May 29, 2008

Sinus Infection - Again!

Yesterday morning Caden woke up with a runny nose - WHAT?! Of course he can't tell me what is going on. I thought maybe he was fussy when I was in the shower and that gave him a runny nose. So we went on with our morning. Our childcare provider called 3 hours later to say Caden had a temp of 101.4. I left work as quickly as I could to go get him. I called the supersonic nurse at our pediatricians office and she suggested I bring him in. (I love the nurse at our peds office, she always calls back right away!) Caden has another sinus infection - I'm thinking the one he had 4 weeks ago never cleared up. So here we go with more antibiotics. Little Buddy has had a hard time sleeping through the night for several nights. I wasn't sure why, I thought maybe it was teething or his apnea was getting worse. But now I think it must be his sinus's.

It was nice to see our pediatrician, since she wasn't working on our visit earlier this month. She commented that it seems she gets reports from Children's hospital on Caden almost weekly ... yes, I said we are there quite often. She also thinks it is amazing the sleep doc thinks Caden will tolerate the bi-pap. She thinks otherwise and I have to say I agree with her.

So, when you are sick .... you need popsicles! Enjoy the pictures & videos! Have a great weekend!

"This is different"

"Okay, this is kind of fun"

"It fell off - will it go back on here?"

"Yeah for popsicles!"

"Thank heaven's for the bathtub - all cleaned up!"

"Brushing my teeth"

"The antibiotics are kicking in!"

Here's a clip of "strong man"- it's not the best "strong man"that Caden does - but it's a preview.

May 27, 2008

Is Achondroplasia My New Hobby?

So, I'm beginning to wonder. Has this achondroplasia thing become my hobby? I knew going into parenthood that being a parent was a full time job. But considering I have just spent the last two hours on the Parents of Little People message board talking to other achon parents - I think it has become obsessive. I just want what is best for Caden ... and as I have learned these past fourteen months, I have to be an advocate for Caden. If I don't speak up and ask the doctors questions, things will easily be overlooked. I'm sure if Caden didn't have achondroplasia I would be on some message board inquiring about why my child isn't taking long enough naps (who knows!) it all goes back to the poem about Holland. K-enough of that babble ... I am just amazed at how quickly 2 hours passes.

The weekend was good, kind of relaxing. Grammy & Grandpa came to visit on Sunday so Caden got to show off his new moves. My dad wants me to post a video of Caden's latest move - Strong Man. So I will work on getting it on video this week. Dan worked long hours all weekend - they are trying to get a job finished. That meant just Caden and I for 12 hours yesterday. YIKES! That little buddy is relentless ... he is constant motion and by the end of the day I was zonked! Maybe I'm not so excited for 8 weeks off with him this summer ... just kidding, I will love every minute of it. And will no doubt be crabby when September rolls around and I have to go back to work.

"he pulled his train off the wood chest - quite the reach"

Apria FINALLY brought the bi-pap today. What a joke this is going to be. Night one and Caden is asleep without it. He put up a fight, and I'm not going to traumatize him trying to get him to wear that darn mask. We will play with it a little bit each morning. I'm realizing night time is the wrong time to try it -Caden is already cranky because it is bedtime.


I talked with Children's ENT today and it looks like we are going to remove Caden's adenoids but not his tonsils at this time. I'm a little confused as to why not both, so I have an email out to the sleep doctor to see if she can help me understand.

"Horsey, do you talk?"

For those of you who are wondering ... yes, I do plan on getting my "mad scientist" kid a haircut soon. I actually had an appointment scheduled for him on June 3rd. But we just found out after 6 years with the same hair stylist, she isn't working at the salon anymore. We aren't sure what happened but now we are all up a creek with no one to cut our hair!

I will leave you with a few pics as well as a video of my little buddy in action!

"ahh, nuts - he escaped ... guess it's time to start shutting the screen door"

"Standing - with the help of the couch"

"I can move my arms up and down really fast"

May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Great Grandma!

... Caden's Great Grandma's Birthday is today. Caden is so excited that Great Grandma has learned to use the Internet he wanted to post a birthday video for her (well maybe his mommy is excited, I'm thinking Caden doesn't really understand). Happy Birthday Great Grandma! We are sure everyone else will enjoy the video too! Caden really knows how to "ham it up" for the camera.

We had a cool little wind/rain storm last night. Here are a couple of pictures. I love it when it rains here. It smells so good, then 15 minutes later the ground is dry again!

I talked with Apria yesterday. They are supposed to be delivering the bipap Tuesday at 4:00. Hopefully they will follow through. We are going on six weeks of waiting for this darn machine!

Have a Great Weekend!

May 20, 2008

Heart Update!

I called Children's yesterday ... which I'm glad I did because the pulmonary/sleep doc is out of town all week. So I wouldn't have gotten a call this week and I would have continued to wonder. I talked with the nurse and Caden's echo cardiogram (which I thought was an EKG - but it wasn't and I guess there is a difference) came back fine. Caden's heart is ticking just fine and at this time there is no concern of high blood pressure or thickening of the heart walls ... both concerns that can come along with obstructive sleep apnea ... so all GOOD NEWS!!

On the other hand - FIVE weeks later and Apria Health Care still has not gotten us the bi-pap machine for the sleep apnea. I have had it with Apria and this guys customer service. It all sucks!!!! The nurse at Children's is going to call Apria to see what the hold up is. We need to get Caden started on the bi-pap because obviously he needs it with the results of the sleep study and if the bi-pap doesn't work we need to look at getting his tonsils and adenoids out, which ideally I would like to do this summer.

There's my rant for the day .... Have a good afternoon!

