June 26, 2008

Is This Really Vacation?

It has been quite a week since school got out and I find myself questioning is this really summer vacation? There hasn't been much opportunity for rest ... but then I remind myself, I'm a mom now, and I am thankful to have a job where I do get eight weeks off for the summer - eight weeks to spend with my buddy!

We went to Children's Hospital last week to meet with another ENT as well as visited the pre-anesthesia clinic. Caden's procedure is scheduled for July 7th. At this time he will have his adenoids removed and an MRI of his head & neck to check for compression. Yes, only the adenoids. The ENT that will be doing Caden's surgery is not comfortable removing Caden's tonsils too ... reason being is that when tonsils are removed there is generally swelling. Young children (under 3) have small airways ... add the fact that Caden is a "little person" and his airway is smaller than the average sized child. The doc is concerned that the swelling could close Caden's airway and then Caden would end up in the ICU with a breathing tube. As the doctor was explaning this I realized, yes it does make since ... and yes the risk of removing the tonsils outweighs the possiblity that removing the tonsils will help with his obstructive sleep apnea. Chances are Caden will have to have his tonisls removed in the future, but for now we will let him grow. The pre-anesthesia clinic was a review of Caden's medical history with a nurse practioner and a chance for me to ask questions. I also took the opportunity to leave a few articles I have gathered about anesthesia and little people. A part of me was embarassed to leave this info because Dr's are supposed to know "everything" right?! But then I remembered I have to be the advocate for Caden.

After our Children's visit we headed to my parents. They were anxiously awaiting our arrival. The plan was to stay through the weekend. BUT - Someone decided to come down with ANOTHER cold .... these colds seem to be never ending! We had to cut our visit short and leave Saturday. Caden was pretty "gunky" and I needed his nebulizer. Sooner or later I will learn to bring that thing with me every time we go on a road trip. We did get to go to the beach for a short visit ... however Caden wasn't much into the sea life. He might be a little young and or the fact he was sick.

"Looking at the sea-life with Grandpa"

Tuesday, Caden had his 15 month checkup with the pediatrician. This visit also consisted of more immunizations. Poor little buddy ... a cold and shots. He wasn't much fun yesterday. I find our visits to the pediatrician a little funny. It's more of me educating the doctor. I brought her achon growth charts on this visit. On our last visit she had mentioned it would be nice to be able to plot Caden on an achon chart. Needless to say, Caden is her first ever little person patient :-) At 15 months Caden weighs 19 pounds 7oz, and is 27 1/4 inches ... his head is 51.4 cm. These measurments lie him right around the 50th percentile for an achon ... so he is an average little person :-)

Caden continues to develop physically and socially. He has definately kept me on my toes this past week. He has had grilled cheese sandwich, quesidilla, and BBQ hamburger these past few days. More often than not he gives me the hand when I try to get him to eat his Gerber food. He tries to share his bottle with us by sticking it in our mouths. He is also into dumping things out and them putting them back in. This is a new favorite game.

We have attended a couple of Applesox games this past week - Caden is REALLY in to the popcorn. Dan and I had both looked away at one point to watch a pitch and before we could look back down, Caden stuck his hand in the bag and stuffed a fistful of popcorn in his mouth. We were able to dig it out before he choked/swallowed it, but I think I will start calling him swiper!

"Ready for the ball game"

I have had fun reading Caden's friends (Owen & Knoah) blogs today. The LPA convention was held this past week in Detroit. It sounds like everyone had a great time. It get's me excited for next year. Next years convention (July 2009) will be held in New York. I've always wanted to go to New York and now I have an excuse. The convention is an EXCELLENT opportunity to gather info on little people as well as an opportunity for Caden to meet friends his size! To my family: I know at Christmas you all love to buy Caden presents .... but as you have seen in pictures, Caden really does NOT need any more toys! Consider helping Caden go to New York :-)

I've also been working on seeing if Caden qualifies for SSI benefits. It is amazing all of the information they want. I've already spent well over two hours on the process. I don't like to look at Caden being a little person as a disablity ... but for financial assistance I am willing. It's only June and so far this year we have had just over $5,000.00 in medical expenses. This is with health insurance. Because of our income I'm not sure we will qualify for SSI - but I have decided it is worth a shot. I've also applied for another program, which I think we might qualify for? Why is it that a middle class family can't qualify for financial assistance? I will stop here, because I easily get rowled up on our health insurance and government assistance programs. UGH!

Enjoy the pictures!

Bearing (standing) weight on his legs in his bouncer! Exciting!

" This is what his room looks like after an hour in it - he pulled out every toy!"

"Don't you want to have salad at our house? Knowing the bowl has been on the floor"

"Drinking from a sippy cup - yeah"

"This is the cutest red chair at Pottery Barn Kids, when we got home I ordered one of our own! It's in the mail :-) "

"Helping with the laundry"

"I'll just help myself"

"Making Music"

June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Wishing each of you who are Fathers a Happy Fathers Day! An extra special Happy! to my Dad, Father-In Law and my Grandpa!!! We had a good weekend - and Dan was able to have a relaxing Father's Day. Caden's sleep schedule got a little messed up this weekend! We went to the Applesox game Friday night and to Dinner last night ... which led to a struggle at bedtime tonight. Hopefully we can get back in sync tomorrow night!

