December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

2008 - WOW! When I look back on the year I cannot believe what can happen in 365 days! It is truly overwhelming and sometimes unbelievable we lived through it! Caden's achondroplasia was diagnosed in January ... from there things spiraled. I was forced to swim and become Caden's advocate .... otherwise I would have drowned! It is amazing all that I have learned in a year. Caden had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, ear tubes, tear duct unclogged, 2 CT scans, an MRI, anesthesia 4 times, spent 5 days in the ICU, hospitalized twice for asthma, had 2 sleep studies as well as SEVERAL doctor visits with his specialists at Children's as well as monthly if not weekly trips to our pediatrician for ear infections or the common cold. And bi-weekly visits with the speech and physical therapists! It is no wonder Caden's gross motor skills are delayed, even for a child with achondroplasia. And no wonder I rarely have a spare minute!

I am blessed to have the family I have - Thankful for my husband -Lucky to have the job I do - most companies would ax ya for missing SO much work! We are fortunate to have Health Insurance (even though it's a messed up system) as well as Financial Assistance from Seattle Children's ~ without that we would be bankrupt! I am lucky to have good childcare for Caden and lucky to have met so many little people families, without them I would be lost and confused!

I truly hope 2009 brings us better health for Caden ... less visits to Children's Hospital and the opportunity to "just play"!

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Hugs - Trisha

On, On, On ...

Admits the unpacking, laundry, bills, making room for new toys, etc ... this week Caden and I have had fun being at home. It is nice to be off of work! Caden is starting to feel better. We visited the pediatrician on Monday. Caden's lungs sounded okay, and she was happy with his energy level and playfulness. We continue to use the albuterol every four to five hours. We have skipped the middle of the night doses the last couple of nights. If he isn't coughing, I'm not setting my alarm to wake up at 3 am ... crazy!!! We did that the first few nights out of the hospital.

Caden's personality continues to humor me. When Dan or I tell him NO, his big brown eyes roll away from us .... he will attempt again to pull the DVD out of the entertainment unit while his eyes are rolling away from us ignoring his mom & dad ... just waiting for us to say NO, one more time.

His latest and favorite words are DOG and ON. Everything and everyone is a dog. Although I think he may be learning toes. Even though it sounds like "dose". We also need to work on his prepositions. Everything is on (close, open, up, off, down - all referred to as on). If prompted he will say off but it sounds like "oss". He spends the majority of the day scooting around the house pointing at each light, "on, on, on, on"! By the end of the day I'm reciting, "on, on, on". He points his way to everything! He knows where the Goldfish crackers are in the cupboard and will point you there ... if I let him he would eat the whole bag in one sitting!

Caden continues to improve on sitting unassisted. I was able to capture him on camera sitting yesterday holding onto nothing. It was so funny - he lost his balance when he realized he was doing it and then started giggling.

Just in the last day I have gotten him back on his sleep schedule ... traveling and being ill can really mess things up. We head back to Seattle tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family on New Years and then to Seattle Children's on Friday. We have an appointment with the Pulmonologist along with a follow up sleep study from the tonsillectomy on Friday night. The Joys! Looking forward to getting that out of the way so we can stay home for a few weeks!

I'm not sure who likes the Geo-Trax more - Caden, Daddy or Uncle Abe?!

December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap!

The days are getting away from me ... Christmas was almost a week ago - and we all know I've lost my mind in the last 2 years ... so I will try my best to remember the details of our adventure!

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's with my Mom's side of the family. Santa came to visit while everyone was there - he was VERY Jolly! I question what was in his mug in his sleigh? :0) Caden wasn't so sure of Santa ... but he didn't have a screaming fit - thank goodness. He was so cute looking up at Santa with his big brown eyes ... and darn it, I wasn't able to get it on camera.

Caden got to prove to his great aunt's, that yes, he can be naughty! In true Caden form he threw a couple flat on his back screaming fits :0) I kind of feel bad - I didn't realize until Christmas morning how sick he was ... I'm sure that attributed to his moodiness Christmas Eve.

Caden received more gifts than he knows what to do with. We also received generous gifts of money for our New York trip (Thank You!). Funny enough, our house is bursting at the seams with all of these new toys ... and where has Caden spent most of his time since we've been home? In the kitchen cupboard with the pots and pans :0)

Santa left a Wii and Wii fit at my parent's house for Dan and I. What fun ... (now, I'm trying to figure out how to find the time to play the thing?!) and he left the Fisher Price Geo-Trax for Caden.

We headed up to Dan's parent's late afternoon Christmas day. We didn't get to visit with them very long ... since we ended up at Children's. I'm thankful Caden isn't old enough to remember he had to go to the hospital on Christmas :0(

We got out of Children's around 6:30 Friday night and went back to our original plan - altered and delayed by 24 hours - we stayed at Willows. I love that place - their beds are SO comfortable and I love the decor. Unfortunately with a one year old I didn't get to sleep as much as I would have liked. We made a quick pit stop at Redmond Town Center Saturday morning and headed home.

