October 14, 2014

{The Building of Our House}

**Patience** ... we knew building a house was going to be tough.  We knew we would disagree ... we knew it would take a while ... but boy! do we need Patience!  The "getting going" has been slow.  Our contractor who is doing the foundation and framing has two other jobs going at the same time {sigh!}.

Customers have always told Dan they appreciate his punctuality and his ability to finish jobs when he says they were going to be finished. He's always taken it as a compliment ... and now we truly get it!

It took some not nice words {Dan calls it contractor talk - I call it embarrassing} to get our contractor rolling.

Finally ... the 2nd week of September we had the footings laid out ...
... and a few days later the footings were poured ...
Making his entrance to the neighborhood .... oh the poor neighbors, they just don't know what they are in for  ... cause, I'm sure they wear night vision goggles with their bike helmets. ;-)
... then the molds were put in place for the foundation ...
.... the last week of September the foundation was poured {watch out for the kid on the hill}...
It's Officially Ours!
Caden LOVES it out here!  These last few weeks, he's been dirtier then he has ever been.  So much so it looks like his skin has changed colors. His imagination soars .... and he digs ... and builds ... and explores. ... he Loves it!
Last week we had wood delivered {wahoo}!
... and the floor joists were put down ...
... and then we had a floor ...
I think he approves!
... and finally, today, October 14th, we have walls {well kind of ;-)}
... *Patience* ... it's so fun to see the progress being made, but we know we have a long ways to go. Caden is convinced he is having his 8th {how can that be?!} Birthday Party at the new house. I'm not so sure Dan will be done by the middle of March, but Caden is setting the bar high :o)

October 12, 2014

::Catching Up::

We've made it through the first five weeks of school. The first week was rough.  The 2nd day the boys got to school right as the first bell was ringing {which set Caden off} and the 3rd day they forgot Caden's backpack.  Dan had to go back home to get it, and Caden ended up in the office with me, in tears, because he didn't have his red folder ... sigh ....
It's gotten "easier" as the weeks have gone by, but still isn't "easy".  The bottom line is Caden doesn't like school.  The math this year is super hard {even the teachers agree}.  The tears are gone {for now-hoping they don't return} and at least once a day I hear I don't want to go school ... I keep hoping it gets better as the weeks go by! 

Dan pulled out his RC car, bought new batteries {it has been put away for 10+ years} and let Caden have fun.  ... I marveled at the view, while the boys played.
... more RC car fun.
"Who you going to call?" .... 
We headed up to Lake Wenatchee a couple of weeks ago to visit Grandpa {Dan's Dad} and Uncle Scot. They were "glamping" for the weekend.  These boys cook some mean meals while camping - BBQ Pizza's.
Caden made a sign for the campground ...
... and he and Cousin Levi found lots of dirt!
Uncle Scot makes the best campfires.
We made a weekend trip to Bellevue ... staying at our home away from home {the Westin}.
Spy Goggles while doing homework.  I have to pick my battles :-) ... if it gets him to do his homework, fine.
Caden and I checked out our RC Airplane park. Super nice establishment ... and now Caden thinks he needs a remote control airplane {not anytime soon! - too much money}.
Silly Boy!
We made a trip to the pumpkin patch with Caden's friend ~ this Patch is so cute!
He couldn't wait to carve his pumpkin. It will probably be rotten by Halloween, but he doesn't care.
A quick wrap up of our last month and a half ... I'll have a new house update, hopefully tomorrow night.
Have a Great Week!