Below are a few new pictures from the weekend. Caden noticed an airplane for the first time today - and I had my camera in my hand, perfect timing!

Checking out the airplane

Not so sure about this popsicle

The Zwieback Toast is a much better choice

June 6, 2008

Spaghetti! ... and a Haircut!

I haven't blogged for over a week now - I apologize to my family who waits patiently for Caden updates ... Season 3 of Weeds came out on DVD last week. So I've been spending any free time watching that. I love that series, it's my little escape - I find the series so humorous! I wonder if any of our "soccer mom's" in the neighborhood or at school live that secret life? Since we don't have Showtime I've been anxiously waiting for Season 3 to come out on DVD, since Season 2 left me hanging. Season 4 starts on Showtime this coming Monday ... so I am trying to decide if I want to fork over the extra money and subscribe to Showtime so I can watch Season 4 or wait until it comes out on DVD. Anyway, I watched Season 3 so now I can turn my few extra minutes back to the "blog"world.

Caden had spaghetti for the first time last week and absolutely loved it. I'm sure Great Grandma will be proud (she's 100% Italian!). He did not want to use his fingers and insisted on having it put on his spoon. Once I spooned it up he would grab the spoon from me and put it in his mouth. He was very upset when the bowl became empty ... so we quickly refilled it. I swear my little buddy is never full ... this is one serious growth spurt he is on.

We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights of last week dealing with Caden and a puke fest! We still aren't sure what caused it. He was fine at daycare and only vomited once each night - but it was enough to smell up the whole house. I'm not sure if it was from the tale end of his sinus infection and the drainage was making him cough, gag, and in turn puke. Needless to say I called the carpet cleaning company and we had the carpets and couch cleaned today. This was Caden's first vomiting stint since we switched him to milk ... pew, eee!!! AWFUL!

We finally have his next run of appointments firmed up. I also convinced the ENT doc to go ahead and take out his tonsils, since she was planning to remove the adenoids. I was very proud of myself for this accomplishment. The majority of the LP parents I talk with say that if the kids don't have the tonsils out with the adenoids they usally have the tonsils removed 12 to 18 months later. Why ruin two summers? It took a few weeks of emailing her along with the sleep and genetic doctors. June 19th we go to Children's in Seattle to the pre-anesthesia clinic and then to meet with another ENT. The first ENT we saw has vacation time scheduled so it wasn't working to have the adenoids and tonsils done soon and also coordinate it with the MRI. July 7th is the the big day ... Caden will have anesthesia and then have an MRI of his head and neck then his adenoids and tonsils removed. Not such a fun thing to look forward to on summer vacation. However I know this is the best for Caden. Hopefully the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy will help with his Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The bi-pap is not going well. My little buddy wants nothing to do with it (do you blame him?)

Caden continues to humor me! I can't believe how much of a little personality he has developed! His latest thing is to shut the door. I knock on the door then attempt to open it, this is a struggle since usually he is laying right against the door. He cracks up and thinks it is hilarious!
He scoots on his back and side all over the house. Dan and I were watching Weeds last night and Caden scooted out of the family room into the living room - the next time we peeked on him he was scooting down the hall with a big smile on his face. He thinks he is SO independent.
At bedtime I usually feed him his bottle, then once he falls asleep I lay him in his crib. Saturday night he decided he wanted to prolong bedtime and share his bottle with me. He would stick it in my mouth, giggle, then put it in his mouth. This series of events lasted for quite a while. Since it was Saturday night I let him get away with it :-)
AND at 14 months he is already talking back! We have a full length mirror in our bedroom. It is not mounted to the wall so I have to keep Caden away from it. The other day he scooted over to it and was starting to pull on it. I went over and picked him up and in a very firm raised voice I said, "no, no Caden" . The little s*#t said, "no, no" right back in a loud affirmative voice - just as I did. AND how do you not laugh at that? It took every piece of me to hold in my laughter. Oh, my the road we have ahead of us! :-)

Tonight was a very BIG night. Caden FINALLY got his haircut. The girl that cuts our hair got a hold of Dan and we were able to schedule appointments with her at her new location. I know some mommies get weepy when their little ones have their first haircuts. However I was very excited to finally have Caden's hair cut. Caden's hair has been out of control for several weeks - I had given up on trying to comb it. That backwards head scoot thing does wonders to his hair! Ugh it makes it a tangly mess. Caden was very good during his haircut. Daddy came and fed him animal crackers while mommy held him. Thank goodness Daddy was there to keep him happy with cookies! Below are a few pictures of his pretty new haircut! ... with me too, I finally had Daddy take a few pics of us.

Only 6 more days until I'm on summer vacation :-) Yipee! Have a great rest of the week!