April 22, 2014

::Easter 2014::

We had a fun Easter ~ the usual, dying of the eggs. Caden is more independent each year, and the clean up is less. Wahoo!
The rabbit stopped by ...
Ugh - the "pose"  gets under my skin - but the more I say, "stand normal" the sillier he gets.
Cousin Levi came over with his cousins. Levi loves to "tackle" Caden - Caden is "gentle" with him. We'll see how many more months or years that lasts ;-) We had Easter Brunch ...
 then it was time to hunt for eggs
 the race is on
 60+ eggs later, they were all found 
 we tried to get a picture of all four kids looking the same direction - ya, not happening
 he still fits the cozy coupe ... barely
After our Easter festivities, we headed up to where we are going to build - we planned to head back home so I could start Easter dinner and Dan was going to finish fixing the fence.  
However, Caden suggested we go golfing - Dan couldn't say no to that, and I figured Easter Dinner could happen next weekend, ham's last forever, right?
We went home, grabbed the clubs and to the course we went ... 
 Silly Selfies
Happy Easter!

April 21, 2014

{A New Adventure Begins}

Over 11 years ago ... I headed two and a half hours east and bought this cute little house.  A cute boy came along too.
A year later that cute boy and I were married ...
... and 5 years after that we brought home this cute baby.
.. the cute baby grew up and began kindergarten ...
Shortly after the kiddo started Kindergarten, The husband wanted to move to a cute neighborhood,14 minutes outside of town, but the wife said no. "Now isn't the right time to take on more", she said.  Late last summer the wife decided that she had had enough of living in Toys R Us and realized, it would be fun to have a house with a swimming pool.
The husband did a few "fixes/updates" on the house and three weeks ago they listed it with For Sale by Owner.
After two weeks they hadn't had much traffic through the house.  For Sale by Owner wasn't able to list the house on the local MLS.  So they found a Realtor, and sucked up the fact that they would have to pay a commission.
Within four days they had a cash offer, and agreed $5,000 less then the asking price.  In less then 30 days they will be moving ... eeekkkks!

We love our house - we have had many good times and bad times here.  As sad as we will be to leave it, we know that our house is simply a "shell".  We have grown up and at the same time, outgrown our house.

So ... we will be living in an apartment (not sure where yet - eek) for Nine to Twelve Months ... While we build here - If you click on the picture, you see a yellow star.
... We really like it here - a half acre - for our new "shell" ...
Dan already has his "assistant". Notice Dan is writing on a notepad - Caden grabbed a board and stick, to mimic Dan {I kinda cant deal with this kids humor}.
The contractor who owns the lot will over see the project. We will hire out some of the work and Dan will do a lot of the work himself.
It's going to be an adventure! I'm holding on tight! ... I have to keep looking forward to the "light at the end of the tunnel" ... Hopefully the Husband and Wife make it through the adventure without killing one another.

 ... and the kiddo ~ I checked with him when we got the offer last week. "Are you okay with all this change Caden? Do you understand what all this means?" C:"Will my X-box work at the apartment?" - Gotta love him.  He's full of energy and excitement and is looking forward to the "toy room" we will have at the new house.