May 17, 2008

Got Milk?!

I finally decided to give Caden milk. I have been hesitant to switch to cow's milk because:
1) I wasn't sure how he would handle the dairy. The nurses in the hospital wondered if he had a dairy intolerance because of his reaction the first time they gave him formula and Daddy has an allergy to milk. He was on soy formula at first then in the last 6 months we switched him to Gentlease - a low lactose formula.
2) Formula is convenient - just add water and shake. With us constantly on the go and our various trips to the doctors I was concerned about having to keep the milk cold.
BUT ... Caden had his first milk bottle yesterday and loved it! 10 oz in the first serving and 8 more ounces a few hours later. So far so good ... no vomiting, no runny nose, and a good bowel movement (it was a scary color!)
I think I can officially say we will now save $125.00 a month by not buying formula anymore. YIPEE!!!! Now we will have more money to put towards doctor bills. I wish I could say we get to do something fun with the money!

Look, I can see myself in here!

Peek - a - Boo!

"Bug's Life" is a funny movie!

It was very HOT here this weekend. 101 degrees yesterday ... so we hid out inside all day. I went for a much needed and very well deserved pedicure yesterday morning and then went grocery shopping by myself. Such simple pleasures :-) Today we played inside and Dan and I took turns outside doing yardwork.

Ready for the Applesox (opening day is June 6th)

I love waking up and seeing this in the morning!
I'm not sure why Caden has to pile all his toys up?!
"Do you think Mom will see me if I get this cat food?"
I haven't heard back on the EKG yet but will let you know when I do.
Thank you to those of you who take time to leave comments on my blog! They are fun to read and the support is very much appreciated!
Hugs! Trisha

May 13, 2008

Mr. Personality!

We made it through another trip to Seattle! Caden and I left Sunday afternoon and went to visit my Mom & Dad (3hr drive - with a one year old! UGH!). My grandparents also came over to my parents so Caden was able to see his Great Grandma & Grandpa too.

Yesterday Caden pulled a first ever day without a nap. He fell asleep at 6pm. I figured he was down for the night (bedtime is usually 7). I left Caden at my parents and went to the mall (need to get my Seattle shopping fix in). When I got back to my parents Caden had woken up in the time I was gone and refused to go back to sleep for my parents. Finally around 9 he conked out for the night. I'm not sure if he knew he wasn't at home - or if he was too excited from playing silly with Grandma & Grandpa all day ... whatever the case I hope this doesn't become a habit. He MUST have naps, for my sanity :-)

The funnest part about these past few days is Caden has developed a "fake" laugh. He has had his fake cough for a few months now. But the fake laugh is hilarious .... of course he does it to get attention, and how can you not give it attention? It is so darn cute. I will try and get it on video. He has such a little personality! I love it!!!

We ended our 3 days in Seattle with a visit to Children's Hospital. Caden had an EKG (I didn't realize it was just an ultrasound of the heart). It lasted about 30 minutes. The ultrasound techs are crazy to think they can get a one year old to lay still for a half an hour. We kind of achieved the task with the help of Baby Einstein, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a light stick, the cell phone charger, bubbles and most importantly Caden's first ever lollipop. Yes, I said lollipop. But when all else fails I had no other choice. He thought the lollipop was very cool. He got "sticky" sugar everywhere. It kept him occupied for 10 minutes. Then the technician moved the ultrasound wand and it made him angry so the lollipop went flying across the room. That was the end of that.

We don't know the results from the EKG, it will probably be a few days.

After the EKG we headed to urology for a routine 3 month checkup on Caden's kidneys. The kidneys are growing as they are supposed to but they are still showing swelling ... so back in 3 months for another followup. Also, now if Caden gets a fever over 101.5 we have to take him to our pediatrician to check for a bladder infection (not fun!).

When we finished our appointment it was POURING rain in Seattle ... so we hit the road home to the dry side! Caden was very good on the drive home and slept half of the way! When I get home from these adventures I pile all the junk in the entryway ... it's an accomplishment just to get the car unpacked. On one trip back in from the car, this is what I found ....

Caden got into the puffs and decided to help himself. Naughty but TOO CUTE!!!

Have a good week!

May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Caden and his mommy wish each and every Mommy a Happy Mothers Day!!!
Yes, he's always smiling!

My adorable Mother's Day Card - "sogged" personally by Caden

I love my carseat!

Future Bill Gates!

"Little Monster"

Caden has an appointment at Children's Hospital again on Tuesday for an EKG as well as a check on Caden's kidney's. I don't think I've "blogged" about it before - Caden also has Hydronephrosis. Most likely he will outgrow it - we check on it every 3 months. The Urologist as well as the Geneticist feel that the Hydronephrosis is not related to Caden's achondroplasia. It's just another Caden "quirk"!
Have a great week!

May 6, 2008

Sinus Infection times 2 ...

... and $90.00 worth of copays in one day!

Caden and I have had an ongoing cold for over two weeks now. Saturday Caden spiked a 102.5 fever. I took him to the doctor yesterday - little buddy has a sinus infection. In the mean time, Sunday evening the pressure in my gums and cheeks became very painful. I was a crab yesterday and decided it was time to take care of myself. I went to the walk in clinic last night and guess what ... I too have a sinus infection.

Besides the illness we had a good weekend - Caden is amazing. Despite being sick he still remains giggly, active and full of words - his words ;-) that only he understands. We spent Saturday at the Apple Blossom Grand Parade and worked in the yard on Sunday.

Did you know spatulas make great teething toys?!

Has anyone seen Caden?

Oh there he is :-) - Silly Boy!