It's taken me 3 days to get unpacked, things put away, and laundry done ... muh, ma, mia! So much for vacation! ... Why aren't Holidays Relaxing?

December 27, 2008

We're Home!

Just a quick note to let our friends & family know we were dismissed from the hospital last night! Caden is doing much better ... although I would say he's only back to 75% of "Caden". The snot test came back that Caden has RSV and the RSV is what triggered his asthma.

Pictures and Christmas details to come later :0) I'm exhausted!

December 26, 2008

Caden's Gift to his Mommy & Daddy ...

Caden was so kind to give his Daddy and I an overnight stay in the hospital Christmas night! We would have much rather had an adorable homemade Christmas Gift! Nah, we know Caden wouldn't have chosen this is a gift for ANYONE on Christmas!

Caden's ear infection turned into a cold on Sunday - We went ahead and drove the three hour drive through the snowy mountains to our extended families on Tuesday. I noticed Wednesday (Christmas Eve Day) that his cold was turning to a cough and I could hear wheezing. Our pediatrician's office was closed - so I talked to the on call ped, thankfully he is familiar with Caden (all I have to say is, "I'm the mom of Caden who has achondroplasia" :0) there are advantages!) and told him Caden's symptoms. He started Caden on Predisone (steroid) to help his lungs. He woke up Christmas Eve night around 11:45 ish - coughing like crazy. I started giving him his albuterol treatments every two hours. He vomited up both doses of his steroids yesterday . We drove up to Dan's parents in the late afternoon ... his cough was persistently getting worse. When we got to Dan's parents I checked his oxygen level and his saturation was down to 89. He had been at 92 - 93 earlier in the day. I called the on call pulmonologist at Seattle Children's around 5 last night, told him his symptoms ... and he said the words I figured he would say ..... I think you should bring him in!

So here we are ... in the hospital at Christmas time - UGH! They suspect Caden has a respiratory virus that has triggered his asthma - similar to October. Thankfully we are at Seattle Children's - where Caden had his tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and where all his specialist are. Yes, we are 3 hours away from home ... but as much as I love our pediatrician at home the facilities here are better.

We were planning on staying at Willows Lodge, where we got married, last night and tonight and hit the mall for after Christmas sales ... but again we are reminded of the "joys" parenthood has brought us.

We did have a nice Christmas - even though we still owe Dan's side of the family a visit, since ours was cut very short last night with Caden being sick. Once we are back home I will post some pictures of our Christmas Adventure. (Family, I would love it if you could email me any pictures you have of Caden with Santa - mine came out crappy because that camera I am using is junk)

Caden is doing better this morning and taking a nice nap right now. Hopefully we won't have to stay here much more than another night ... but the doctor's don't tell ya these things.


December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Since we will be spending time with our extended families over Christmas - Dan, Caden and I celebrated Christmas Sunday morning. We let Santa know about our early Christmas and he was kind enough to stop by our house Saturday evening. Caden thought his present from Santa was very neat! As he crawled towards the box, which contained the workbench Santa left for him, he was pointing at the picture saying ooohhh .... oh ... ooohhh. Pretty cute!

Getting the cookies & carrots ready for Santa & his ReindeerThe boxes & wrap are as much fun as the toys!
Yes, Caden got a vacuum for Christmas - he loves to watch me vacuum. Might as well get him started on chores early :0)
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Mr. Naughty

The last week has been filled with preparations for the Holidays and trying to stay warm while digging out of all this snow! - 21 inches -yikes! All while Caden still finds time to be naughty ... The other morning as we were already running late for work & childcare, my little buddy decided to lock me out of the guest room. As I stood at the door telling him, " let me in, we need to go bye-bye", he proceeded to lay against the other side of the door giggling. Where do kids learn these things? After a few minutes I was finally able to get the door open enough to stick my head in and he proceeds to say, "see-ya"! Again .... the hardest part of parenting is not laughing while trying to discipline! Here are a few pics from the week ....

Caden's Graham Cracker house he made at daycare :0)

Don't call CPS - he was only helping Daddy :0)

December 16, 2008

Disney Live!

Tickets went on sale this morning for Playhouse Disney Live in our new arena. I just got tickets for the second row! Yeah! Caden is clueless, but me - I'm Excited!!! Dan is a little erked I got tickets so close, but when the opportunity presented itself I couldn't say no. Don't worry Dan, the cast won't pick on you :0) We have to wait two whole months before the show arrives .... Oh boy! Caden will be so excited to see the Little Einsteins LIVE and do "pat, pat, pat" with them!
Here is my little buddy "rockin" out in the car - this kid loves to dance!

December 15, 2008


Who or what is Dia? Dan and I don't know, but Caden does! For the past few weeks he keeps saying Dia, we will be driving down the road and he points out the window, "Dia" - we will be in the middle of playing and he points and says, "Dia". I know it's not see-ya, because when he says, "see-ya" he waves at the same time. Last night Dan and I were watching TV, Caden was in bed, and one of Caden's toys in the pile under the bouncer tumbled over. I looked at Dan and said, "what caused that" and he said, "it must be Dia" :0) We have decided Dia is Caden's imaginary girlfriend ... or someone only he can see, and we cant?!

