the biting and tantrums I would love to hear them :0)

Regardless of his little tantrums and biting he is still precious, with SO much personality - I love him to pieces! I have to enjoy each day this week because sadly I have to return to work one week from tomorrow!

The nurse practioner emailed me today and at this time we will not have to brace Caden for his gibbus - Good news!

I had a good birthday weekend. Dan and I had a good time at dinner Friday night and my mom and I had fun canning peaches. We canned 21 jars of peaches, all with peaches from our tree. I think Del Monte has competition - Yes, I know I'm a dork :0)

August 7, 2008

What a Week!

Things have been a little crazy here .... but for the most part it has been a good crazy!

We ended last week with a visit from my friend Tanya and her two adorable kids, Kristian (7) and Lily (5). I had planned to pick up the three of them at the train station Wednesday evening at 8:45, but it ended up being the four of them. Jim, Tanya's husband, helped them carry their luggage on the train. Before Jim could get back off the train the train started to depart. It wasn't made clear that you have three minutes to load the train, and tickets aren't collected until the train is in motion. Jim was unable to get off the train and had to take it all the way to Wenatchee. He caught the next train back at 5:30 am. Ridiculous ... however it gave those not directly involved a good chuckle. Tanya and I joke that they are the traveling circus and it was again proved with this trip :o)

Kristian & Lily

silly boy!

Caden and I had lots of fun with our guests. Lily is awesome, she has built in motherly instincts and could not get enough of Caden. I wish we could borrow her for a few weeks. Kristian idolizes Dan (Tanya and I are still trying to figure out why? j/k) and had fun playing video games with him. We went to the nearby petting zoo, Kristian and Lily had fun swimming in our pool, and Tanya and I had a good time enjoying a few much needed "beverages"!

At the petting zoo ... Caden was talking to the goats, it was darn cute!

Saturday, Dan, Caden and I headed to Seattle. We watched the Blue Angels take off on Saturday (so cool!) and hit Bellevue Square for a quick shopping trip and had a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory, then headed to his parents for a visit with and all of Dan's siblings, plus Scot, the "adopted" brother.

Sunday, we had a yummy breakfast at Willows Lodge, which is where we got married ... then attempted to ride our bikes on the adjacent trail. Sadly enough Caden wanted NOTHING to do with the bike ride. It was past his nap time and he was telling us all about it. We had to scrap the bike ride, let him rest, and then went to watch the Blue Angels perform. Caden and I headed to my parents late in the afternoon and Dan had to head back home (yes, we had to take separate cars - yuck!) Dan had to get back to work and Caden and I had to stay on that side of the mountains for his appointments at Children's Hospital this week.

Caden thinks the fountain in Grammy's front yard is pretty cool!

Caden had his visit with the Nurse Practitioner geneticist on Monday. Sadly, our geneticist's daughter passed away, so he was not at our scheduled appointment. However I have full confidence in the nurse practitioner, and I know she will consult with Dr. White when he returns. Our appointment went well. At 16 months he weighs 20lbs 3 oz, 27 inches tall and a head circumference of 51.5 cm. That puts him just about the 50th percentile for each on the achon growth charts ... to sum it up, he's an average little person!

They took another x-ray of Caden's Gibbus (outward curvature in his lower spine). In a horizontal position the vertebrae look okay they are still rounded and not showing any pointing/wedging (which is good). In a sitting position 2 vertebrae are pretty close to touching. She is pondering bracing, but is going to consult with a couple of other doctors and get back to us. I'm crossing my fingers no bracing, but of course I also want the best for Caden.

On Tuesday we saw the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Avelino. This was in regards to Caden's MRI a month ago and his stenosis. Dr. Avelino does not want to do decompression surgery of the foramen magnum at this time. He would like Caden to have another CT scan done (last one was in November) as well as another Sleep Study (UGH!!) and then he will follow up with us in a couple of months. So, I have all 3 of those appointments scheduled in October. As far as the stenosis in Caden's neck. He feels it is tight, but at this time he doesn't feel it is TOO tight. I was filled in that Dr. Avelino tends to be more conservative which I feel is good. If the sleep study comes back showing any central apnea then surgery will occur. Our first sleep study in April only showed obstructive apnea.

After the neurosurgeon appointment Caden had an ultrasound on his kidneys for his hydronephrosis and then we met with the urologist. Great news on the hydronephrosis. It has went away in his right kidney. It is still a stage 2 (out of 4) in his left kidney. We will follow up with the urologist in 6 months. Not 3 months (yeah), Caden has had quarterly visits for this since birth, so I am happy we don't have to follow up quite as frequently.

Caden and I drove home after our appointments on Tuesday. Those appointments drain me and to have three appointments in two days put me a little over the edge.

Yesterday, I was planning to relax ... but it didn't turn out that way. I ended up spending the day in bed with the flu. Sorry to whine, but it was awful. I have not been that sick in a long time. Dan had to cut his work day short to come home and take care of Caden. I'm feeling much better today and was able to get a few things accomplished. Thank goodness!

So there is a whirlwind of a week ... my Mom is coming to visit this weekend. Dan and I are going out to dinner alone tomorrow night (first time in a long time!) and my Mom is going to show me how to can peaches this weekend ~ sounds like an adventure. Our peach tree produced quite a few peaches this year. We were pretty excited!