July 16, 2019

{Northern California}

We added a extra little adventure this year before our annual Little People of America Conference.  ... as usual, I booked the oh so early {6:30am} flight out of Wenatchee.  The boys "love" me for it every year, but it is the only way to make the most of the day!

The day before we were scheduled to leave, I received notification that one of our flights was cancelled.  They routed Dan through Portland and Caden and I through Orange County.  ... that didn't work, so I called and we were all routed through Orange County and back up to San Francisco. It ended up being a long day of flying with THREE take off and landings, just to get to San Fran. {once we returned home, I called to "nicely complain" ... I now have $300 towards our next flight}.
Caden loves looking at the menu on the airplanes to see what he can spend our hard earned money on {insert eye roll}.
We arrived in San Francisco late in the afternoon and obtained our rental car ... we were totally tourist heading over the Golden Gate Bridge.
The purpose of our trip North of San Fran was to visit "Dan's Childhood"  ... he spent much of his child hood living in Rhonert Park, just outside of Santa Rosa.
Our first stop was at ... In n Out ... These two are from the same mold!
We stayed three nights in Windsor at the Worldmark.  The facility was fine, however I was not impressed with the high pressure sales upon check-in, and the unit was pretty beat. ... but there was a pool, so Caden was golden! ... the boys swam and I headed off to find a grocery store.
Our Second day, Dan and Caden hit the golf course next to the condo we were staying in.
... while they golfed I enjoyed a couple hours of silence at the pool {heaven} and then met up with them for lunch.
After Golf ... it was TIME ... Time for the much anticipated tour of Dan's childhood.  ... first off, to find his house.
then to his elementary school ... including the wall he would play wall ball on at recess.
then to the park he played in
{This is the point the tour became comical. Caden and I had been following him around for at least 20 minutes, when Dan proclaimed we looked like "zombies" following him. Sorry.  All of this "fun" meant nothing to Caden and I.  However, we continued to be as supportive as we could.}
we then drove around the area ... and visited his skating rink ... yes, we went inside ..
... and visited his baseball field he played little league baseball at ...
After several hours, we were done, I asked him if he felt complete ..."ya, but it's not what it used to be" ... Sorry Husband ... they say "you can never go home again".

Day Three we headed out to see the Redwoods and the Ocean. The trees are humongous! ... you would have thought we were torturing Caden making him go on a "hike" {ha!}
We went to an area of the coast called Bodega Bay ... of course, during our planning, I had found a trendy resort {Bodega Bay Lodge}, but it was too remote from where Dan wanted to visit and play golf, so it didn't make sense to stay there. ... but we did head there for a visit after the Redwoods.
My kind of place! ... with a couple of clowns. They know it's easy to amuse me.
... this might of been our best meal the entire trip {in my opinion - the boys disagree}
I didn't realize how cold the Northern California coast was. We were frozen! ...clearly we did not pack warm enough clothes.
.... following lunch we headed down to a beach ...
... this kid LOVES the ocean ...
he could have thrown rocks & sticks, and chased the waves all day
miraculously he did not fall in the water! 
Our final morning Dan went to play another round of golf.  We let Caden sleep in, and I did laundry in the ridiculously small wash machine ... and packed up the room, for part two of our adventure.  The boys took one last dip in the pool ... and we were off ...
... but not before a stop at In n Out number two {insert eye roll - remember above our disagreement about the best meal - uh huh!}. This time Caden wanted to order off of the "secret menu" that he had seen on You Tube {how did kids grow up with out You Tube - yep, amazing ... not}. However when we got to the counter, he became shy, and questioned if they even knew about the "secret menu" ... so Dan had to do the ordering ... and yes, buddy, the "secret menu" is so well known that they even have the items programmed into their cash register :-)
While "Dan's Childhood" didn't mean much to Caden and I, I'm glad we made the trip. It was fun to stay in a new area and have time with Caden unplugged! Twelve is such a weird age ... not really a kid, yet not a teen ... it's nice to see he still has some childhood silliness left in him.

Caden waited "patiently" the first part of our trip ... as he knew part two was all about him!  While driving around Northern Cal in our rental car we heard, "you know what the funnest part of convention is" ... "playing tag and hide and seek. I'm finally not always tagged, and we're all so small we can hide anywhere"
... and then upon entering downtown San Fran, we heard, "I just texted my friends and told them we would be there in an hour" .... Here we go buddy ...It's your WEEK!

June 24, 2019


Sometimes I amaze myself that I can grow all of this goodness, just outside my back door. These strawberries were like candy!
More work on the outdoor kitchen.  I finally have running water ... Awesome! This is probably my favorite part of the kitchen!
 ... almost done ... the rock back splash, a hanging light and rocking the posts is all that's left!

one fantastic sunset!
His first time with his head underwater, with out earplugs, in eleven years!  He is pretty excited!
First Day of Sixth Grade and Last Day of Sixth Grade
Caden finished his sixth grade year with all A's!  ... although, Dan and I feel he wasn't truly challenged. The level of rigor at his middle school, isn't near the same as his elementary was.  He did well and navigated all the middle school social drama!
{Summer break is officially here!}
... a trip to the orthodontist ...
... raspberries from the yard ...
... life is good!
Happy Summer!