Our winter weather has hit and it is COLD! Traditionally our winters are very cold, but this is a little colder then we are used to. Our first snow was Friday. Caden likes looking at the snow fall and saying oooohhh - but isn't much for touching it. I think the cold really puzzles him!

I found this great snowsuit on ebay - love ebay- Brand new with tags, REI snow suit, for 20 bucks :0)! He is so funny in it, he looks like a stuffed animal that can't move! Do you like how puzzled he looks .... "Mom, it's freezing out here!"

Before heading into the mall .... I had to capture his perplexed, brrrr.... look on his face.

A much happier little boy, on his bedroom floor with his frog boots :0)

We had another visit to the pediatrician on Thursday, Caden was running a high fever since Monday - obviously the zythromax antibiotics for his ear infection we were prescribed last Thursday were not working. So our pediatrician prescribed him Cefprozil.

Caden seemed extra irritable this weekend. Sunday morning I noticed a rash on his belly and arms. I called our pediatrician, who thankfully was on call - described the rash to her, and she knew exactly what it was - he's allergic to Cephalosporin antibiotics. Muh, ma, mia - does it ever end? So now we are back on Augmentin, an antibiotic that is not in the cephalosporin family.

I'll try to keep up with my blog post's but something SAD happened this weekend. My little buddy broke my camera :0( I couldn't get mad at him because it was my fault for letting him play with it. So now I have to use our back up junky camera and really plead to Dan that I need the fancy million dollar Canon Rebel .... and somehow convince him that I won't let Caden play with that one.

Have a great week!

December 10, 2008

Our Weekend Adventure ...

Caden and I flew over to visit my parents this past weekend. I know, it’s only a three hour drive to their house but we had predicted snow in the mountains and if my parent’s bought our tickets two weeks in advance we would save quite a bit of money. It turns out the snow is arriving late this year – the passes were fine – and we could have drove, but it was a fun adventure to fly anyway!

Caden was very good on the flight there. I gave him a tootsie pop (the things we do to keep our kids quiet on an airplane). He was asleep as soon as we accelerated off the runway and slept the whole 30 minutes of the flight. On the way home, Monday evening, he was a little fussy and mommy had to be creative … so he got another tootsie pop, mommy made the barf bag become a puppet and we tore apart the free magazine. His fussiness was because he was ticked the pilot turned off the inside lights on the plane. He kept pointing to them and saying, "onnnnnn". Then when the flight attendant would talk, a little green light would come on, and he would say, "oooohhhhh!". Maneuvering through the airport with our suitcase, stroller and car seat was quite a challenge!

I found this cool strap online that hooks the car seat to the suitcase -a must have when traveling with a baby! You should have seen the looks I got from people ... they were quite perplexed that the car seat was hooked to the suitcase :0)

During our visit we took a grand tour of my parent’s neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights – their neighbors really get into it. We also went to Bellevue Square to do a little shopping, ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory – YUMMY! and checked out Snowflake Lane. My dad even came with us - oh the power of a grandkid! Grammy had hoped that Caden could sit on Santa’s lap – but the line was over a half an hour long – so Caden lucked out and dodged Santa again. Snowflake lane was pretty cute and Caden couldn't get enough of the cool lights and fake snow!

Caden got his first pair (actually 2 pairs ...shhhh!) of real shoes at the Stride Rite store.

This little firetruck at PBK was sooo cute ... but his legs are too short, darn it!

Mesmerized by the cool lights

Hanging out with his buddy Bailey

It was confirmed this weekend that my kid is a little s&*t!!! He adores my parents dog, Bailey … and Bailey allows him to tug, pull, and crawl all over him. Caden was poking his eyes, so I got down on the floor slapped his little hand and told him NO, you don’t poke Bailey’s eyes. As I’m telling Caden this he is rolling his eyes away from me and then proceeds to shut his eyes. The little S#*T was trying to ignore me. How do they learn this at 20 months?!? I am amazed!

Caden is fighting another ear infection. This has been ongoing since the Friday after Thanksgiving. We started with ear drops, then went to the antibiotic - Zythromax last Thursday. Monday night he woke up with a fever of 103.9. I got the fever down to 100 and took him to daycare – bad mommy! The sitter called at 10 yesterday morning – he was miserable – I had to take the rest of the day sick leave and go rescue him. I called the pediatrician yesterday to try and get a stronger antibiotic but my request was denied ….rrrr… Shouldn’t he be getting better with the antibiotic, not worse? We have to wait a few more days before she will give us something stronger. I took my little buddy to daycare today with a temperature and a bottle of Tylenol …. The joys of being a working mother!!!

Waiting for the snow to start falling ... it's arrival is a little late this year!