January 28, 2018

{Happy New Year}

{Happy New Year!} Caden, once again, made it until midnight.  It is such a struggle for me to stay up, but we're making childhood memories {right?} ... so I battle thru {ugh!}
January was spent with a lot of "riding".  It scares me to watch him, but he has no fear.  He loves it! I'm thinking his birthday in March would have been a much better "season" to get the kid a quad. It's freezing! ... but he can't ride unless Dan or I are out there ... so we layer up!
"How was it?" ... "awesome!"
C's friend AJ, who lives in California, came to Wenatchee to visit his grandparents, which meant he and C got to hang out as well.  We went to dinner Friday night and the boys went bowling on Sunday, then came over to hang out after ... and even got Dan in on a nerf gun war.

Our winter hasn't been too awful as far as snow ... we seem to get large amounts, and then it quickly melts {which is not usual}.  Which is fine with me.  We've had a ton of low clouds and fog ... so when the blue sky does appear, I can't get outside quick enough! ... oh how I'm ready for my flip flops.
The kid has cabin fever.  He made this cardboard creation with the hope that his robot could pull him.  Dan and I both told him he was too heavy for the robot, but at 10 he knows everything.  ... needless to say the robot did not pull him.
 ... another day ... another day of riding ..
"washing" his quad.  We wouldn't let him get the hose out in the freezing weather, so he resorted to a bucket and wash cloth.
 Last week, C had his fifth grade music performance. Our music teacher is amazing!  I am always in awe of what she can get 100 students to do at the same time!
Caden's animated face in this video cracks me up ... we need to get him to Hollywood.
 ... hockey game fun ...
We woke up Saturday morning to 6 more inches of snow.  Dan has a {man} cold, so I got to spend an hour and half plowing and shoveling the driveway and sidewalks ...
 ... just for high speed warm winds to arrive in the late afternoon ... 49 degrees!
2018 is off to a good start ... Wishing you a happy and successful 2018!

December 31, 2017

::Christmas 2017::

As in past years, we celebrated our Christmas, with the three of us, on the 23rd.  Caden was well taken care of this year.  His wrapped gifts were more "practical" as his big gift was waiting for him in the garage.
Our friends, Jim & Tanya, still had their sons quad sitting in their garage collecting cob webs.  Their son, had outgrown it ... with a little prying from Dan and hesitation from Tanya, they agreed to sell it to us.  It was a good size for Caden, well taken care of and in excellent shape.
.. let the chaos begin ...
we wrapped the quad key in a little box, which we hid in the tree
.. then we headed to the garage
One Excited Kiddo
... listening to Dad explain that this is not a normal Christmas, and to not expect a huge gift like this again next year.
We headed to the motorycle store to buy a helmet, neck protector, and goggles. ... and he was good to go.
... listening to the rules from Dad.
Like with everything else Caden does, he hopped right on and rode! No one would have known it was his first time.
One cold kiddo. This was the morning before we left to head to Seattle, it was 12 degrees out. So cold! ... but he is determined!
I drove to Seattle, since Dan is still recovering from his surgery. Thankfully both passes were in excellent condition. 
I'm not sure why, but I only have two silly pictures from the Schmidt Christmas Eve Celebration. Caden was well taken care of by our family {thank you!}.
We spent Christmas Eve night at my parents.  Grammy & Pa-Pa bought Caden his very own bb gun.  He still has a ways to go to figure it out, but it won't take long. We just need better weather.
... this shirt sums up the ornery guy perfectly :-)
Christmas afternoon we headed to Willows Lodge.  Uncle Chris joined us for a wonderful dinner at Barking Frog. I love this new tradition we have started {truly a gift for me ... spoiled!} 
... one silly kid with big eyes and Mom's scarf.
{lucky girl} ... and we were gifted with a sunny day after Christmas, with traces of snow {weird for Seattle}!
I scheduled an ENT appointment for Caden the day after Christmas. Not much fun I know, but it made sense rather then to miss a day of work and school and make another trip over to Seattle. Unfortunately, Caden's hearing has decreased a little since last year.  It looks like we may be trying hearing aids.
Since we had the appointment in the middle of the afternoon, we stayed two nights at Willows. We headed up to the Lego store at Alderwood, then back to Willows for a relaxing evening.
We've spent the last few days unpacking, organizing, and resting ... and yesterday, we had a spectacular sunny day!  Natures best medicine!